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Friday, December 8, 2023

Trying not to make blanket accusations against neither Jews nor Muslims without hiding from what is wrong

The blame game during these bad economic times is accelerating. It is not as bad as during the 30's when many felt they had to choose between Stalin or Hitler to save us from the evil financiers and/or foreigners that were causing the economic woe. Way before he was President, Truman was famous for saying when war first broke out between Hitler and Stalin, "If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany.” Today is the choice, blaming Jews in general vs praising Israel, condemning the Muslim religion vs claiming the al Qaeda threat is just hype or even,

The blame game during these bad economic times is accelerating. It is not as bad as during the 30’s when many felt they had to choose between Stalin or Hitler to save us from the evil financiers and/or foreigners that were causing the economic woe. Way before he was President, Truman was famous for saying when war first broke out between Hitler and Stalin, “If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany.”

Today is the choice, blaming Jews in general vs praising Israel, condemning the Muslim religion vs claiming the al Qaeda threat is just hype or even, like others claim as to 9/11, some sort of government plot? I think of course not, but casually in mid-sentence saying or writing what I think I shouldn’t — Or someone else claiming that there was prejudice in one direction or another in my blogging comments. Today I see much pressure to accept one or more extremist positions in explaining the world. There are hysterical accusations against the Israeli lobby’s supposedly overwhelming reach and there are hysterical pronunciations against Muslims. Some in the US want to blame illegal immigrants despite recently more Mexicans going back because they can no longer find work. A few like Rush Limbaugh manage to combine anger at Muslims and anger at immigrants in the same breath.

I personally think it is important to debunk the most ridiculous smears against Jews every time I criticize Israeli policy or the Israeli lobby. Such as that an Israeli missile stuck the Pentagon while the small hole due to secret fortification building techniques is far more logical.

Many when they criticize Muslims are careful to point out what they consider the few good ones. Some worried about History, especially in Germany, make a concerted effort to mix in condemning the Holocaust when they condemn Israel policy. Iran when it blames Israel in an overwhelming way is careful to treat Jews who happen to be born in Iran with respect, and lavishly praises any Jewish person who doesn’t think the state of Israel is some kind of righteous payback for the world allowing the Holocaust to happen. Al Qaeda on the Internet (and only in extremely few mosques) preaches in Arabic that America is to blame for the world’s woes, but in English preaches Israel is to blame. Moussaoui the 12th alleged 9/11 hijacker during his trial spent most of it condemning his Jewish lawyer and urging listening Americans to blame Israel for what’s wrong with the world. Imagine what would happen had Moussaoui been sentenced to death, and before he was to be executed, al Qaeda on the Internet beamed concrete details that would indicate he was in no way involved in the 9/11 attack. Al Qaeda after luring Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl to Pakistan, had him make a macabre Internet broadcast confessing of being part of a Jewish conspiracy, then beheaded him for the crime.

The following shows my so-called inconsistency. I think the way the US is joining Israel in ganging up on Hamas is very unfortunate and gives al Qaeda one of the now few recruiting tools it has left. However I think those who claim the only reason Obama is not willing to complain about what Israel is doing to Palestine is the power of the Israel lobby, is adding to the tension.

Any American president has to not only worry about the political power of the Israeli Lobby, but also how an intense public argument between Israel and the US would give rabidly antisemitic groups an opportunity to go very public with their smears of Jews, and groups like al Qaeda would add in pure anti-Semitic hate to the mix.

Hamas has made many attempts to be reasonable such as allowing Muslims to celebrate Valentines Day, unlike in Saudi Arabia. They at first cheered Obama’s Presidential campaign until he criticized them in response. They would love the US again if the US would shake their hand and forced Israel to allow food and supplies into the West Bank. When it first won an election in the West Bank, Hamas held to a self-proclaimed cease fire, until Israel felt it wasn’t breaking the cease-fire by assassinating Hamas leaders from the air.

However if Obama or a high US official shook Hamas’s hand, Saudi Arabia and Jordan would become extremely nervous because of Hamas’s past association with the Muslim Brotherhood which wants to overthrow the Saudi government. Hamas has been shooting totally inaccurate missiles that landed overwhelmingly on property not people. It’s so pathetic that an Israeli spy could have provided one or two almost toy missiles as a way to infiltrate Hamas. However, if Israel allowed ships to dock and unload in Palestinian waters, real missiles could be among the cargo and if not, Hamas would condemn Iran for being a hypocrite in their claims of support.

Anyway I think it is urgent that the US break the near slow starvation siege, but there are many reasons for Obama to hesitate doing this besides the fact that the Israeli lobby would retaliate.

Helen Thomas the renowned White House correspondent from United Press International, most of the 20th century decided to pop all the phony baloney at Obama’s press conference. In 2000 she quit UPI when Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s conglomerate bought it. Now Moon’s Washington Times sometimes quotes UPI as a reference source and UPI quotes the Washington Times for a reference source, throughout the years promoting horrible and penetrating smears at just the wrong moment.

