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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Petty, pandering partisans

A bunch of petty Democratic partisans got their tighty-whities in a bunch Thursday because this web site had the audacity to publish a news story about former Bill Clinton security advisor Sandy Berger's incredibly stupid and illegal stunt of removing classified documents, hiding them, and then having to retrieve them from a dumpster.

A bunch of petty Democratic partisans got their tighty-whities in a bunch Thursday because this web site had the audacity to publish a news story about former Bill Clinton security advisor Sandy Berger’s incredibly stupid and illegal stunt of removing classified documents, hiding them, and then having to retrieve them from a dumpster.

They just could not believe we would run a story about one of Clinton’s minions breaking the law. How on earth would we stoop to such things when it is our mission, they say, to concentrate only on the bad things that George W. Bush and his gang of Republican thugs try to foist on the American public day after day?

Typical partisan pap from a group of political sycophants who think fairness is exposing only the wrongdoings of the other side while ignoring the same kinds of actions of their own.

It is this kind of bullshit that cheapens political debate in this country and makes any real reform impossible. Partisans don’t want reform. They just want their side to have the power and the upper hand. Reform is always for the other guys.

And the partisans accept the biased crap that their one-side only web sites put out as gospel, ignoring the old adage that there are three sides to every story: Your side, my side and the facts.

There is no doubt that George W. Bush may go down as the worst President in American history. He is a lunatic, a madman on a mission from God, albeit a God that exists only in his deranged view of the world.  We at Capitol Hill Blue are always around to point out what a danger this man is to freedom, justice and the American way.

But we were also around in the 1990s to ride herd on another despotic American President, a philandering whoremonger named Bill Clinton who lied to the American people, abused the power of his office and deserved a lot more punishment than the disbarment he received for his many crimes.

Clinton is, and always will be, Arkansas trailer trash and no amount of makeovers can mask the unbridled and unprincipled political ambitions of his wife, the carpet bagging Senator from New York.

Let’s not forget that a number of Clinton’s gang went to jail or left their positions in disgrace because of multiple crimes against the state. Sandy Berger is just the latest Clinton crony to get caught.

Republicans blew their chance to nail Clinton because they got wrapped up in the tawdry tales of blowjobs from interns in the Oval Office and strayed away from the corruption of Whitewater that triggered the original investigations.

The Clintons went into such deals virtually broke, yet left the White House millionaires. They continue to live high on the hog while their legal bills and other obligations remain unpaid. Such antics are not the actions of honest people.

I consider both Clintons lairs, scumbags and crooks. Both belong in jail, not public office and certainly not back in the White House.

So a word of advice to partisans of any political stripe: If you want one-sided political pap, try DailyKos, NewsMax, Free Republic or Democratic Underground.

They pander to partisans.

We do not.

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  1. Hi from the UK Doug. Bloody brilliant rant. I too am heartily sick of the dull ‘us and them’ approach to politics. It’s had it’s day in my opinion. We live in different times now. A time when it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are good and bad policies on both sides and there are good and bad people on both sides. It’s about time we all acknowledged this in an adult way and try to engineer a political system that suits that – like a permanent coalition or something. Then perhaps we can have the political leadership the people of this world deserve and need in these times. A modern system for a modern age instead of something more suited to a playground. Anyway, great stuff. Keep up with the righteous outrage!

  2. Trailer trash? This is as bad as our parents’ generation (I’m 59) calling them hippies. Clinton was destroyed by his being a sex addict and like all sex addicts (addicts, in general), he thought he could get away with anything.
    What would you be saying these days about the Kennnedys, Doug, me boy? Papa Kennedy supported the Fascists. JFK was loaded on medication for his back. He brought women to the White House. McNamara has apologized for the Vietnam war. Lyndon Johnson comes close to “trailer trash”. Reagan suffered from the effects of Alzheinmers his entire last term. REMEMBER Kent State, or is your mind so poisoned with vitriol against Clinton that you have put aside the sins of presidents past.
    The reality is, we are always advised to be on guard against people in power, whatever the party. Pelosi acted like a jerk during her first few days. We’ll see if she was just drunk with adrenalin or truly knows how to be a competent Speaker. Let’s see how “Clean Gene” Eliot Spitzer of New York does as governor. Then there might be hope for 2012.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah (and yes, I have enough spit to say it correctly even though I am a gentile). Everybody’s God bless or for secular humanists, have a wonderful year.
    Judy Di

  3. June, for Pete’s sake, research Clinton’s actions while President before you condemn Doug’s rant. Clinton is a stone cold globalist and he pushed through lots of legislation that resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs to slave-wage sweatshops overseas. Not to mention selling out military secrets to the Communist Red Chinese. Its all about YOU, isn’t it June?

  4. I believe it was Jackson Browne who sang …
    “you take Sally, I’ll take Sue, ain’t no difference between the two”.

    However – corrupt though William Jefferson Clinton may have been, his administration wasn’t responsible for the death of nearly 3000 Americans in Iraq, wasn’t responsible for the illegal invasion of a soverign nation and the toppling of its government, wasn’t responsible for trampling the constitution and destroying personal freedom in this great nation of ours and didn’t hide behind the Bible.
    I see an ocean of difference between the two myself. On one side you’ve got a classic corrupt politician, greedy for power, who enjoys being fellated by young women. On the other side you’ve got a madman dedicated to the destruction of the nation he’s pledged to defend.

    Maybe I’m wrong – I mean that’s why they put rubber on the end of pencils – but I don’t happen to think I am.



  5. I don’t visit here often so I may have missed the shakeup. But, wasn’t there supposed to be some editorial oversight to keep zeal from getting out-of-hand; and to preform some basic fact-checking?

