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Monday, February 26, 2024

Same game, same results, same madness

By DOUG THOMPSON Football metaphors flew the air Wednesday night following President George W. Bush's latest attempt to save his failed Iraq invasion: a "hail Mary pass" or "a draw play on fourth and long" or even "a desperate gamble for the end zone." NBC's Tim Russert tried a gambling analogy. "I said last year that the President was taking a big gamble," Russert said. "Now he's doubled down."


Football metaphors flew the air Wednesday night following President George W. Bush’s latest attempt to save his failed Iraq invasion: a “hail Mary pass” or “a draw play on fourth and long” or even “a desperate gamble for the end zone.”

NBC’s Tim Russert tried a gambling analogy.

“I said last year that the President was taking a big gamble,” Russert said. “Now he’s doubled down.”

You can draw many analogies out of what Bush said in his disjointed, rambling speech to the nation but a reasonable person can come to only one conclusion: The President of the United States has run out of excuses, options or rationalizations for a failed, ill-conceived, illegal and immoral action that will go down in history as a massive political and military debacle.

After opening with a rare admission of fault, saying “where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me” Bush lapsed into his usual swashbuckling style: Hinting at future military action against Iran and Syria, claiming he can win a war that can’t be won and showing his always-callous disregard to the men and women who must die because of his lunacy. And he really only admitted one “mistake”: Not deciding earlier to send more American troops to die in his war based on lies.”

He tried to suggest that the American presence in Iraq is not a permanent one but he’s lying to even hint at such things because his plan all along has been to establish a permanent U.S. presence in the Arab world. He tried to suggest the American people still support his insane actions, saying the Iraq government will lose public support in our country is they don’t step up and assume more responsibility for their own future.

Does this madman really believe anyone swallows such bullshit? Every poll shows the only thing lower than the American public’s lack of faith in Bush’s irresponsible handling of his Irag debacle is the knowledge that the puppet government of Iraq will never, ever, be able to assume responsibility for its own security.

Bush says more U.S. soldiers must die in a vain attempt to stop sectarian violence in Baghdad’s neighborhoods without once acknowledging that our illegal invasion of that country created that violence. He talks about the terrorist breeding ground that Iraq has become without admitting he created that breeding ground and fostered an increased rapidly-escalating hatred of the United States throughout the Arab world.

The President’s irresponsible actions leaves the United States today under more threat of attack from terrorists, less secure than it was before the 9/11 terror attacks and hated and reviled on the world stage.

He is regarded throughout the world as an international war criminal, leading a bullying nation that fosters unrest and threatens peace on a global scale.

Although he announced his plans last night, his “troop surge” is already underway. First elements of that increase left for Iraq before the end of last year and more will follow.

Democrats talk of passing a resolution opposing the troop surge while admitting such a resolution would be meaningless. The lackluster response by Democrats to the President’s imperial plans is almost as pathetic as Bush’s bluster.

Instead they will talk, and hold hearings, and pontificate, and wring their hands in despair while more Americans die.

Too many more Americans will die but – like the 3,019 who have perished already – even one more death in Iraq is one too many and more blood on the hands of George W. Bush and anyone who follows, or continues to allow, his madness.

42 thoughts on “Same game, same results, same madness”

  1. Well, it’s obvious now that Bush plans to widen the war to Iran and Syria. This clod is a war criminal! Impeach him! Before he manages to make himself dictator for life! Impeach!!!

  2. Kent, you are so right, they’re all in it together and all getting away murder.
    Pray for peace within, evil men will soon cease to exist, period.

  3. Clinton was impeached because he lied about a blowjob. What a convenient cover of distraction while he was giving the country away to the globalists. Its no wonder Slick Willie and Poppy have become such good friends; they’ve always been on the same team. Domestic national politics is just a big show, just window dressing for the dumb sheep.

    IMPEACH NOW? Yeah, sure, like thats gonna happen. The greedy treasonous multinationals OWN the house and senate.

  4. And by the way, if the newies insist on likening the character [and autrosities] of Bush with the useage of football metaphors, then let’s not insult the venerable institution of football by implying that his antics are in any way close to resembling his being a ‘first stringer.’ He is, in point-of-fact and at best, a ‘third string bench boy.’

    And those androids in Congress and the Senate are essentially no better.

    May GOD Bless and protect this great and honorable nation!

    Thanks again.

  5. Okay….okay….Bush is a nut case. So what else is new?!

    BUT…is anyone discussing who the REAL instigators of America’s nosedive really are? Of course not, that’s too straight forward. So, we just keep leading each other around the dance floor while the DC band plays on in that monotonous, droning atypical cadence we’ve all come to know and accept.

    For the love of God, people, hike up your pajama bottoms and get some real dialouge going about the REAL ISSUES!! FOCUS on the real instigators – from Europe and Britain – and then the scales will fall from your eyes. You already KNOW who and what Bush is, so fugedaboutit, stop beating that moron even further into the ground and FOCUS your efforts on what is really going on.

    Please start doing this – we’re running out of time to counter the horrors to come.

    Thank you.

