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Friday, March 1, 2024

How many more have to die?

By DOUG THOMPSON President George W. Bush's illegal, immoral and inexcusable war in Iraq cost another 27 American soldiers their lives over the weekend. That's right: 27. Saturday's escalating violence in the out-of-control civil war killed 25 Americans - the third bloodiest day of the war - and two more died on Sunday.


President George W. Bush’s illegal, immoral and inexcusable war in Iraq cost another 27 American soldiers their lives over the weekend.

That’s right: 27. Saturday’s escalating violence in the out-of-control civil war killed 25 Americans – the third bloodiest day of the war – and two more died on Sunday.

This brings the death toll of Americans in Iraq to more than 3,050 and comes as the first brigades of Bush’s ill-conceived “troop surge” arrived in country to provide more cannon fodder for his ridiculous war. This doesn’t include the more than 50,000 Americans wounded and/or maimed or the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed or wounded as a result of Bush’s war.

How many more have to die because of Bush’s madness? Must the Pentagon projections of 6,000 dead by the end of this year and 10,000 dead by the end of 2008 come tragically true before something is done to stop this out-of-control President?

Today started off bloody as two bombings killed at least 78 Iraqis and wounded 150 more. Such bloody carnage is business as usual in Baghdad and it won’t stop because a President who himself never served a day in combat thinks he knows more than commanders on the ground and sends even more Americans into harm’s way.

On Tuesday night, Bush will get up before a joint session of Congress and deliver the annual collection of lies and political spin called The State of the Union address. I’m not sure when, if ever, any President’s State of the Union speech accurately reflected what was really happening in America but Bush’s ramblings tomorrow night will, no doubt, carry denial to new heights.

He will claim his Iraq plan will work when just about everyone else knows it won’t.

He will try to steer public debate away from his many failures in Iraq and towards a domestic agenda that, so far, catalogs just anther set of colossal blunders.

He will brag about cutting taxes and claim such cuts have helped the economy, ignoring the reality that his tax cuts, combined with massive spending for his failed war, have plunged the country into a massive debt that will haunt future generations.

The damage this man and his collection of thugs, thieves, con-artists and liars have done to this country is inconceivable, irresponsible and possibly irreparable. Even members of his own party now abandon his failed principles and policies. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel calls Bush’s latest “troop surge” the “biggest foreign policy blunder since Vietnam.”

Voters last November sent a clear message that they want American out of Iraq but Bush proudly says he doesn’t listen to voters or anyone else who disagrees with his flawed vision of reality. Congress isn’t much help either. They talk of “non-binding” resolutions to bring the troops home but lack the courage to take a real stance against a despotic President who has, for all practical purposes, seized control of the government of the United States.

And while all this pondering and politicking and pussyfooting continues, more and more Americans die in a war that didn’t need to be waged for reasons that did not exist by a President with no regard for law, morality or decency.

How many more have to die? The fact that even one American died from Bush’s lunacy is too many.

Every day that this carnage is allowed to continue is a crime against humanity by a war criminal named George W. Bush, aided and abetted by a criminal enterprise called the Congress of the United States.

37 thoughts on “How many more have to die?”

  1. I, like many, have served for someone else’s greed… everyone here has posted some logical and truly insightful stuff, even from Tommy Lee Jones.

    Yet, time and again we lie supine at our own little place in this world and fail to act as responsible and accountable citizens of this country.

    I salute you, Mr. Doug Thompson, for yur truth and your clarity.

    I don’t quite remeber the author of this comment, but it has haunted me from the moment I heard it;

    “For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a value the protected will never know.”

  2. Preventive War. Oxymoron. All war is wrong, for any reason. Defensive war, certainly, one must defend oneself. Preventive war? No such thing. Oxymoronic. Any war starter is an aggressor. Why should I even have to explain this? Are we children?

  3. Vote…MSNBC 87% want Bush impeached..go and vote a…we can make a difference!

  4. it’s funny how the coments have turned into a God debate and good vs. evil type of stuff. i must admit that i take evil in stride, and it amazes me how the people as a whole can elect people with what is an obvious lack of common sense. and i never thought that i would quote a movie that had nothing to do with politics for politicking, but here it is: “a person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.” -Tommy Lee Jones, MIB. it shames me to realize that our President and his crew fall into that last category… especially when that category is defined by a sci-fi movie!

  5. Just goes to show you–war is the ULTIMATE government program. As a libertarian, I am appalled at all evil, useless government programs, such as welfare, social security, public education, etc. But all of them pale to insigificance compared to the sheer monstrous evil of war, the ultimate government program. Yet, the majority of the population falls for war propaganda, every time, without fail. Remember when 80 percent of the public supported the insane war in Iraq?
    Face it: most people are just stupid.
    Any leader who campaigns for an unjust war should automatically be arrested, tried, and hanged. (The only just wars, by the way, are those to repel invasions and those to throw off tyranny).

