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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The increasing madness of King George

Just when I think President George W. Bush's hypocrisy or madness can't get any worse he proves me wrong. On Wednesday, in both an Op Ed column in The Wall Street Journal and an appearance in the White House Rose Garden, Bush told Congress to cut out the pork and balance the budget. Say what? Where the hell has this guy been for the last six years when Congress loaded up every spending bill it passed with massive pork barrel projects and sent the budget deficits to record levels?

Just when I think President George W. Bush’s hypocrisy or madness can’t get any worse he proves me wrong.

On Wednesday, in both an Op Ed column in The Wall Street Journal and an appearance in the White House Rose Garden, Bush told Congress to cut out the pork and balance the budget.

Say what? Where the hell has this guy been for the last six years when Congress loaded up every spending bill it passed with massive pork barrel projects and sent the budget deficits to record levels?

Oh, I forgot. That was a Republican Congress. Now that Democrats are in control, the President whose illegal war in Iraq sent the federal budget deep into the hole and the same President who sat on his butt while Congress spent itself into oblivion funding that war and handing out the pork suddenly wants fiscal responsibility?

American voters may be dumb but they ain’t that dumb.

If just about anyone else sat in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue you might feel some sympathy but Bush generates too much disgust to feel sorry for him. Besides, my granddaddy always said that if you want sympathy you can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

Political cartoonists nailed it when they started portraying Bush as Alfred E. Neumann, the “what-me-worry” caricature from Mad Magazine. This man carries clueless to new heights. Next week he will launch a new campaign to send more American troops to their deaths in Iraq, oblivious to an American public that no longer supports his failed and lies-based invasion of that country and seemingly unaware of the fact that even members of his own party will vote against such actions in both the House and Senate.

Bush is no longer just a deer frozen in the middle of the road, mesmerized into a trance by oncoming headlights. He’s a deranged idiot, a mental midget whose frail grasp on reality has long since broken and whose descent into madness continues in front of a disbelieving world that cannot comprehend it is watching a full-phase meltdown of the leader of what was once the greatest nation on earth.

Fellow Republicans call him deranged and delusional. Historians say his acts as President border on criminal. Psychiatrists call him a dry drunk who has lost touch with reality. Things have gotten so bad that a Los Angeles Times editorial likened the White House to an episode of The Twilight Zone and commentator Marty Kaplan suggested it might be time for a military coup to seize power from Bush, ala the movie Seven Days in May, the movie with a screenplay written, ironically, by Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling.

Short of turning the American government over the Pentagon, what do we do about Bush? Some still call for impeachment but the new Democratic leadership of Congress has backed away from that idea and, from a political point of view, impeachment is a pipe dream because the Dems don’t have enough votes in the Senate to convict him anyway.

Yet Bush is far too dangerous to allow him to remain in office for another two years. His detachment from reality increases daily and, with it, his madness. The Constitution allows his removal from office for mental incompetence if enough members of the Cabinet agree but that also is a political impossibility.

Hello, operator? Connect me with the Pentagon.

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  1. Here’s an idea: announce to the world that if the Iraqis will stop fighting for 30 days, we will packup our toys and leave. Of course they would have wait til we left to start killing each other again. If they really want us to leave, they would do it.

    Then we could move all the troops and equipment to Afganistan where they are really needed to help harvest the poppy fields.

  2. I’ve always wondered how the men of the Roman Senate could allow Caligula to put his horse in charge and do nothing about it. Now I know how.

  3. Doug,

    I would cancel that call to the Pentagon if I were you.

    Surely you haven’t forgotten the false flag operation of 9/11.

    They Pentagon would triple our taxes and outsource running of the country to the likes of Halliburton and The Carlyle Group. Schools would be turned into weapons plants and your Grandma would be folding bandages.

    I, too, would like nothing more than to see impeachment of the Evil Emperor. But sometimes you have to pick your battles. Restoration of the balance of power is critical in the coming months. A bitter impeachment fight will polarize the parties and bring Congress to a standstill. Right now, Congress needs to effectively deal with other problems.

