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Thursday, September 28, 2023

The madness of Vice King Dick

By DOUG THOMPSON Vice President Dick Cheney has long served as the most arrogant face of the supremely arrogant administration of President George W. Bush but even clueless supporters of the White House have to admit the bravado is wearing then when the Senate's most warmongering Republican, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, says he's had enough of Cheney and his domination of policy. McCain calls Cheney's crafting of Iraq war policy a "witches brew" and says Bush "has been badly served" by his Vice President.


Vice President Dick Cheney has long served as the most arrogant face of the supremely arrogant administration of President George W. Bush but even clueless supporters of the White House have to admit the bravado is wearing then when the Senate’s most warmongering Republican, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, says he’s had enough of Cheney and his domination of policy.

McCain calls Cheney’s crafting of Iraq war policy a “witches brew” and says Bush “has been badly served” by his Vice President.

Badly served? That’s like saying the Bay of Pigs was a “little mistake.” Cheney’s role in the Bush administration, like so many of the President’s programs, policies and actions, has been a monumental FUBAR.

It was Cheney, with bosom buddy Donald Rumsfeld, who directed the consolidation of power in the executive branch. Revenge, the Mongolians say, is a dish best served cold and Cheney has been planning this revenge on Congress since his days with the Nixon and Ford administrations.

Washington is a town driven by karma and the same karma that allowed Dick Cheney to get his revenge and – in the process – destroy many of the freedoms, constitutional guarantees and checks and balances that are part of the government, is coming back to bite him in the ass.

The music has stopped and Dick Cheney may be the only one without a seat.

But while Dick Cheney may be down, he is by no means going without a fight. In an interview, he called McCain’s comments “hogwash.” He said the Bush administration will do whatever it damn well wants even if Congress and the American people don’t support the actions.

This is the man who told Sen. Patrick Leahy to “fuck off” on the floor of the Senate, the one who advocates tossing journalists in jail if they dare question the illegal actions of the Bush administration and – as testimony in the perjury trial of his ex-chief of staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby reveals – the man obsessed with destroying anyone who disagrees with the White House.

Dick Cheney is a spiteful, bitter, arrogant, vain little man who was tasked with helping Bush find a running mate in 2000 and managed to eliminate all candidates except himself. This worked perfectly for Bush, whose entire career is built on letting others run interference for him.

Cheney brought in Don Rumsfeld, another believer in absolute power in the executive branch.

Cheney and Rumseld bragged that Americans would be “welcomed as liberators” in Iraq. When it didn’t happen, Cheney said “just wait. They will.”

When Bush sacked Rumsfeld, White House insiders say Cheney got so mad he refused to speak to the President for weeks. But as Bush’s popularity plunged and more and more Republicans defected from the madness of King George, Cheney found himself back in the inner circle as one of the few left who still backed the President’s insanity.

Now Republicans wonder if the Vice President might not be as Looney-Tunes as the Prez.

As Margaret Talev of McClatchy News Service reported in today’s Capitol Hill Blue:

A group of Republican lawmakers was waiting for an elevator on Capitol Hill when one of them said in frustration to his colleagues, “What’s with Cheney? Anybody know?”

One colleague muttered, “The guy’s getting a little strange, seems to me. Big chip on his shoulder.”

My granddaddy used to say that “even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.”

Same for Republicans.

34 thoughts on “The madness of Vice King Dick”

  1. I look for a Democratic landslide in 2008. And I expect that just about nothing will change except the words used to keep the militaristic economy perking along at its current rate. More arms sales, more wars, more hundreds of billions borrowed from Communist China, more lies, more fraud, more waste and more abuse.

  2. As I have read Cheney has had 4 heart attacks, suffers from congestive heart failure and has other major circulatory problems Is he getting enough oxygen to the brain? Seriously, all these health problems can impair mental acuity.

    I look for Cheney to resign for health problems. Then Bush will appoint McCain as VP that is if McCain doesn’t think being Bush’s VP won’t hurt his chances for 2008.

    Republicans better get cracking or their party is going to be toast in 08. I think some are coming to that realization.