  6. I forgot to say, besides Jesus’teachings, I believe in Gandhi’s; I beleive in Chief Jospeh’s; Geronimo’s ( does everyone know that the Skull & Bones men have his skull to do evil ceremonies? which include Bush & Kerry???) I belive in Tecumseh’s/Tikvmfa’s (his propehcy is almost fulfilled)… all the men, who only wanted PEACE ON EARTH for ALL.

  7. By the way, 39 years ago today I was inducted into the war that has its facsimile in the current historical go round. Sorry I missed adding it to my previous…

  8. Daniel pull up “US War Plans Versus Iran Update”, it’s a done deal… from EIR News 2
    by JJ Steinburg, again it’s a done deal………..for more control, more OIL>

    Michael…We were the FIRST and we are also the LAST..that’s American Indian prophecy.

    Sandy…I believe in Jesus’s teachings, always will, but how many so called Christians, even know what he stated…”Love your enemy”…”blessed are the children….” (in essence no one including Bush should harm them)…have you seen the photos of what DU is doing to them? or our bombs everywhere.
    Religions, started by the elite to control everyone else, is why we have willing participants in all these genocides across the whole planet. People, across this globe, need to unite in peace, and dissolve religious differences, which is what keeps everyone trapped in a mind-set of US vs. THEM. I do love your comments and do agree with them all.
    Thanks everybody for caring!

  9. re: Jennifer and the history books – Don’t hold your breath on that.

    It definitely concerns me that the Bush Crime Family is planning to do what all good Nazis did sixty odd years ago (with USA’s blessing in most cases): Head South — South America, that is.

    It appears that we shall never learn. History is made so that we can repeat it. It is made by the same group of people that WILL repeat it.

  10. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news surge or no surge the pottery barn rule applies here, “nice to handle nice to hold if you break we say sold” I don’t know what the answer is but America created the daemon that is now present-day Iraq, they are going to have to deal with it. A bit of Real Politik is needed, they are going to have to engage Syria and Iran however, I have been hearing rumours about Iran according to the bbc it’s Bush’s next port of call if that’s the exit strategy turn off the lights……

  11. I hope to meet at least sme of you on the Mall in D.C. this coming Saturday.

    It is one thing to protest from our keyboards, and it is another to actually show up in the streets.

    Forming up between 3rd and 7th on the Mall around 11 AM, the march will signal the beginning of true talking back to power.

    If you miss it, you should seriously consider whether any further protest from you should be considered valid.

    See you there?

  12. I learned at the age of 9 that anything done in the name of Jesus Christ is moral. The history of this church can be written in blood and too easily forgiven.

    I have no desire to see the end of Christianity but would fight like a tiger to keep it out of our Government. It was the first thing I found wrong with the Bush Administration and he has never proven me wrong.

  13. How many more have to die?

    Quotes about Kissinger

    In Haig’s presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.

    Woodward and Bernstein, The Final Days, chapter 14


    If Americans want to stop the killing then you will have to lock the lunatics up; for ever and ever.

    Sad to see a moron like Bush can get away with murder. Sad to see Americans behaving like frightened little children.

  14. So I’m guessing a certain somebody will be relocating himself and his loved ones to South America when he leaves office in 2008; providing he doesn’t try to abolish the 22nd Amendment?

  15. A big sigh for you Scott, just like Ray.

    Christians cut off the heads of American Indians and then proceeded to use them as kick balls,,,1600’s…1700’s

    True history of this wonderful country is finally being exposed..hopefully, American history books will finally tell the true/real story of what happen as an unbelievable, true genocide happened when weapons of mass destructions were used in this USA to try and exterminate a whole race.

    Guess what, smallpox is coming back to wipe out this time “useless eaters”.

    This time we Indians are immume, it’s in our DNA!

    Let’s see, isn’t Bush trying to do this in Iraq, Afganistan, and soon Iran?

    DUI’s are killing them and our soldiers…everyone is in harms way…and bush could give a shit…his daughters are loosing their cell phones in South America and enjoying the good life…The Iraqis can’t say that, our soldiers can’t say that…they are ALL in harms way…enough said.


  16. Nothing changes. Nothing works. The older I get the more I believe this. I have in my possession a photograph that belonged to my father who served in WWII in Guadalcanal. It shows the GIs playing baseball with the HEAD of a Japanese soldier. I suppose we are all doomed.