    To truly effect change, you would have to nail both Bush and Cheney. That could take a year or more, and cost the taxpayers a few zillion dollars. Then, they would claim the God-given power to pardon each other.

  4. I’d lay even odds that Cheney has already had a heart replacement during one of his many extended visits to “undisclosed locations”.

    What we need is a public debate between Keith Olberman and GWB. That could prompt a public Bush mental meltdown AND a massive Cheney heart attack or stroke. Not that I would wish anyone ill or anything.

  5. The Comic Karmic Dream

    His Majesty chokes on a pretzel and due to a lack of oxygen to his pea brain he is “officially” declared a vegetable.

    Cheney is led from his bunker to be sworn, but do to his fear of “sunshine” he has a massive heart attack and is unable to serve.

    Hello President Pelosi!

  6. In response to Janice, how do we take the nuke keys away from him before we cart him off (like taking the keys away from a drunk… only worse!).

  7. I believe anyone doing what Bush is doing has to be crazy. However, if there is actual, solid proof – behavior in private, etc., then maybe it’s time to show it to the public. If the man is certifibly insane, then lets produce the goods and cart him off to the big house.

  8. We apparently have some good thinkers on this blog. Impeachment is out! It would look like a reaction to Clinton’s impeachment. what I would like to see is a full-blown investigation on all information before, during and after 9/11 including those French memos that they had to prove Bush knew about 9/11 long before it happened. If we can prove without a shadow of a doubt that Bush was responsible for all 3000 deaths, we could request that he, Cheney and Rice simply pack up a go away or face criminal charges. We do not need any more violence over this issue.

    Mob rule is not the answer and our Pentagon may have been also involved in 9/11 and are better left alone.

    Let’s bring his crap to a halt! We have bills to pay and some healing to do. We have some new ideas for government to debate. Don’t forget “Our Campaign for America.”

  9. I meant to say ” … much of the top brass are NOW evangelical christians.” Geeeeez… “now” changes the whole meaning. NOW, I meant to say NOW.

    mumble… mutter…

  10. It could play out like this. Remember that Ford pardoned Nixon not just for things we knew he did but for things that he may have done that had not yet come to light. SO… Bush pardons Cheney and the rest of his staff for known and unknown offenses. Then Bush resignes, making Cheney the president. Cheney pardons Bush for known and unknown offenses. And yes, the Dems do nothing. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN ON THE DEAL. And yes, a military coup would be disastrous, even though in the past I have myself suggested that as a solution. But that was before I realized that much of the top brass are not evangelical christians. We’re screwed, blued, and tattooed any way you look at it. Maybe I should move to Paraguay.

  11. Balance the budget? Pork? (Beans?) Let’s see, now. One, maybe two, three. Vetos I mean. Last six years? Something like that? I wonder how many presidential (yes, with a lower case p) pens will be emptied on vetos in the coming two.

  12. Turn the Executive Office over to the pentagon? Really?

    If you think Bush and Pat Robertson are nuts, you should stand back and take a closer look at the Pentagon staff. Two more years of these present traitors are far preferable to a nightmare scenario of martial law.

    Then, truly, our Constitution would become a “scrap of paper.”

    On a related subject, does anyone know why Tony Snow is never asked, by our friends in the media, about the 104-acre “embassy” in Iraq, or the detention camps being built right here in the USA?

  13. Is it possible for Bu$h to pardon himself before he leaves office? I’m sure Dick Cheney thinks he has that power. Nobody has tried it yet but watch and see if he doesn’t get impeached, Bu$h pre-pardons himself, DC, Rumsfield, and the whole “family”. Watch the Dems just cry and let it all go away…

  14. First of all, Mr. (They don’t call him ‘Dick’ for nothing) Cheney has already been ruling the roost. You don’t really think Waldo could dream up this stuff on his own – do you?

