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Monday, December 11, 2023

Much ado about nothing

By DOUG THOMPSON Consider the irony. Democrats in the House and Senate got all giddy with excitement Thursday because Congress actually did something. In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi celebrated the completion of their "100 hour agenda" in just 87 hours, give or take a few dozen hours by playing with the legislative clock. Over on the Senate site, the Dems trumpet the passage of "ethics and lobbying reform." Let's see. In the first 19 days of the New Year, the House managed to pass six bills and the Senate one.


Consider the irony. Democrats in the House and Senate got all giddy with excitement Thursday because Congress actually did something.

In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi celebrated the completion of their “100 hour agenda” in just 87 hours, give or take a few dozen hours by playing with the legislative clock. Over on the Senate site, the Dems trumpet the passage of “ethics and lobbying reform.”

Let’s see. In the first 19 days of the New Year, the House managed to pass six bills and the Senate one.

Yep. That’s hard work all right. On Monday, for exercise, they will go back to stifling yawns.

If you strip away the hoopla, and hoopla is what this fantasy of legislative action is all about, the so-called legislative successes in the House and Senate are a lot of show without any substance.

Now that the photo op is over, both the House and Senate have to get down to some real legislative business and that ain’t gonna be easy.

The so-called “ethics” bills pushed though the House and Senate with so much fanfare is just cosmetics. Both chambers still genuflect before the gods of political money, bending to the will of well-heeled lobbyists who write legislation and represent narrow-focus special interest groups.

The Senate’s reform bill also failed because of bitter partisan bickering over whether or not the spouses of Senators should be allowed to lobby the people they sleep with as well as other members. The Democrats opposed banning spouses but finally gave in when it looked like the bill would fail. Is this reform from a party that promises “the most ethical Congress in history?”

And while the Democrats party on like giddy fools, President George W. Bush is shipping more young Americans off to Iraq to die in his illegal and immoral war. And what does the party of the jackass plan to do about it? Introduce “non-binding” resolutions that mean nothing but gives them chances for more photo ops.

Democrats can hold hearings and introduce non-binding resolutions until the cows come home and it won’t save American lives or end a useless war. Young men and women will continue to die because Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the balls to take the shackles off those in who party who want to impeach Bush and drive the wannabe dictator from office.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s anatomy may include a set of cajones but he is too busy using his elected position to pad his own bank account to give a damn about what is best for America.

New bosses, same as the old bosses. All bluster and no action. Talk reform during the day and work the cocktail circuit at night, milking the special interest groups for money.

Voters sent a clear message last November that they want America out of Iraq and the soldiers brought home. But the new Democratic leadership of Congress is sitting on its collective ass and looking for a painless, politically-expedient way of solving the problem.

How many more Americans have to die while these clowns do nothing?

How many?

30 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing”

  1. I believe now we are supporting Ethiopia against Somalia as well. Its a shooting war and we have become fully involved. Its the war powers act, you see? Fratboy can shoot up any country he feels like now. The House and Senate are useless blowhards. We are toast, folks. May not happen today, may not happen next month, but its just a matter of time.

  2. Well, Mr Bush did warn there would be MORE SACRIFICE in order to ah,eh, hmmm, oh yah, defeat the axis of evil.

    Wasn’t that the reason those young soldiers had to die?

    It is about the only thing he has said that is accurate.

    His big surge only means a surge in american deaths. Good Call George, you piece of crap.


  3. I see I have an issue with the person who supplied me with the birthdate information. This is someone I have known a long time so I didn’t bother to verify. I don’t like being mislead. Thanks for the info.

  4. Yes, by all means, let’s be patient. Maybe another 20 American soldiers can die for the noble globalist cause while we wait. By all means, let’s be patient while we wait for the asshole in the White House to start a global nuclear war.

  5. These issues are not “much ado about nothing,” Mr. Thompson. Each of them is important to a large segment of our society, even if they do not affect you personally. Don’t knock good work. They’re going to get on with other work, so be patient.

  6. Jennifer,

    The only one of the bunch actually born March of 1948 was Al Gore.

    Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Kerry, and both Clintons predate 1948.

    Howard Dean came along 11/48 and Schumer is the baby of the bunch with a 1950 DOB.

