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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Time to remove a dictator

By DOUG THOMPSON Enough of this pussyfooting: It's time to impeach. Not just Bush: Bush and Cheney. Both belong behind bars, not just for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution of the United States but for war crimes and murder on an international scale. Try them in the Senate and then ship them to the Hague to be tried as war criminals and for the deaths of each American soldier and Iraqi civilian in their illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.


Enough of this pussyfooting: It’s time to impeach.

Not just Bush: Bush and Cheney. Both belong behind bars, not just for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution of the United States but for war crimes and murder on an international scale. Try them in the Senate and then ship them to the Hague to be tried as war criminals and for the deaths of each American soldier and Iraqi civilian in their illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

But let’s not stop there: Arrest Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as co-conspirators in a plot to destroy the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. Add, as fellow conspirators, every member of Congress who voted to authorize Bush’s dirty little war and who voted for the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act the fist time around and/or extension of that vile law the second time.

America is a country out of control, led by a government that doesn’t listen to its people. Bush, on national television Sunday night, admitted he doesn’t much care what the American people think about him or his war. He’s going to do whatever he damn well pleases because he knows no one has the power or the balls to stop him.

Sadly, he’s right. Bush consolidated his power by leveraging a shell-shocked, Republican-led Congress after 9/11 to give him everything he wanted. Democrats share the blame. Most of them also voted for the war and for the USA Patriot Act.

The Republican leadership may be gone but the Democrats who replaced them aren’t listening to the voters who put them into power. They talk lamely of non-binding resolutions against the war, hearings ad infinitum and the standard political rhetoric that has, for too long, replaced any real leadership in the halls of Congress.

The time has come to stop talking. The time has come to act. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must remove the shackles from her colleagues who want to impeach a President who has, with the help of Congress, overthrown the government of this country and established – for all practical purposes – a dictatorship that answers to no one.

If Pelosi refuses to act, then let her term as Speaker be a short one and put the reign of the party of the jackass into mothballs when our turn comes again at the ballot box. The Republicans failed and the Democrats seem destined to follow. Let’s scrap the two-party system in this country and look elsewhere for our leaders. Perhaps a third party or perhaps no party. The political system in America is an outmoded, scandal-ridden, corrupt dinosaur that no longer listens to the will of the people or cares a rat’s ass about the nation.

Bush must go. So must Cheney. And if the Congress won’t do the job, then they must go too.

The only real questions are how and how soon? Can Americans afford to wait until 2008 to lance the festering boils on the body politic?

I’m not sure we can.

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  1. Everytime I pictured Hussin with a noose around his neck, I saw Bush & Chaney next to him waiting their turn. I realize it was a dream but I can dream, can’t I? Rumsfelt, Rice, Rove, Libby and all the rest of the liars in this adminisration should have to answer to their actions in a way that it would drop them down to the lowest common denominator. It’s called lowdown acting.

  2. I’ve tried to be open minded when a situation comes up. I believe there are two side in any problem. The problem in this situation, there is no story to hear on bush’s side. There is very little support to what he is saying. Also, his problem is compounded by other events, being wrong or being secret. bush’s track record is far from the best. He is very short sighted, what is next when this plan fails? Do we send more troops? This was tried once before and it failed. The biggest problem is bush hinself. He refuses to listen to anyone else, he believes he is right. When did he go to West Point, Annapolis, what war was he involved with that qualifies him being correct? Did he play with Toy Soldiers on his bed and he won? He has reached the end of the line, Impeachment is the only way to stop him. It must be started very soon, before he starts talking about North Korea or Cuba, maybe both.

  3. Please don’t forget Alberto Gonzales and John Ashcroft. Ashcroft’s out of office, but he’s still responsible for the form and principles of the Patriot Act.

  4. Hey Chuck and R.T.

    The “idiots” are people like yourselves that are blind to reality. Yes, I am a conspiracy theory nut.

    The conspiracy of 911 was not produced by arabs from a cave in the middle east. It involves people in very high places who can manipulate administration, military, and most of all, the media. The 911 commission report looks like swiss cheese and is suitable for nothing more than butt wipe. The truth will come out in time, and you will be eating your hat and changing your attitude about who are the real idiots.

    Now, go to your room and be a nice boy. Uncle George will take care of everything. He loves children. He has no problem killing them, does he?