    Secondly, Impeachment? Congress has already shown that they don’t have the guts to folow through, so what makes you think that it would fly this time? By the time it would come to fruition, Junior may have already departed for Paraguay, where many former Nazi’s may have found shelter. Hahahahahaha! God save us all from this insanity.

  15. “Some still call for impeachment but the new Democratic leadership of Congress has backed away from that idea and, from a political point of view, impeachment is a pipe dream because the Dems don’t have enough votes in the Senate to convict him anyway.”

    I suspect that if Congress bothers to do real investigation and Impeachment proceedings, Bush’s ratings will be low enough that a significant percentage of Republicans (those up for re-election in 2008) will seriously consider conviction.

    In any case, I think that Impeachment is the right thing to do. The only other options to get him out of office are either waiting 2 years, convincing him to resign, or illegal.

  16. Dear Doug, if I remember correctly impeachment of Tricky Dick was not a sure thing until after the hearings converted enough Senate R’s to pass the word that they were going to vote in favor. I say let the hearing begin. That will happen when we D’s find our spine. Here’s hoping.

  17. Did you know that all the money consfigated from wage earners illegally just goes to service the debt owed to the federal reserve. The fed prints money from thin air, then loans it to the government and WE pay the interest on the money from nothing. Nice racket they set up in the new deal.

    Bush is untouchable, above the law. He appointed the judges and they owe him. Bush passed the laws that prevent his indictment for war crimes, past and future. He IS EVIL and he IS DANGEROUS. The next two years are not going to be any better, likely worse, much worse.


  18. You’ve got to wonder just how long the U.S. military will just sit and take orders from Bu$h and Cheney. They’re about ready to get “stabbed” again over Iraq when Bu$h will make Casey the current scapegoat over the Iraq debacle. Casey claims he is doing what he thought Bu$h wanted him to do. How much of this will our military take?

    At least recently some retired generals started speaking out. They need to speak louder and longer. Obviously nobody is listening to the general population, except for the 30% of us that are still moron-bots.

  19. I think the next President needs to borrow a page from President Ford’s book and begin his/her inaugural speech with, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over…”

  20. All the reading this week about Ford pardoning Nixon and cutting deals in the back rooms. The conclusion is that the Demo’s have been screwed by the Repub’s.
    These deals screwed Clinton after he let slide GHW Bush off on the Iran-Contra scam.
    Clinton not being very honest in many of his dealings was at least trying to get things done for America. This is of course my own opinion about Clinton and his gang of theives, but at least he had balenced the budget and many people were working.
    And that being said what else can be said and done but keep us making money. The Repubs spent millions of dollars with there bullshit investagations of White Water and whatever Clinton’s did while governer of Arkansas.
    Politics are a dirty game and the Repubs showed there true colors through and through when it came to sticking to the deals that they broke with the Dems.
    Personally I think we should dredge up the Iran-Contra scandel and the Savings and Loan scandel, and every scandel the Repubs have gotton away with since they have been in power.
    So as American’s we should look very closely at the violations of the CONSTITUTION wheather by Dems or Repubs there have been direct violations of this document. And of course IMPEACHMENT is on my table, looking directly at the outing of Palme, that was ignored during this past year of lies and distortations.

  21. No surrender to France, they never win. Let’s declare war on Vietnam again and surrender. They know how to win.
    This is Bush’s Tet Offensive, his Battle of the Bulge, his last gasp for Victory and attempt to justify that grandstand play with the tight flight suit on the deck of the aircraft carrier and the banner that read “Mission Accomplished”
    When this fails, if the Congress allows it to happen (and I suspect that they won’t have the guts to stop it–for I believe that they are filled with hot air rhetoric, and their hands are already grabbing all they can as fast as their greed allows[what,me a skeptic?])I forsee a Bush retreating to the Crawford Ranch much more often, Cheney more and more in obvious control of the government, and general stalemate in Congress. Not a pretty scenario, but I’m moving to Asia to watch their fireworks close up and ours at a distance. Perhaps I can get a more objective perspective from afar…

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