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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Obama’s little overseas adventure, and his (not so) subtle message to Israel

It's only 96 days into 2009, and the world has woken up to something quite different. Instead of a faux horse hating cowboy who swaggers onto stage and jokes about his own lack of knowledge, the world sees a careful, concerned, educated, deep-thinking man representing America. 


It’s only 96 days into 2009, and the world has woken up to something quite different. Instead of a faux horse hating cowboy who swaggers onto stage and jokes about his own lack of knowledge, the world sees a careful, concerned, educated, deep-thinking man representing America. 

Considering how Europe and Asia strive to school their diplomats and politicians, their response was predictably warm and excited. And why not? They see in the new guy the kind of professional pol and serious diplomatic partner with whom they can work. For those who do not recall the last days of BushCo, Euro leaders pretty much snubbed Little George in his last days. At the same time, they were uniformly afraid of and disdainful of his vice-president. As for the previous SecState? The less said, the better. 

All that has changed. America has a new leader, one who listens and learns, not lectures and imposes American will. The reactions from China, Russia, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and even Belgium, have been extremely promising. 

Two hot spots created the only blemishes that defaced Obama’s little overseas adventure.  And no, one of them is NOT Iran. No, the delicate dance between Iran and the US will be slow, careful, always ready to retreat, and not willing to chance some mistake that would have adverse political/social/election in both countries. But, to the relief of both countries, and all of their neighbors, both countries finally seem ready to jaw jaw, rather than war war. With decades of mistrust, we can easily take a year or two to get it right this time.

The first blemish? North Korea, run by a cognac slurping, pizza eating, syphilitic despot , managed to rain missile parts on everyone’s parade with its most recent launch over our friend Japan. And to prove that nothing much has changed, they announced a complete success, even though the missile actually fell apart 1400 miles downwind. More on NK in the future. 

The second blemish, and the bigger story, is what country our new President did not visit, and why. 

Dick Cheney, feisty to the last, continues to spew lies about Iran, Hussein and Al Qaida. He continued to push for a preemptive attack on Iran, and was the source of the orders causing two large carrier groups to linger around Iran’s ocean boundaries, in hopes of starting a Tomkin incident. His lies about Iraq, Iran, Al Qaida and issues like security, torture, and more, are so pathetic and damaging, that if we were not a democracy, with a DOJ that is slowly mending from 8 yrs of abuse, it would be likely that no one would ever hear from him ever again. Luckily for him, our wheels of justice move slowly. 

Along with Cheney’s lies, Israel began an all out campaign, using AJC, AIPAC, plus all of its bribed and wholly owned US Senatwhores and Congresscritters. Israel  even sent high ranking delegates to bring more pressure onto Obama’s administration. 

On March 13, 2009, in a highly publicized and coordinated PR move, Israeli army chief of staff Lieutenant Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi flew to the US for talks over Iran’s nuclear program. As hard as AJC, AIPAC, and Israel’s lapdogs in the Senate and House tried, they could not pry open the White House or DOD doors for a cabinet level meeting. Only two lowly aides were permitted to meet Gabi, each of whom repeatedly claimed that they had no authority to speak on policy issues. 

The AJC and AIPAC continued their drumbeat for war after his trip. Even Dick Cheney slithered out from under his undisclosed rock, and tried to push Americans into some fear-based attack against Iran.  The AJC produced terrorizing radio ads, claiming that Iran was about to attack Israel and the USA. The PR campaign was so vile and baseless, that General David Petraeus corrected the record and flatly stated that Iran is years away from having any highly enriched uranium, despite Israel’s repeated claims that Iran could build a bomb within a year. (March 29th)

So, what is the result of Israel’s all out PR campaign, and America’s quiet, subtle response?

Barack Obama comes to terms with Russia about total nuclear disarmament for the globe, he comes to terms with China about close diplomatic, cultural, economic, and even military cooperation, he makes peace with France, and instead of visiting Israel, he travels to Turkey and re-starts a dying relationship almost destroyed by Cheney, Rice, and Bush. The snub is obvious, even though low-key. 

Of course, there have been some carrots sent Israel’s way. Given how many bombs, missiles, tank parts, jet parts, and anti-personnel and anti-farm shells were stolen by those evil Palestinians and Lebanese, who dared put up houses, farms, and business in the way of those weapons, Israel has run short of some critical parts, especially some of the more high tech devices.  The US is quietly resupplying Israel with most, if not all, of its depleted arsenal. After all, killing unarmed, stone-throwing, or camera-carrying individuals takes a lot of ammo, and creates much wear and tear on your equipment. 

When one looks at the Middle East from a distance, the countries who have caused the most damage to that region are

USA and Israel. Both countries have caused more attacks, more deaths, and far more damage than any other country or political group. It is not a proud record for the US. Iraq’s losses will shock our conscience, assuming that our MSM starts doing its job, investigating, researching and reporting, instead of being cheerleaders like Judy Miller.  It is not a proud record for Israel, either, and it is good to see a growing rational movement growing within our ally’s borders. That movement is small, but welcome. 

After 8 years of hubris, our policy has changed for the better. We no longer support greedy, criminal US contractors in Iraq who poisoned the water, electrocuted our troops, and stole our investment. We are rebuilding in Afghanistan, as well, with far more mixed results. But, it is the least that we can do. Perhaps a new policy is necessary, but again, more on that later. 

The Obama Administration has sent a huge message to Israel. Either start working with Palestine, or watch for our patience to finally run out. It is a welcome, timely, and important message. I hope that Israel hears it and sees the reasons behind it. 

The alternative is decades more bloodshed. 


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