  6. To paraphrase Barry Goldwater during his failed 1964 presidential campaign: “…at some point in the future, the US must entertain the thought of invading a Middle Eastern nation to ensure our future energy needs…”

    The Dumbya just happened to be crazy enough to execute the plan.

  7. What should be happening at this very moment is that both pathetic parties in congress should be starting Impeachment, boot this bozo out of office before he does more damage to our country.

    But all they do is put on a show for all of us by talking us to death and nothing else. they are just as much to blame for what has happened as bush.

  8. I say let Bush & Cheney be the ones to go to Iraq They can take their guns (Bush the gun of Saddams that he’s so proud of & Cheney the gun he shot his friend Harry Wittington with)..let them check the deadly areas out, put on flack jackets & helmets and knock n doors, and dodge the car bombs from the insurgents. Of course, I will be very disappoited if they don’t get killed or maimed after all, since neither of them or their cohorts have had any military experience, I would want them to know what real war is..they are deserving of the entire experience !

  9. Doug… you need to keep preachin’ preacher! I’ve followed blue since early in 2003/2004, and I can say that you have some excellent resources. Not only are you rarely ever wrong, you usually present the information in a simple, no holds barred style that is easy to read and even easier to digest.

    You have no intention of keeping the truth from Americans who want to know. I myself have never been a Dem or a pub’, but always thought of myself as an honorable American.

    I served under the first wave of Bush idiocy in the Gulf, poisoned by DU and God only knows what else… it truly pains me to see more of our brother service-people suffer while this idiot, (Duuubbbyyyaaa…), plans how destroy America even further. Corrupt and dismantle our Constitution,(For the People… idiot!), piss on our civil liberties, kill thousands of Americans, and yet can smile and say the best is yet to come…

    I applaud the use of War Powers Act, but I would prefer to see the scum-bags who did this share So-damn-insane’s neck stretchin’…

    Semper Fi…

  10. I wonder how it feels to be the most reviled man on the face of the Earth. I heard that Barney bit him last night after his speech.

  11. For the last several weeks, W claimed that he was studying the Iraq report and considering his options and needed more time to do further study and consultations on the weighty issues. Instead W has been a busy little beaver. Regardless of the buffalo chips he gave the American people for his delay in revealing his grand new plan for Iraq, W apparently decided from the get-go to send more troops into Iraq.

    W postponed speaking to the American people so that he could get the extra troops in there before anyone could put up roadblocks to stop it (like the U.S. Congress). So now instead of announcing a major policy change, he presents it to the American people as a fait accompli to the people. What a sorry, imperious, callous, evil little man.

    I hope Americans never forget that they got the president and vice president they voted for, and that the entire nation will suffer for generations from electing this blue-ribbon incompetent, fanatical, arrogant, war-loving and power-hungry madman duo(Bush + Cheney).

    It was no secret in 2000 that the arrogant, fanatical, incompetent Bush had a screw loose when he ran for president in 2000 and that Cheney was a war-mongering fanatic willing to promote war to promote his military-industrial buddies.

  12. All hail to the Delusionist in Chief!

    Bush is like someone who starts a bar-room brawl then sneaks out the side door. Then while the fighting rages, he comes to the front door and acts like he doesn’t know what has happened.

    Many of us told the war zealots among us that an invasion of Iraq would end up being a disaster. That’s exactly what has happened. Bush doesn’t even know that we have already lost, and it seems like he really doesn’t even care.

    What a loser we have for a president. Hopefully, this country is strong enough to survive him.

  13. Pauld Craig Roberts sums it up best in a recent article at:

    “Bush is like Hitler. He blames defeats on his military commanders, not on his own insane policy. Like Hitler, he protects himself from reality with delusion. In his last hours, Hitler was ordering non-existent German armies to drive the Russians from Berlin.”

  14. Last night, Bush sent US forces to attack the inviolate territory of a foreign diplomatic mission, the Iranian mission in northern Iraq – legally, the land of a foreign nation – and took the Iranians hostage. This is illegal under international law and is an act of war. It is clear that Bush wants to provoke a war with Iran, either by forcing Iran to strike back, or by discovering “secret Iranian diplomatic documents” that would prove their complicity in helping the insurgents in Iraq. I repeat! This is an act of war to complement his escalation of the Iraq “war”. So, it must be clear why a carrier group was moved into place near Iran. If both Iraq and Iran flare up, what is left? Yes…think nuclear strikes. He’s been itching to throw some nukes…we have so many. Plenty to spare.I, and probably thousands of other people, have thought of a way to end this madness. Unfortunately I cannot discuss it unless I would like the undivided attention of the FBI and the secret service. I’m happy at being retired and screaming my bloody head off at Bushite’s madness.

  15. The national and international nightmare Mr. Bush has plunged us into has quite a ways to go before it is done.
    After this latest undermanned attempt at establishing order in Iraq has failed,(and it must, for it is based on the premise that the warring Iraqi factions will unite), what next? Containment of the Iraqi civil war is the obvious choice, but wouldn’t that mean initiating talks with all the regional powers in the area who stand to lose from the violence spilling over into their countries? Mr. Bush doesn’t want to do this. He can only contemplate negotiating with Iran and Syria (nevermind Turkey, Saudia Arabia, the Gulf States, etc) after the Iraqi crisis is under control because then he would be negotiating from a position of strength.
    But we won’t be able to control the situation in Iraq.
    Isn’t this Catch22 or something similar? I need to do B because A won’t work but I can’t do B they way I’d like to until I’ve accomplished A.