Helen Thomas during the recent press conference asked Obama “if any Middle Eastern country possessed nuclear weapons” and in response Obama did a lot of hemming and hawing and didn’t answer the question. To some this turned into a heroic effort to stand up to “our Jewish masters,” and Rush Limbaugh lashed out at her for supposedly becoming senile, and urged that she be forced to retire.

Limbaugh works closely with the Religious Right, and the Religious Rights attempts to convince Jews that Armageddon believing Christians are Israel’s best friend. Jews in the US have traditionally opposed things the Religious Right wants such as Christmas pageants in schools, and most don’t go along with the Religious Right’s attempts to keep gays away from kids even their own offspring. Jerry Falwell and the Religious Right spend an awful lot of time publicly praising Israel as a gift from God to entice Jews to go along with their social agenda.

However the way Rush Limbaugh lashes out at “Evil Socialism destroying the US includes the two most prominent Jewish politicians, Alen Specter and Joe Lieberman. The Religious Right may shower Israel with love but many Israelis and many American Jews don’t appreciate insinuations of these two politicians as being evil socialists.

I’d like to see Obama proceed rapidly at closing Guantanamo and restoring civil liberties. However there are some pitfalls ahead. As soon as Obama announced that Guantanamo was going to be closed al Badawi announced he was appointed second in command in Yemen. He was released years earlier turned over by US to Yemen authorities to serve a death sentence, but escaped. Imagine all the anger at Obama Al Qaeda could stir up if al Qaeda will have managed in the future to make, a released US suspect a titular leader. In Afghanistan election workers disappear sometimes while they are home at night but in Iraq bin Laden instead on the Internet demanded that Iraqis not vote which not only led to extra voters but also deflected the peace movement’s claim that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with fighting terror. November 15, 2003, near the start of the Iraq war, a friend and I were watching on TV a live peace protest in Britain that seemed very inspiring to us, until the TV screen switched to a terror attack in Turkey. When the protest came back on the screen my friend blurted under his breath, “Why don’t they protest that.” When Abu Ghraib was on the news, then Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist held a press conference to discuss the additional photos Congress privately viewed and to call for bipartisan detention reform. But before he could finish a news bulletin cut him off the air announced that al Qaeda had posted Nick Berg being beheaded. Both bin Laden and Bush steered what they both said was the war between civilizations toward Iraq. Is it an accident that al Qaeda is heading us in a huge spending direction. Al Qaeda finds cheaper and cheaper ways of terrorizing people as are smart weapons keep getting more expensive.

Other factors we need to somehow deal with: The Israeli Lobby every time someone mentions al Qaeda they try to bring in Hamas, Hezbollah and until recently Wahhabi Muslims into the mix, making us unable to distinguish how extremely clever and patient bin Laden is, and how lumping them in with al Qaeda helps al Qaeda recruit.

Another factor as to why perhaps there was no al Qaeda attack domestically is because al Qaeda had none scheduled, and the US was ruining its intelligence gathering ability by finding plots that weren’t there.

After the 2001 9/11 attack, bin Laden vowed to have a huge followup that would drive US troops out of the Holy soil of Saudi Arabia, but US troops withdrew from Saudi Arabia in 2003. As US troops slowly withdrew private contractors took their place. Al Qaeda, smelling what it thought was a trick, attacked the contractors. Saudi Arabia is dependent on foreign workers even for household maids. Al Qaeda can no longer terrorize ordinary Saudis to look the other way to what it is doing and can’t gloat on driving the Americans away from Mecca. It was logical for al Qaeda to plan a terror attack in the US for when US troops returned to Saudi Arabia but the US never did. Bin Laden would also want to have sleeper cells waiting for US troops to mass into Pakistan. If bin Laden had no plans since 2001 to use airplanes the CIA just messing up its intelligence gathering ability finding such plots.

A site that thinks al Qaeda may be delaying an attack on the US rather than prevented from an attack on the US is,,0,469161.story
Something I wrote that was similar,

A suicide bomber is like a good spy they blend in. Al Qaeda wasn’t able to recruit plastic surgeons to give the 9/11 hijackers blue eyes and blond hair, but visiting whore houses and getting publicly drunk helped them blend in. In Iraq a retarded child or someone’s retarded mother was a remote-controlled suicide bomber. Thus ethnic profiling makes no sense against al Qaeda. The Cold War secrets are out Robert Hanson, whose cover was an Opus Day anti-communist nut, gave the USSR many secrets about US intelligence capabilities and who the US spys were. George Kovas who was born in the US returned to America with a real birth certificate and a phony US chemistry college degree, was drafted into the Army during World War II, and with his phony degree got assigned to working on the atomic bomb. One may think I am being far fetched to claim al Qaeda might be capable of such things but top al Qaeda leaders escaped from a US prison in Afghanistan with hundred of US soldiers near by,
A quote the above Washington Post article,”
“Even if those Arabs had wings, they should not have been able to escape,”

There are things governments can’t do because of moral restrains such as grabbing someone’s relatives and one by one, torturing then murdering them in front of the suspect that won’t talk. This is how Saddam got information.