  7. Let’s not get too carried away — Bush and Kerry are 16th cousins.

    Interesting note, Ted. If you pick up a copy of “The Captains and The Kings,” Taylor Caldwell’s thinly-disguised saga of the Kennedy family, her intro reads:

    Beware the gnomes of Zurich.

  8. Ted. You make a great point about the Democrats. We all must recognize what the Conservatives are trying to do to our Constitution and the Amendments trying to lelgislate our morals.

    These same men have been responsible for putting in Bush twice and they seem proud of their wins.

    I’m big on individual rights and this new Conservative movement scares the hell out of me as the people themselves want the government to guide their private lives.

    We saw two teenage boys taken from their families and how easily they settled into a life of who knows how much debachery. They had no concept of freedom and were raised as loyal Christians to never question authority. Now in Oklahoma we discovered a youngf girl who apparently did have freedom in her mind and she broke away from her captor and ran for help.

    There is a message here and we always learn from our children.

    We saw a spark of freedom in November and the voters wanting the Conservatives out of power. Can we continue in this vein or will we fold under the two party system again and again?

  9. If you trace bloodlines of past and present leaders of the US, Britain,Germany,France,and even the Royal Family, you will find that they all are related geneticly. Bush and Kerry are related.

    This bloodline started at the time of Noah, as he was chosen to survive the great cleansing because his blood had not been mixed. He was geneticly pure, as the others of that time were not, so he and his family were spared.

    From that tribe, the decendents inhabited southern europe and were growing in numbers. At that time they were known as Khazars. Thier leader realized that to be recognized as a nation, they needed a religion to identify with. Judeoism was chosen and that is where the european jews started. They are not the true jewish tribe that stayed closer to home.

    Many of these self claimed jews protected the bloodline to the point of interfamily weddings throughout history. This lineage of elites carry great secret knowledge that is unavailable to common people. In fact, most of the human race is just considered useless eaters by these power mongers. These people infiltrated the highest levels of freemasonry and to this day is where you will find the secret invisible government that controls world events.

    The Bilderburger Group, the Council of Foriegn Relations, the Trilatteral Commission, the United Nations, are the groups that set policy. The meetings these groups have are simply for that very purpose. If you check, you will see that US Presidents attend these meetings prior to them being elected. Not just co-incedence. Zionism is the result of these elite Illuminati Bloodline. What you are seeing as worldwide chaos, unrest, terrorist events,the trashing of the constitution, the formation of a police state, the middle east debacle is by design. Order out of Chaos. Divide and conquer. Problem,Reaction,Solution.

    If you truly want to change the course of further corruption and world dominance (new world order), eliminate the federal reserve banking system. This private group of elite international bankers took control of our government in 1913. The Rothchilds,Rockefellers,Hapsbergs,etc. are the federal reserve. They print american dollars out of thin air. Mostly digits on a computer screen. The government borrows that fiat money at interest. This is why the people of the US and world are debt ridden beyond belief. Wether or not you believe it, humanity is slaving thier lives to pay that constant debt that we are mind controlled to aquire and therefore we are controlled. Borrow,borrow,re-finance, borrow for college,borrow for mortgage,for cars, on and on and on. The federal reserve owns the national debt, in other words, YOU.

    JFK was changing that by letting the government print its own money backed by silver rather than borrowing notes from the feds, that is why he was killed. He tried to change the evil control that these elitists have.

    This nation is more than broke. The economy is floating on nothing more than faith and promises. China, Japan, and many other nations buy our notes promising to pay.
    Well folks, now you knopw why our country is being sold piece by piece. The borders are coming down and we will soon be known as the Northern alliance.

    New World Order has started in Europe with unionizing all countries. Corporate Industrial,Pharmacuticals,Military, Illuminati Complex is taking over the planet. Right in front of your noses.

    We must rise up above and look down at the whole big picture and ask ourselves, how can this be. Why intelligent human beings are plundering the planet, killing thousands,while we work our asses off trying to make a living and raise our families, and seeing it going downhill. It is all by design of a few that carry the bloodline that decide world events, and the flow of capital.