    Methinks Doug has a good racket going here. Is there a third, fourth, fifth retirement to the hills of Virginia in the offing?

  6. Evil deeds past do not excuse evil deeds present. It is all too easy to get into the so and so did that so it is alright if I do this mode. If you do not focus on the present you have no control over the future, but if you forget the past, you are condemned to relive it.

    I was trying to make some sort of point, but I guess I lost it. It was something like, don’t let a fish off the hook.

  7. @JUDY: “I can tollerate blow jobs but not crime but miost eespecially eminating from our elected officials.”

    But William J. Clinton committed a crime in lying under oath (about his relationship with a now famous former intern). Had he chosen to, he could have attempted to take a 5th amendment defense, or gotten that portion of the transcript under seal. Personally, I don’t think that that crime alone rose to the level of impeachment (see article II, section IV), but I did support his disbarment and censure.

  8. I note for the second time in a few weeks that Doug has suggested that there was something substantive to Whitewater. Could someone point me to an article with substantive information about Whitewater?

  9. Your blog today, 12/22/06, is a masterpiece of malediction. The objects of your scorn more than merit it.
    Since I can’t drink eggnog because the milk sours as I drink it & the booze evaporates as my tongue touchs it, I know a bit about malediction but you, sir, are a past master of the art of malediction. I’d take my hat off to you if my girlfriend wouldn’t kiss my bald spots.
    Keep exposing politicians, bureaucrats & sychophants in the coming years & be well.

  10. Doug, good work, even if a tad hyperbolic. To those calling Doug’s rant/tactics into question; who among you thinks it wise to take only a knife to a gunfight?

    The Bushies have lied, connived, misrepresented and just plain made shiite up, and some of you worry that (sniff) perhaps Doug went too far.

    I have been a Republican conservative (the real kind) for many moons, but these days both Keith Olbermann and Doug Thompson speak for me as much as anyone can without, you know, actually BEING me.

  11. Tho in some cases you were accurate, you have sunk to a new low in your criticism of the Clinton’s. You are following the pattern of the extreme right. Signed Sandy

  12. I am someone who wants reforms more than anything else in Washington beginning with campaign finance reforms & strict
    enforcement of the rules already in place. Doug, I
    disagree with you on your opinions of the Clintons. As for Vince Fosters death & the Whitewater scandal…
    Fosters death was ruled as a suicide by multiple investigations by the United States Park Police, the United States Congress, and Independent Counsels Robert B. Fiske and Kenneth Starr.
    The Clintons were cleared of all wrongdoing in two reports prepared by the San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury Madison and Sutro for the Resolution Trust Corporation, which was overseeing the liquidation of Madison Guaranty.
    The only reason Republicans
    didn’t go full throttle on the Clinton impeachment is Larry Flynt”s threat to expose congressmen for their having extra marital affairs, paying 1 million $$ to informers(he exposed Livingston, Hyde, Burton and Chenaworth then said there would be a “Really really big fish by that weekend). There has never been a Congress so totally honest as to not fear exposure..Clinton’s was no exception. I have never been able to understand why so many seem to hate the Clintons (I was no supporter either way) but it now seems clear that it was Reps vs Dems. I can tollerate blow jobs but not crime but miost eespecially eminating from our elected officials. Bush & his pimps will prove to be the worst criminals in history.

  13. The ones who reveal the truth to those refuse to see it or are deluded into believing that they already know it are the true patriots today. Those who stand and proclaim their patriotism most surely are in their minds only.

    In these times we need more of your ilk Doug. Great stuff.

  14. I like Doug because he is what I call an honest crook. After the setup, he smeared the people with smarts as being partisan Democrats. You don’t have to love Democrats (I don’t) to object to trickery.

    The world is divided into crooks, suckers, and lazy cowards. Non-partisans are lazy cowards who are incapable of preserving their freedoms. It takes a person, who has a black hatred for crooks, to get rid of crooks.

  15. Doug…you rock. Please run for President. Although it’s probably the worst job you could wish on anyone, I believe that it is people like yourself that will bring this country into the light of Constitutional governance.

    Our country needs men and women like you now more than ever. Please consider it.

  16. That does it–you’re f______ crazy, and this is
    the last time I’ll even bother checking your site.
    The Clintons are certainly no angels, but for you to go on a diatribe like today is irrational and uncalled for. You are a person in love with their own voice, and a “recovering” alcoholic to boot. I’ve unfortunately had a lot of experience with the 12-step
    crowd and you’re a classic example. It’s all about you, isn’t it?

  17. Now you have brought up the other side…I think Clinton has the gift of relating to the “people” but is “crooked as a dog’s hind leg.” An honest man would never survive in the political arena. Hilary, too, talks a good game but I wonder where her heart lies when it comes to change or if anyone can pull it off. It will have to be a “village” effort.
    Thanks for the Rant.
    Merry Christmas…

  18. I kind of agree that calling Clinton “Arkansas trailer trash” was a bit over the top, because trailer trash have some redeeming qualities and its not fair to them to compare them to Bill Clinton.

  19. Doug is a crook like everyone else. The old story was a partisan setup to catch so-called “partisans”. Sorry, Doug. Negativity is a lot better than gullibility.

  20. Bravo!! Great rant. But in describing Bill Clinton you left out “traitorous”. I hated Clinton almost as much as I hate Bush. Maybe more, because he was sane and knew what he was doing. And Nancy Pelosi scares the hell out of me. And I can’t imagine Hillary Clinton as president, using the power of the unitary presidency that Bush has usurped. We are in deep s**t people.

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