  16. Congress has the power to pull the plug on the Bushistas, but seem to be dragging their feet because of their obsession with upcoming elections rather than doing what’s necessary and right. They have all the power they need under the War Powers Resolution Act of 1973 to stop this conflict by defunding and de-authorizing the use of force in Iraq; Bush be damned. They did so in Somalia and can do it now. Yes, Bush is the Commander in Chief, but that’s about it and if they de-fund and de-authorize; then he fails to obey Congress, they can have the Supreme Court issue an arrest warrant for contempt of Congress and have Bush slapped in cuffs just like a common criminal with impeachment to follow. I think the U.S. Marshals Service would enjoy making the arrest. He’s not a “dictator for life” yet, although he seems to think so!

    Btw Nixon veto’d the passage of the War Powers Resolution 73 but was overridden by a 2/3rds majority of Congress. If Congress really cares about our men and women being needlessly in harms way then they need to do what is necessary and use the power of this act.

  17. Metaphors? What metaphor will turn a bloody wad of rags back into a baby? How many linear feet of metaphor does it take to stop a bullet?

    Let us refrain from metaphor, and distrust those who use them.

    Bush and Cheney are traitors, and are probably proveable agents of a forign government, Saudi Arabia. This war benefits no one else.

    They are willing to kill tens of thousands of people, destroy the American Constitution, and change the climate of the world in order to keep their oil profits flowing.

    What do you suppose would be the proper penalty for such a list of crimes?

  18. With this whole Oedipal thing going between Poppy and Junior there is always the chance of family violence. Aside from that maybe a national strike would send a message. How does one organize a national strike. Anyone out there from France? How do you guys make that happen?

  19. I kept hearing – leading up to the speech, and even now afterwards in your rant, Doug – that Bush was going to admit to making a mistake.

    He never did.

    His “where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me” line is another way of saying “other people screwed up, but being so magnanimous and with such awesome power, I’ll bear the weight of their mistakes on my shoulders”. It’s the line of a paranoid individual who STILL feels that the world and fate are not only contesting him in every action, but heaping expectations of (in his mind) unwarranted responsibilities on him to boot.

    Such blatant indications of his disconnection with reality telegraph a warning message that gives us no excuse to expect anything different than we’ve seen from him in the past 6 years. Let’s not act surprised now.

  20. I hope and pray that all the idiots that voted for Bush and Republicans are happy. They are the ones that are really the blame. This country and the world cannot take anymore family values from the Republicans.

  21. Good morning Doug,
    After W made his speech I printed out the transcript.I’ve read it very carefully about half a dozen times and except for the bit about the patriot missiles,I can find nothing that has not been rehashed several times each year that this foolish and illegal war has been waged.I thought the biggest story coming from last night’s list of lies was W’s rather surpring(to me at least)militancy towards Iran and Syria.He almost admitted that he plans to engage the two countries that the ISG reccomended that he engage.Of course that group counciled the use of diplomacy and I don’t think that is what W has in mind.
    Once again,the master of innuendo managed to mention 911 and Iraq in consecutive sentences.W never passes up an opportunity to appeal to the worst part of our human nature.Middle Eastern?They all look the same,right.
    God,I wish there was some way of stopping this lunatic.Not one more American casualty!Not one more heartbroken family member,not one more child left with only one parent.
    I don’t know what good it will do but I’m sending more letters to my newly elected Democratic Congressman and various other members of the House and Senate.
    I love this site and really enjoy the give and take of the comment sections but there must be some more meaningful and immediate way to slow down and stop this death machine.I’m grateful Doug that you have formed the Campaign for Our America and certainly hope that you receive enough support that we will be able to affect some small change for the better.
    It is so f…. frustrating though to know with absolute certainty that more good and patriotic Americans will be butchered and more hearts will be broken to serve the demented idiots that started this disaster.I want it to stop today!
    David Williams

  22. ok,we’re talking oil here,so i will add something.i make my living now as a trader,one of those folks who sit in front of thier computer and try to take more money out of the market than the market takes from me-pure capitalism,and the most nerve racking job i’ve ever done(and the hardest,but i seem to be good at it,other than needing lots of tums by the screen).

    so here’s how gas prices were lowered before the election.the new head of treasury was the CEO of GS(Goldman Sacks).after he went into the white house,they changed the GS commodity index-something that funds HAVE to follow,and that triggers the hot hedge fund money to move.they cut the weight in the index for gas from around 8% to around 3%,and unprecedented % change,and that FORCED selling of futures gas contracts,forcing the gas price down.

    they are using the GS commodity index to force money out of certain commodities to force selling and lower prices short term.neat trick to get GS to do the white houses bidding isn’t it?now there is some illeagle market manipulation for you…….

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