    Abolish the Federal Reserve and go back on the gold standard. Otherwise we will continue in deeper and deeper debt untill total collapse, which seriously could happen tomarrow. When the US Dollar falls from being the worlds standard, its over. When the majority of oil is bought with Euros, which is beginning to happen, it will sink the dollar. Deritives are the main financial instrument that all major lenders play with. It is a major float. When one loses confidence or calls in payment in full, the whole boat will sink.

    We were had in 1913 with the start of the Federal Reserve, a private group of rich bankers who rent money out of nothing for interest. He who makes the money, controls the government, therefore the people.


  10. Outstanding job by the Dems.

    None of our rights were abolished and continued subversion of the US Constitution has halted.

    Hallelujah Jesus/Mohamad/Buda, etc!!!

  11. All war is wrong, OK?
    Get it?
    Need I elaborate?
    Don’t even start on “geopolitics” or any of the rest of all that crap.
    Wrong. Period. No exceptions.

  12. 11/1/1949

    My great-great-grandmother was North American Native. I don’t know the tribe or any of the family history. It was, sadly, a source of shame in our family. If you could see a picture of my mother she appears to be “full blooded”, even more so than my grandmother. But, so what, right? I have no claim to any particular spirituality other than, I hope, an innate sense of right and wrong.

  13. Well, I wrote a good thought, it got zapped.
    I was born on March 10, 1947, a year before all these major players on the field/balance of our lives were born…yeah!
    Read/educate yourself/watch the skies/know the herbs…all will help you survive the coming storms produced by those in POWER.
    American Indian prophecies are being fullfilled, thank all the beings who are watching over us…..enough said.

  14. Thank god, I was born on March 10, 1947, before 1948, when all these last players, sealing our fate were born…yeah!
    Isn’t it a amazing how we are figuring it all now, just when we truly need to know, who’s good and who’s bad.
    All they have to do/and/is to open their mouths. You can hear the lies/the hollow promises.
    You will know them, when you see them…….scary, but peace-loving people win in end, which is fast approaching, thanks to Bush.
    Pray for peace within…
    Seal, I know about Roswell, do we have the audacity to think that we are the only “humans” in this vast univerise? We’re probably the only ones that screwed up and killed each other.
    I can only pray that there are other civilizations, who don’t exploit everyone, everthing on this planet, like we did, which we call Mother Earth…I am sure that she is really disappointed in us,all.

  15. As long as we are considering prophecies and other tell tale incidents and occurances.

    Many will recall that on July 8, 1947, witnesses claim an unidentified
    object with five aliens aboard crashed on a sheep and cattle ranch just
    outside Roswell, New Mexico. This is a well known incident that many say has long been covered up by the US Air Force and the federal government.

    However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of March 1948, exactly
    nine months after that historic day, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., Hillary
    Rodham, John F. Kerry, William Jefferson Clinton, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi,
    Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, and Barbara Boxer were all born.

    That may explain a few things.

  16. Kent,
    Unfortunately, all of this will happen, because of THEM.
    As much as we would like, we can’t. Pull up “The Next President”
    by Dick Eastman. I wrote him and told him, it was an excellent article.
    I told him, that I knew who he was looking for, if he knew American Indian/Mayan prophecy about this civilization/this generation, I would tell him.
    Remember, you said that you’d see me in that tunnel?
    Well, write me at I am not afraid of any of THEM anymore.
    Pray for peace within, my friend.

  17. We don’t have years to wait for the Democrats to restore balance…we are in trouble right this minute. Seal knows that too, read his comment above!
    Pull “US War Plans Versus Iran Update” this article says it all, for all of us.
    Then pull up what South Point Man reccommened on Jan 15th, might save your life htm
    There is a reason & purpose for everything; nothing is coincidence. Bush & Cheney are going to do what they planned all along – world domination of all OIL.
    When they push those buttons, the whole world will retaliate against us, with very good reason!
    We are a small population of the whole world, but we already use 1/4 of all resources.
    American Indian/Mayan prophecies about this civilization/generation are almost fullfilled.
    Wake up!
    “This we know…The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. All things are conneced like the blood that unites one family. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself.”
    Pray for peace within; evil men will cease to exist sooner than you think.

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