  5. It appears our new Democratic majority think the reasons they were elected to replace the Republicans was because the voters desired stem cell harvesting, minimum wage increases, and non-binding resolutions rather than a cessation of our occupation of Iraq, enforcement of immigration laws and a non-militarist foreign policy.

    It seems we have replaced the incompetent with the impotent.

    With the Presidential signing statements and his multiple circumventions of the Constitution, a Supreme Court that influences electon outcomes and creates new laws, a Congress that abdictates its war powers, violates ethics and fails to balance Presidential powers, a government that taxes, spends and creates money illegally, voters and government agencies that tamper with election returns and counts. Could it be that our great American republic experiment has failed and that a democracy can only work if you are in the majority?

  6. Thanks Doug for another “thoughtshot” across the bow of the dreadnought “Tyranny”…! Many folks have never contacted their duly elected reps either by snail mail, email, nor the phone. I do so to the point that I’m probably considered a pest, but I don’t care. I also visit them when they show up locally in my District and on occasion visit their offices. Participatory democracy at two/four years intevals via the ballot box is not enough. People must realize that they must be eternally vigilant and keep an eye on the folks they send to D.C., “pork be damned”. For the most part America’s “republicrats” have been selling us out in the interest of globalization and “corporatist” interests, which is a refined formed of “fascism”. Obviously we are long overdue for a viable third party in this country, but the media will do everything in it’s power to prevent such an event from happening. I’ll provide a link so folks can easily locate their duly elected reps for their Congressional district and State.

    When you call their offices you will generally get an aide to log your name and sentiments that will be passed on to your rep. Rarely if ever will the call go to an answering machine. Be persistent and articulate. Don’t threaten them with the fact that you might not vote for them in the event they don’t align themselves with your views, but remember how they’ve voted and vote them out if they continue to vote against the interests of the United States and it’s citizens. If they do so, they are traitors with an agenda, plain and simple…!

  7. What’s up with this Chuck character? He can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence yet calls others ‘idiots’. As far as being ‘open minded’, here’s one writer that is. Removing Bush throught the impeachment process, through resignation (a la Nixon) or through his arrest for treason by patriotic military officers would all be acceptable.

  8. Chuck–Calling people here idiots is NOT the way to get us to take you seriously at all.

    A lot of us here have been open minded for a long time. Chimpy has done NOTHING over the past 6 years to give us reason to continue to be open minded.
    Get a grip.

  9. “You People are Idiots. Everyone is always so one sided on each front. Try being a little more open minded to both sides of the spectrum. Yeah, I don’t agree with everything the administration has done, but I definately don’t repond uneducated as everyone here does.”

    Excuse me? Did you just call “everyone” here idiots in the same breath that you preached open-mindedness AND misspelled definitely?

  10. This sophomoric, looney tune slop helped put Bush in office for a second term. It makes him sound sane. “Civil War, get out of our way!,” etc. Great stuff! What should have happened, and what still needs to happen, is a sober, rational picking apart of the presumptions with which this administration has pressed forward. Instead, one hears moronic conspiracy theories and bloated, hysterical pronouncements that take no stock whatsoever of their consequences. This is the dumbed down ‘murkin culture in action. Pathetic! R. T.

  11. Dear Doug,

    Give the Democrats a little more time; to be successful impeachment needs time to build up a head of steam. The good news is that Bush the Lesser is doing his best to help it build, e.g. “60 Minutes.”

    Keep up the good work.

  12. You People are Idiots. Everyone is always so one sided on each front. Try being a little more open minded to both sides of the spectrum. Yeah, I don’t agree with everything the administration has done, but I definately don’t repond uneducated as everyone here does.

  13. Kent,
    I just fired up the oid SUV and drove the block and a half to the nearest grocery store.I needed…let’s see ..milk,and bread and toilet paper.Took me five minutes to find my car,seems everybody’s got a gray SUV.Waited five minutes before I could turn left out of the parking lot.Finally got back home,and a damn good thing too,all those exhaust fumes got my stomach a little queasy.Heading for the bathroom…Damn I forgot the toilet paper.
    Sorry Kent;about that sports page………
    David Williams

  14. These Congressional idiots (both parties) are sowing the seeds for a civil war in THIS country. I wonder what a military “strike” of the lets-refuse-to-work-unless-personally-attacked sort would do to the Hitler wannabe in the Oval Office. What could he do? Court-martial them all?