  17. Hello Ray,
    What a horrible picture to be always ingrained into your memory. I was working at The Trade Winds in Cols. O, next to Ohio State Univ.
    in 1968…I watched as Nationl Guard marched down High St, Rt 23 fully armed. I was tear gassed at a rally for peace. I had the Hatfield/McGovern amendment for people to sign at the store..those were the times, we changed things, back then!
    In 1995, I knew a man, almost went out west with him, he was a hero from Vietnam, he stopped counting at 548 men, women and children, whom he had killed, with no quams. .
    People like him, were the ones’ who killed my ancestors here in Ohio, at Wounded Knee ( where my great-grandparents are buried) and and at Sand Creek on Nov.29, 1864. The Rev. Colonel Chivington and his Volunteers and Fort Lyons troop numbering more than 700 heavily armed men, slaughtered 105 women and children and 28 men…A US flag presented by Pres. Lincoln in 1863 to Black Kettle in Wahingtion, DC, flew from a pole above the elder’s lodge on that grey day. They thought they were protected, just as some misguided FOOLS do today.
    Those Christian men then cut off the women’s breast, childrens’ ears’, men’s penis’s and hung them from their saddles and marched into Denver amid praises from the population that they had removed more Vermin from their new lands. Can anyone imaging doing that to another human being? No one was punished, same story today……my god, history repeats itself, over & over.
    This country was founded on “christian principles”…look at all the good they’ve done since the 1700’s…no quams, none at all in murdereing others, who they feel are less-human then they are.
    That’s what that picutre in that office you saw in 1968, represented, people who think they are better, thus devaluating them to sub-human.
    It will be the indigenious people all across the world, who survive the up-coming nuclear war Bush is creating. We know how to survive…..Proof….
    They didn’t kill all of us, we’re still here! and WE KNOW what is really going on.
    Do you remember when Bush claimed WMD and they are a threat to our democracy (our way of life?) and the uneducated people here/racists called the Iraq people “rag heads”…a form of devalating others….Well, I’m Shawnee. The Shawnee and the Deleware wore turbans, too. I guess we must have been called “rag heads” in the 1700’s…history repeats & repeats.
    Again, the Mayan, 3000 years ago, gave this civlization (which they claimed would be the stupidest), till 2012.
    People like you Ray, Kent, South Point Man and others will survive, beacuse you know and the most important part CARE!

  18. I always wonder if we had had a draft would the nation have been so easely manipulated to go to war? I wonder.

    The words of Bush and Rumsfeld ring in my ears, that it is a voluntary army and implicit, It is an Occupational Hazzard to get killed.
    And Bush was AWOL and should never have had an honorable discharge. Any other soldier would have been court martialed and ruined for the rest of his life.

  19. Bah! Enough of Bush, the deranged closet case. And enough of Cheney, the other deranged closet case. Arrest them and toss their evil, hypocritical asses in jail.

    They can finally come out of the closet there as jail cells don’t have closets.

  20. I agree with Ralph Long, impeachment is too kind for these criminals. They need to be on the front lines with our troops in Iraq.
    As I was watching the “Washington Journal” last week a caller who was in the ANG with Bush claimed he, Bush, came into the barracks so Drunk he couldn’t perform his duties the next day. Bush’s brain is fried and Cheney’s heart is only a eletronic gadget.
    They both should hang in the Rose Garden until they turn into fertilizer.

  21. When will everybody realize, bush doesn’t care how many lives are lost. He has no feeling or knows what sacrifice is. He has never experienced sacrefice or personally touched by death. As far as he is concerned, it is part of the job, anyone in the military that dies should expect to. If you make it out alive or just lose an arm or leg, luck was with you and you should be greatful. It doesn’t stop there. Rehab as fast as possible, that way you can take the place of a healthy person doing a behind the enemy lines job. They can join the fight and hope luck is with them.

  22. When will the American people ever get out of total
    denial about how totally
    psychotic insane Liar in
    Chief Generalissmo Foul Up
    George W Bush & Vice Psycho
    Draft Dodger Dick Cheney
    both really are and stop
    being afraid of Impeachment
    and their Removal from Office? And when will the
    voters force sell out Democrat Leaders In Congress
    Looney Toons Queen Nancy
    Pelosithe Mental Midget And
    Her Senate Cohort Gutless
    Wimp Hare Brain Harry Reid
    To Resign From Congress So
    We Can End Them Blocking
    Bush & Cheney Impeachment?
    As far as I’m concerned
    Bush & Cheney are War Criminals and so are Pelosi
    and Reid,who sold us out
    of Impeachment and who all
    deserve to hang for their
    own War Crimnes & Crimes Against Humanity!

  23. Aloha, the Don:

    Couldn’t agree more. Have been saying the same thing: “When the people hit the streets the shit will hit the fan” for more than a year now. But, the Internet provides a safety valve for all dissenters these days. The people do not realize that when they blog or comment on blogs or even sign Internet petitions that it all ends up in cyberville and not in the MSM. No photo ops not MSM coverage. Enough of preaching to the choir. Hit the streets when called upon to do so. Get to DC on 1/27/07 with placards aplenty! When there is a visible force attention will be paid.

  24. Our government lies about everything else. Why would they tell us the true count of American dead and wounded?

  25. Doug, What I DIDN’T read in your “muse” today is that Bush has repeatedly stated he WASN’T going to give out “accurate” or “exact” figures of the number of American deaths to our military. I suspect this figure is much, MUCH larger than the 3,000 figure the press has been given – and then feeds us! What do you say? Elgee

  26. Doug, What I DIDN’T read in your “muse” today is that Bush has repeatedly stated he WASN’T going to give out “accurate” or “exact” figures of the number of American deaths to our military. I suspect this figure is much, MUCH larger than the 3,000 figure the press has been given – and then feeds us! What do you say? Elgee

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