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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Secretary Napolitano – So nice to have someone rational in office.

 This 51 yr old, former governor of Arizona, is the third head of the Department of Homeland Scrutiny. I suspect that we are lucky to have her. If nothing else, she's a survivor. 


 This 51 yr old, former governor of Arizona, is the third head of the Department of Homeland Scrutiny. I suspect that we are lucky to have her. If nothing else, she’s a survivor. 

She had breast cancer, a radical mastectomy, and she continued to work throughout that painful ordeal. She represented Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing, and earned the enmity, hatred, and never-ending disgust of today’s ultra-conservatives because of her work there. She was a US attorney, concentrating on issues that were not popular, but did much good, including on the street police work support, and consumer protection.  As governor of Arizona (a state whose population is limited to  two age groups, 18 and 80), she was applauded by all sides, even the most conservative political foes. She was named one of the top 5 governors at that time.

As DHS head, she inherited a mess. Badly administered, badly planned, and badly run, DHS is infamous for some of their lousiest advice and ridiculous decisions. Duct tape and plastic? Ted Kennedy and Cat Stevens on the Do Not Fly list?  

One good thing DHS did before Janet took over was to review all domestic terror threats. In January, DHS issued a report about liberal groups that posed a potential danger to America. Given how liberals eschew violence and guns, the majority of the threats seem to come from groups that normal liberals would like to put in prison. The violent Greens that sabotage worksites, impact spikes in trees (which can kill lumberjacks) and attacking fishing and whaling vessels violently. But DHS was right to admit that a crazy few do exist and do need special attention. 

DHS also reviewed the conservative threat. 

Hmm. Let me count the ways. Planned Parenthood offices have been bombed, burned down, shot at, had trucks run into them, had their electricity cut, and have suffered indignities of all sorts. The crazies who shoot doctors and nurses somehow become folk heros to those of limited intelligence, little education, but strong ultra-conservative beliefs. DHS calls them domestic terror threats. As they are. 

Tim McVeigh planned and plotted, and created a truck bomb (Yes, Ryder really does rent trucks) that killed hundreds and destroyed an entire federal building. Militia members like he clearly are a risk to the health and safety of the US. DHS calls Tim and those like him, domestic terror threats.  As they are.

Some domestic asshole sent anthrax to news orgs and liberal politicians. Luckily, no one died. DHS calls the sender a domestic terror threat.  As she/he is.

A small, very small group of highly trained military folks are susceptible to religious crazies like Dobson and other creeps of his ilk, and believe that if they don’t start a revolution, we moderates and libruls will destroy their way of life. DHS calls them domestic terror threats. As they are. 

Because this report targeted CONSERVATIVE-based violence, the Wingnuts went into orbit. They accused Napolitano of the worst possible motives and accused her of attacking the GOP base. 

That’s pretty funny. Let’s see. George Bush’s DHS started the review and wrote the report. Napolitano simply allowed those findings to be issued. So it’s her fault. 

The report clearly outlines why these ultraconservatives are such a threat. (past behavior, past murders and bombings, past threats,  and no signs of changing) I guess the truth is tough for today’s regional GOP politicians to digest.  All anyone has to do is review the video from Sarah Palin’s campaign meetings. Some of the worst wingnuts attending her rallies were past the point of scary. They belong in some high security institution, one with soft walls, and no sharp objects. THAT is the current base of the new and improved GOP. 

Of course, the GOP’s reaction to the DHS report is predictable.  If we did what was necessary to these rabid crazies on the reich, like, say examine them for mental illness, arrest them for threatening a sitting president, spy on them to prevent murders of abortion providers, liberals or members of the Democrat Party, the GOP would simply cease to exist. Outside the bloatway,  only 21% identify themselves with the GOP today. 38% proudly claim the party of Obama as theirs, and 35% say both sides are crazy (I suspect this number has the greatest growth potential). If you remove the truly dangerous nuts from society (Thanks to Ron Reagan for closing the mental institutions – otherwise, many of them would still be there) there would be no one left to vote GOP. Like an injured, cornered, wild animal, instead of having Flight, Freeze or Fight as an available option, today’s GOP pols are left with only Fight. 

To them, the ranting and crazy ravings of Michele Bachmann ring true. To them, Sarah Palin is the perfect image of a family values candidate. (Yeah, try wrapping your brain around that one) To them, call for revolution, even a violent one, from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other GOP spokesmen rings true, enough so that a crazed conservative killed two police out east out of a fear that Obama would steal his guns. 

With this backdrop, the attacks on Napolitano are clearly part and parcel of how the regional GOP reacts to the truth. With anger. 

I admit that  in parts, the report was inartfully drafted, and the segment on returning soldiers should have been worded more carefully. She rightfully apologized to Veterans, and was applauded for her words. Now, when we face a danger that recognizes no religious, politics, borders, or nationality differences,  her calm, cool, and effective response to this threat should cause her critics to STFU. But it won’t. Why would we want a talented administrator doing her job, when a bunch of GOP congresscritters can attack her for a report that a GOP administration researched and drafted? 

Thanks, Janet, for a fine job so far. And thanks for taking the right response to swine flu. If no one dies, you did great. If you have minimized illnesses and deaths, my hat’s off to you. But remember, you can never shut up those GOP phony patriots. They are still stuck on your Anita Hill representation and will never forgive you for being effective. So, do what the rest of America is doing to the GOP congresscritters. Ignore them. They will go away. (unless they come back armed and dangerous) 


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