  3. Sandy Price wrote, “Too bad we can’t buy Bush and Cheney out and throw them out of America.” Well, Sandy, it is way too late for that. The American people were outbid on that score some time ago. The reason why the true DECIDERERS (George Sr and other Skull and Bones types) aren’t pulling the plug on George and Dick is because too many people are still making way too much money off of the War and the shameless coddling of Big Business in DC. They continue to dupe the Christian Right into power voting by giving lip service to their pet issues like the sanctity of marriage, abortion, etc. They play to the fears and sincere patriotism of many Americans who are not sophistocated enough to look beyond the blatant lies they’re told. The Necons misuse their “base” and abuse any oppostion and abrogate everybody’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why? This is really hard work, but it keeps the money flowing — nay, gushing — uninterrupted into the coffers of the few at the expense of everyone else. And we continue to pay for this with the blood of our youth and health and welfare of a generation and the liberty of our people and the safety of of the entire world. How much more are we willing to give to further enrich the shamelessly wealthy? Even if impeachment would take 18 months, that could still shave about 4 months off this sentence that the American People are serving under the Bush Administration. Write and call your representatives in Congress and Speaker Pelosi…IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH NOW.

  4. Ruth Benderall. According to the Constitution, Bush won both elections. We do not use a popular vote in America but an electoral college that pledges their votes for one candidate or another. You don’t like, change it!

    I started working against Bush’s campaign prior to the primary and warned people that a whole new crowd of voters was coming in behind Bush from the Christian Coalition. We all heard the threats about America finally becoming a Christian nation and nothing can stop it. It worked and Bush, not Gore or Kerry were legally elected.

    The churches have been looking for an out of the Separation of Church and State and Bush handed it to them. He bought those Christian votes for promises of the prohibitions against what the bible tells us are sins. He also promised federal funds for the churches under his new faith-based grants. My actions and fears about Bush got me banned from this site and forum.

    Is there any chance at returning to the Separation of church and state? No! not in the GOP or Democratic parties. They all realize that they need the Coalition behind them for money and votes.

    The Coalition stirred up an elephant so damaging to our freedoms and laws that we may never again know a total freedom from intrusion into our lives.

    The Christians seem to be demanding that the Constitution be handed over to them to tell us what is legal and what is not. When the word comes out of the many churches in America, there is no hope for the kind of freedoms our founders wanted.

    I have never been so discouraged by American politics and the corruption these same members of the coalition has promoted.

    I can only sigh and try to figure out a way to get us back on the track of freedoms. Is it even possible?

    Are the majority of our voters homophobes? Are they only interested in promoting prohibitions against sins? Where is the outrage? Its silence is deafening.

    I dont know if eliminating the electoral voting system will help anything. We are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy which at this time would mean millions of ill-prepared voters demanding more handouts and welfare programs. Is that how America will end up?

  5. So what if Pelosi becomes Prez before this is over? She would be a better prez than The Chimp and The Snarl! Hell, I would be a better prez than those two clowns! My dog would be a better prez, she at least has common sense! And I hope to Christ the next Prez doesn’t have a name that rhymes with insane!

  6. Sorry, Walter, but Daddy Bush is in this just as deep as Dubya. As head of the Bu$h crime family, he’s raking in the oil money along with the rest
    of them. I seem to recall seeing his signature on the PNAC document along with the rest of the Evil Axis.

  7. To ms Sandy Price, and
    all other readers:

    mr George W. Bush was NOT elected in the year 2000.
    Nor did he receive the majority of the popular votes in 2004.

    He was, and still is, a SELECTED RESIDENT in OUR HOUSE (i.e. the “white house”) in Washington, D.C.

    And yes: his earth-father, mr George H.W. Bush, DOES HAVE the wherewithals to have his son mr George Walker Bush, and the vice-resident mr Richard Chenet, removed.
    Remember the two wise men: Baker and Hamilton?
    They are in the same league as the 41st president.
    They gave advice to “president” # 43.
    Evidently he would not listen…

    And yes: impeachment will take too long.
    Always has. Always will.

    Therefore the powers which are (the phrase: “powers that be” is incredously incorrect, since it sounds like “future”…) need to call an urgent meeting, wherein they, for the sake of the country (and the rest of the world), agree to tell the gentlemen mr G.W. Bush and mr R. Cheney to resign.
    After having been giving the “pink slip”, both guys will “resign” under the guise of having health-problems.

