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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Don’t mess with Tucker Carlson’s ego

In this week's "don't mess with me because I think I'm somebody" department, we consider the antics of MSNBC's pundit wannabe Tucker Carlson.

In this week’s “don’t mess with me because I think I’m somebody” department, we consider the antics of MSNBC’s pundit wannabe Tucker Carlson.

Charles Williamson, an employee working at Potomac Video in Washington blogged about Carlson renting a video and got fired for doing so.

Carlson claimed he feared for the safety of his family and sent his lawyer to talk to the video store after he went to see Williamson and demanded the post be removed, saying “if you keep this shit up I will fucking destroy you.” Williamson removed the post but Potomac Video fired him anyway, claiming Carlson threatened to sue if they did not take action. So Williamson restored the post and other blogs have picked up the story.

Carlson said he was afraid the blogger would report where he lived. For the record, here’s a photo of Carlson’s house. , in Washington’s Kent neighborhood and which he paid a tidy $3.8 million.

We’re not surprised by this. We’ve known Carlson for several years and he’s an arrogant, self-important little shit who gives new meaning to “narcissist.”

By the way, Tucker, if you keep this shit up you might find that we will fucking destroy you. You’ve been warned.

29 thoughts on “Don’t mess with Tucker Carlson’s ego”

  1. OK, I’m laughing my ass off right now. This is the most fun I’ve had reading since the time somebody showed me the U-Tube replay of Jon Stewart shaming Tucker on CNN.

    So now what? He gets let go from CNN after Stewart exposes how worthless he is, only to go to MSNBC? And don’t forget that little out-of-place stint he had on PBS, when they got termporarily high-jacked by Bush. How do guys like this get these jobs? Is it that hard to find good neocon help these days?

  2. WayToGo, CHB. If more people knew what pathetic losers the people behind the MSM were (are) they would already be f*ing destroyed! Oh well, better late than never. Off with their (moronic) heads!

  3. Has no one seen the irony? He threatens violence because he doesn’t want violence? Sounds like he’s been watching too many Bush reruns on the Iraq war. What is it they say? “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

  4. I’ve heard the name but, never have I seen or heard him. It is unfortunate but, he is a celebrity, in the public eye. If he gives out his address and phone number, he will get this sort of thing, unless he believes everybody loves him. He’s fair game as any other person on TV or Movies.
    The person that posted the threat, was wrong. There are other things one can do or say if you want a reaction.

  5. Gee…..Tucker Carlson? All I can think about, the few times I catch him on the idiot box, is how silly that is that goofy piece of wool, or fur or whatever it is on top of that chrome dome of his. Carlson must have a ace up his sleeve, because he definately is not the most astute rightwing nut case out in tv land. lol

  6. This guy, Coulter, Hannity, Rush, O’Reilly, etc. – these people are dangerous dangerous individuals. And yes if he is so afraid for his family then he needs to not rent movies, rather go buy them and with his money he sure could afford to do so. What a jerk.

  7. I watched Dancing With the Stars. Tucker was really, really bad. If he hadn’t been kicked off the first show, I would have had to question the voting.

  8. Why are we stuck with rich media fools with lower middle class values? Maybe it is because only the lower middle class can sit tight through all the pandering ads.

  9. The only reason Tucker is seen at all is that he is on before and after Chris Matthews on the east coast. Here Tucker is on at 4:00; Chris at 5:00; Tucker (repeated) at 6:00; and Chris (repeated) at 7:00.
    If Tucker is so concerned about his privacy, he certainly shouldn’t rent movies at a video store. Hasn’t he ever heard of NetFlix?

  10. Tucker Carlson is full of hate and stupidity. If networks would not let people like this on TV or the radio they would have to crawl back under the rock they came from. Right along with the idiots that listen to them.

  11. Tucker Carlson is not the worst media pundit around. I feel that honor should go to the evil Ann Coulter. But he’s bad enough. I was happy to hear that he was the first celebrity booted off of Dancing With the Stars last season. For all I know, his dancing may have actually been okay, as I never watch the show. I’m just happy that others dislike him as much as I do.

  12. Ever notice how many of the rightwing talking heads fit the description of arrogant, egotistical, narcisstic, self-righteous, overbearing blowhards? Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity to name a few. Do they go to school for that does it just come naturally?

    I actually don’t find Tucker as obnoxious as the afore mentioned, but that’s a high bar. In the reported incidence, Tucker may have justified concerns about his family’s safety. I can understand that.

  13. I wonder what Carlson’s relationship is with that guy on his show – Willie something-or-other. Willie is so “star struck” by Carlson that it is laughable – and Carlson’s rapport with Willie is such that I’ve often wondered what the true nature of their “relationship” might be… Watch them – I think that they are in love ! Is his name Willie Geist ?

  14. “We will (expletive deleted) destroy you?”

    This on a ‘story’ with no byline? I expected more from CHB.

    Yes, Tucker is nearly as much an idiot as are Rush, Sean, Bill and the other girls……but physical threats? No.

    Rants should be labeled as such.

  15. What a complete ass this putz is–I sometimes watch his show while waiting for Olberman, Scarborough & Mathews and many a time I’ve wondered to myself what he must have been like in high school–the image I formulated coincides perfectly with the eyewitness report provided above. He’s an insufferable ego maniac/pathetic loser–anyone catch his “dancing with the stars” fiasco? What a nerd! No doubt he skeeved out his dancing partner–as far as him having to have “something” to be at MSNBC, I’d guess some older exec there thought that Tucker could reel in the younger, 21-32 year old “informed but hip” viewers…bad call, older, out of touch, exec dude–just the opposite–but when we do happen to catch him, we all laugh at Tucker ‘cuz he is such a weenie!

  16. As much as I dislike Tucker Carlson…somebody is buying into his nonsense.

    Carlson is as vulnerable as the next TV personality to be cancelled. What keeps the guy on the air? Must be he’s established a market for his STUFF, whatever that is.

    If Tucker wasn’t getting the bills paid with an appreciable size audience, he’d be gone in a heartbeat.

    Yes, he’s been described as a pompus, narcissistic, arrogant, ….yadda, yadda, yadda (and I agree), but he’s doing something right whether or not you or I like him.

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