The FBI had problems infiltrating the Mafia because part of a Mafia worker’s job is killing rivals and by not doing so an agent would blow his cover.

Because of moral constraints, Israel won’t ask Jews in Iran to become a spy but don’t mind asking members of the Bahai faith instead.

Bin Laden would like to have al Qaeda plants posing as terror experts even as part of the job getting Muslims hurt including in a crunch even capturing al Qaeda members to protect their cover and prove they are the experts to trust. The draft helped George Koval get access to the Atomic bomb,

If he applied for the job, without a draft, his fake chemistry college degree might have been exposed. If while he was working on the bomb if a coworker found out he had a fake degree it wouldn’t set off alarms because people do that all the time. Anyway with an Israeli birth certificate an al Qaeda member could go back and many years later make a mess out of Israel, showing off to Muslims desperate for a hero. But anyone who considers bin Laden and al Qaeda a hero would have to conclude that prophecy started up again in the 21th century. Prophet Mohammad’s words could never be twisted to approve of someone spending their life killing Muslims as a cover while preparing for a final terror attack to bring an enemy to its knees.

Before bin Laden, Elijah Mohammad saw it his goal to change Islam’s position in the world by creating a streamlined aggressively proselytizing version called the Black Muslims. It got many blacks to join and got many young whites to side with the Palestinians but instead of finally changing the world, true Muslims began to worry about heresy. The Black Muslims never tried to recruit pure Muslims. And when the ones who modified their belief system to deny that Elijah Mohammad was a prophet lost their ability to aggressively proselytize.

Anyway Obama is cornering al Qaeda. So instead of having sleeper cells plan over many years ideal attacks, al Qaeda may want action in a hurry. Meaning that al Qaeda will be about to be defeated might have final grossly macabre acts of terror will look like present US policy has failed, and the past Bush policy that allowed al Qaeda to breath made sense, instead of the US being lucky that far more overwhelming terror attacks didn’t occur years and decades from now.

One further point that I hope won’t be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Every time an election poles totally differed with election results people suspected fraud, with one exception, when Hamas out of nowhere won an overwhelming victory in Gaza. Under normal circumstance they couldn’t win because some of the Hamas candidates were in Israeli jails, and thus couldn’t come to Gaza to vote in the government assembly. Had there had been a tied government, the US would have put much pressure on the Israelis to cooperate with it. Remember George Bush pushed the election forward. I wish Peace Now in Israel would uncover the facts so the Palestinians can again have a united unity government like Israel prevented them from having, and the Palestinians had wanted.

The suffering of Palestinian is getting ever worse as circumstance gets in the way of adequately helping them. One possibility I would like to see is for Iran to give up its breeder nuclear generating program and give the US its missiles in exchange for the US for breaking the blockade of Cuba, ending the blockade of Hamas and the US putting pressure on Israel. That way a US-Israeli row would not be useful for al Qaeda to recruit anti Semitism with and the Israeli community would be more divided in response to US pressure.

Al Qaeda knows that Muslim banks are well managed and full of money to lend. Peace is the best way to prevent total economic collapse with perhaps Muslims starving a little less then the rest. Anyone approving of that state of affairs have to believe that prophecy didn’t stop in the 8th century but continues in the 21th Century.

Let’s have a peaceful world instead. Perhaps al Qaeda giving a glimpse of what absolute victory means with a winning team ready to remote control, suicide bomb, their own mother and kids and kill off their friends to provide cover, will show to the world it doesn’t actually want any final victory but prefers peace instead.

Please see,,

Sadly as a result of this above posting by me, conservative Jewish sites removed their extensive links around Dr. Fadl’s complaint about al Qaeda. It is unfortunate that his words aren’t being widely spread around, see,

by Richard Kane

Richard Kane before he became convinced that al Qaeda may very well succeed at destroying the world was petrified that the Moonies would thoroughly mess things up. And was harassed by them after writing “A Greedy Little Squirrel & Life Boat Ethics” about squirrels who hired nasty dogs to guard their nuts only to be eaten by the dogs.
The heaviest incident of Moonie harassment was more likely a drug addict couple who did extensive remodeling work very cheaply for his miserly landlord, trying to connive to get his fortune and didn’t appreciate Richard keeping and eye on things. Very loud noises, reflooring liquid in the hallway that looked like water, gageingly stinking of what smelled like nail polish remover and finally the smoke alarm appeared to be broken after he and the landlord went out of Richard’s apartment window to tar the corner of the roof overhang. Actually the smoke alarm was somehow replaced with a new one that looked old. Smoke alarms aren’t supposed to go off every time one cooks. Complaining on someone trying to get me to burn up in a fire, led mistakenly to the fire engines at 3 am coming to put out a fire and led me to get an official mark on my record as being paranoid.,

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