    Maybe, and hopefully, this meeting (or those meetings) is (are) already in progress.
    Unless the puppet-masters have a different plan…

    So far they (the powers which are) have given mr Bush Jr and mr Cheney free reign.
    Neither Congress, nor the vox populi will ever be able to tighten that leash.
    Again: this is up to the ones who really rule the world.

    BTW: If find it disgusting to abbreviate the name Richard into Dick, as well as I find it laughable to change the name Charles into Chuck.
    I, for one, do not think/feel/believe that anyone who goes by the name Chuck will ever be president.
    What is in a name?
    Quite a lot.
    Look at the list of names of former presidental contenders:
    the ones with names, which did not sound well to the world (as in: easy to remember; easy on the tongue; et cetera) never became candidates, let alone president, or vice-president.
    (And yes: the name George W. Bush IS not difficult to remember. But let us forget him: WE, THE PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM.
    Hence: the ones who got him IN ARE able to get him OUT. And those may or may not include mr president # 41).

    Let all of us hope and pray for the best.
    Let all of us shine our light on this country and the rest of the world, before it is really too late.

    Thank you.
    Ruth Benderall

  8. Apparently some folks weren’t listening when a certain individual uttered the words: “I’m the decider, I’ll do what I damn well please even if Congress and the Voters don’t support it”. I’m sure the mythical hollow mountain is being stocked with plenty of supplies for when American voters finally decide to take a day off and storm D.C. in protest against the purveyors of avarice as Air Force 1 and 2 are spiriting away the very devils that brought this plague of terrorism into America.

  9. I just heard on the evening words, that Bush was selling his plan to a bunch of Republicans today and stated this “We have to get at this enemy before they hurt us again.” Liar, with your Shcok & Awe you have killed, torture others, who never hurt any of us! Unjustifiable MURDER, despicable & totally unforgivable!

  10. There is no action we can take that will hold Bush’s feet to the fire. It will take 18 months to get an impeachment together and the problem is our Senate.

    Many will be running for election in 2008 and none of them would put their own futures at stake to help America. We have only ourselves to blame for these awful people.

    Only the voters can correct what they did wrong in 2000 and 2004. Beating a dead horse never won a race.

    We need to discuss what we want and not want for any elected official. I’m certain no one realized the extent that Bush would lie to get his way. But again we reelected him and nobody can explain why.

    Our reactions to Bush’s Administration are strong and elegant but what if we do it again? I like Chuck Hagel but realize he is a social conservative who is running for President. Is he simply saying what will get him elected or will he actually prioritize his agenda to include all Americans; something the Conservatives cannot do.

    Hagel’s voting record is not what I want in the White House. We must spend some time looking at what our candidates have voted for in the past and not be taken in by another Bush phoney.

    I tend not to trust anyone running as a Christian and whose only interests are in building the police state that will control us all. Since the Christian coalition took control of the Republican Party they will do anything to retain the White House.

  11. Georgina Bush and Dickless Cheney–A match made in Hell!!

    People it is time to raise holy h*ll to get bush and cheney tossed out of the Oval Office. Then Sleezy Rice, Chertoff and the rest of the thugs and criminals.

  12. Deranged closet-case Cheney and that other deranged closet-case, Bush, belong in Leavenworth.

    Immediately. If not sooner. Preferably sooner. Or even quicker than that, if possible.

    Our military boots out decent, ordinary folks who are gay, but is totally submissive to these two repressed and sadistic creeps. I don’t get it… I just don’t get it…

  13. THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.

    “Staying the course” is a fine example. “Surging” more troops is another.

    How much longer is the Congress going to allow these madmen to continue this charade of “leadership”.

    Impeach, indict and imprison.