  15. I probably should have read all the comments ahead of mine so as not to be possibly redundant here.

    The Democrats will not do a thing to restrain bush except whine and moan and pass meaningless resolutions. They are content to allow Bush to destroy the Republican party in anticipation of a huge victory at the polls in ’08. Meanwhile thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis will die for nothing except a deranged dictator’s whim.

    As long as Bush is in power a nuclear war becomes more likely daily as he considers attacking Iran and possibly Syria.

    A national strike might have some real effect but that is never going to happen as long as we have cheap gas, milk, bread and toilet paper.

    Now pass me the sports page if you’re done with it. And remind me I gotta go put another coat of wax on the car. You know, really important stuff.

  16. The neocons knew that the people would end up very angry with the phoney war on terror and will be really pissed when 911 truth is finally exposed.
    That is where homeland security comes into the plan. Concentration camps are being built all over the country, many underground. These are for dissenters who use civil disobedience and demonstrations to protest this fascist takeover. Bush has stacked the deck with judges that allow his theft of america. Military law will be enacted and the game will be over for us. Take the microchip, get vaccinated, get in line, and shut up. Or go to prison with no rights like those at gitmo. Yes, it has become a police state with Bush/Hitler at the controls.




    Peace,Love and Justice,MUST PREVAIL!
    Jeannie King

  18. I agree with your sentiment, but I don’t see how Congress will ever impeach the majority of its members.


  19. As I’ve said on this list before, the Dems will do *NOTHING* that will leave them partially responsible for any mess, come the Pres election in 2008. There will be no cutoff of funding for Iraq, and there will be no impeachment.

    The only thing that could bring down this administration is if the real truth of 9/11 came out. Ooops … it’s been out for several years and it’s just too bizarre for most people to get their heads around. So, that won’t affect the administration, either.

    Guess this administration is safe until January 2009.

  20. The only impeachment that would turn us around would be to go after W’s whole team, at least Pres/VP. Better to consolidate behind that and not go after corporations and global economics right now. Later is sooner.

  21. The inner circle of organized crime (in the movies) takes a blood oath that they will assassinate even members of their own family should they betray the family.

    They wacked the Kennedys and Martin Luther King. They even wacked Wellstone.
    So what is the problem now? Still too much graft to be made in Iraq?

    My faith in rich common criminals is being sorely tested.

  22. It may be too late to impeach but it’s not too late for the military to arrest Bush and Cheney. That is what we should be hoping for – a military coup.

  23. The following went pretty well unreported by the MSM…..Late last week,W presided over a White House ceremony to posthumously award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Corporal Jason Dunham,who while serving in Iraq, threw himself on top of a handgrenade, giving up his own life and saving the lives of several other members of his patrol.

    The corporal’s mother was among the gathered attendees that included members of the administration and representatives of the military.W was doing the introductions and the”I appreciate” BS when he said,and I quote,”I appreciate the Chaplain for the Navy…excuse me,for the Marine Corps…I didn’t mean to insult you”..then went on with the introductions.

    How W can make lame jokes during such a solemn occasion is beyond belief.I believe this speaks volumes about the total disconnect that exists in W’s perceptions of life and the ugly realities that are a direct result of his horrible policies. W has never grown beyond the inconsiderate fratboy that views life with sarcasm and the arrogance that comes with being so wealthy and pampered and insulated.W has never suffered for any of his mistakes,and after a lifetime of having his ass covered by paid lackies and yesmen.he is not about to change his spots.The problem though,is now his mistakes kill thousands and creates suffering beyond measure.

    We as a nation and member of a world community cannot sustain this sociopathic jokester for another two years. W has shown us all how one man’s bad decisions,in just a couple of years, can squander more lives,more treasure,and more good will than many of us would have thought possible.
    It’s time to take it to the streets,and I, for one am more than ready.Mass civil disobediance worked in the sixties and early seventies.If we as a nation don’t do something very soon,we will go dowm in history the same way as so many “good”Germans did after World War Two.Of course,it will be harder for us to claim”But sir,we just did not know what was going on”. We will not be believed nor should we be.
    David Williams in Western N.C. ready and willing.

  24. Take a pill guys. Pelosi and all the Dems voted for the war and the Patriot Act. Should they impeach each other? Government is about maintaining power, not serving the republic.

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