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Sunday, May 26, 2024


POLITICAL GAMES: Focus on Voter ID a Political Tactic to Avoid Other Issues The time has come for real change.

POLITICAL GAMES: Focus on Voter ID a Political Tactic to Avoid Other Issues

The time has come for real change.

The political games being played in the Texas Legislature, focusing attention on the issue of voter ID, is an age-old ploy by lawmakers to push aside more urgent legislative matters, e.g., relief of sky-high property taxes; providing more affordable costs of electricity; revamping runaway TxDOT; providing legislation to retract or modify the previous laws enabling deregulation of various industries [e.g., electric, communications, higher education, etc.]; stopping the diversion of state taxes, fees and penalties onto local government; halting the diversion of tax revenues to special interest issues [e.g., the gasoline tax revenue to higher education and DPS instead of to build and maintain our roadways]; etc., etc.

These are similar tactics to those used several years ago when the legislature was at a standstill as certain powers pushed for political party redistricting instead of working to resolve the more urgent and pressing issues.

It should come as no surprise that few of the urgent issues prevalent during the past 10 years have been resolved. During the past 7 years of various committees on financing public education we are no closer to an intelligent, reality-based solution on that urgent issue than we were before.

While we can blame both Democrats and Republicans for most of our ills in Texas remaining free from real resolutions, most of the finger-pointing may be directed at special interest Gov. Rick Perry and the GOP majority that has ruled both Texas legislative houses for the past decade.

Unfortunately for most Texans and their families, lawmakers seem to have forgotten how to perform their jobs to benefit the Texas community at-large rather than resorting to political games that seek to benefit the best interests of their respective wealthy campaign contributors, lobbyists and other special interests.

Only when voters/taxpayers become expressively and outwardly angry may we move forward to a new legislative forum, one in which lawmakers actually listen to and honestly view the needs of their constituents instead of permitting their own greed to lead them around by their noses in the directions dictated by their wealthy special interests. It is time to change that unconscionable political system!

Write letters, send emails and/or phone your Texas Senators and House of Representatives to change the decade-long partisan and special interest politics. If they don’t listen to you and create positive change, vote them out!


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