  14. Congress has enabled these monsters since 911. They trampled the Constitution, and gave these PNAC, neocon plotters a blank check when it comes to waging war; i.e., an endless, Orwellian war against terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic used by malcontents and is not war in the traditional sense. In fact using traditional counter-guerilla techniques against such activities will fail because it’s of a criminal nature and falls better into the purview of world-wide law enforcement. Currently the situation in Iraq has degenerated into a religious based civil war. In order for Congress to prevail on behalf of “we the people”, they will be forced to cut funding for the war and simulataneously mandate that no other sources of funding can be tapped such as Social Security etc. LBJ was the first to tap into the SS trust fund when funding became problematical for the Nam debacle. So they will have to shut down all pathways to the national treasury from the Executive Branch relative to this war. Impeachment “must” then follow because it’s time they gangster slap the Executive Branch back into it’s proper place in a government founded and based on a balance of powers. Bush/Cheney will not go down easily and draconian measures will have to be taken. Congress needs to quit worrying what the American people think. They evidently fail to understand that “we the people” want these mattoids shut down immediately if not sooner. As far as a “plan” is concerned we can put a large contingent of quick-reaction, special warfare troops into Kuwait and Jordan if necessary. Re-establish the no-fly zone, then put the region on quarantine, with intense surveillance using satellite, overflights, and drone technology. Our only interest will be to maintain the sovereignty of Iraq and regional border integrity. If Syria, Iran, Turkey, or even Saudi Arabia steps into Iraq then they’l have to deal with Thors Hammer; i.e., surgical airstrikes big-time and possibly a quick butt-whipping from quick reaction force. Post contact the troops would immediately withdraw and wait for the next mission if necessary. Rest assured if several thousand quick response troops drop out of the sky via chute or chopper and do some efficient throat-cutting, then leave they’l get the message in short order that we mean business. Our technology allows us to “own the night”! This method would be very efficient and cost effective.

  15. Walter, there is no system for one President to take out another. The Congress can claim that Bush is unworthy of the White House but that is it.

    Bush 41 may indeed have a background in service to America but the Neo Conservatives got to him in 1992 and he sold out America and the Republican Party for a One World Order. It lost him the race and introduced Perot into the whirlwind.

    Our elected officials must realize their limitations as well as their authority and live by them.

    every day I look for an Independent candidate who can see the problems and fix them slowly and surely.

    The longer we are in Iraq the more danger we are all in, here at home as well as in Iraq. Bush blew his own legacy and only we can clean up his mess. We must sit on our House and Senate members not to back down on this deathtrap called Iraq. If Iran tosses a nuclear bomb on Iraq we will be blamed for it and the wrath of the rest of the world will be on us. They White House doesn’t care as they see the end of America anyway.

    Too bad we can’t buy Bush and Cheney out and throw them out of America.

  16. 1.) Kill all living life in Iraq -2003
    2.) Kill all in Iran – 2009
    3.) Kill all in Saudia-Arabia – 2012

    Muslim is gone, west gets ‘portable energy’.

    Google “litton bionetics”, how the cia created aids and wiped out the black man in Africa, problem is that muslim are not promiscious so what worked in Africa doesn’t work in ME. What works in the ME is shots to the head, poison-gas, depleted uranium.

    Not since the UK wiped out a whole people, e.g. the Tasmanians have a entire populations been wiped from the face of the earth.

    In 100 years we can all read about what happened to the muslim, like we read what happended to the american indian.

    The good news is that in 20 years the asians will rule the world, and the white man will get his reward, as malcolm-x once said “the white man aint’ smart enough to rule the world”, he may be able to murder the world, but he’ll never rule the world.

    Personally what I think will happen is that christian-muslim destroy each other, and asian win.

  17. Walter have you been drinking the kool-aid again? Whatever possesses you to think that Bush Sr. can save us from this mess – he is just as bad as his son. Where do you think Jr. got it? I know Babs is a royal *itch but don’t ever believe that Sr. has one ounce of integrity!

  18. George Bush Sr. served honorably as a Navy pilot in WW II, and while Director of Central Intelligence, Bush Sr. was both liked and respected by Agency staff.. As President, he continued to serve the American people with some honor and integrity..

    Former President Bush should consider one last service for this Republic—-that of removing both his son and Vice President Cheney from office—-just as soon as possible, by whatever means Bush Sr. finds expedient..

    Perhaps a nationally televised speech outlining why both should be removed from office might be enough, unless Bush Jr. had his Father sent to a mental hospital or Gitmo Bay to shut him up.. Maybe stronger, more direct action would be best—-but
    that’s something for Bush Sr. to decide..

    He brought this equivalent of Caligula into the the world, and is in a unique position to remove this monster and its Master from office.. Do the right thing, George, Sr.

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