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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

So? Where’s the change?

Geez, Louise.

Where do we send our complaints? He's been president for 23 hours, (and dancing for 6 hours of the time, by my count) and what has he accomplished?


Geez, Louise.

Where do we send our complaints? He’s been president for 23 hours, (and dancing for 6 hours of the time, by my count) and what has he accomplished?

NOTHING! NADA. NOT ONE THING. Well, OK, he stopped the Gitmo horror show. He stopped all environmental law changes Bush tried to shove through at the last minute. He participated in a 2,000,000 person march where not one person was arrested. He has 9 of 12 key advisors and secretary posts filled, with the others coming today. He has reached across the aisle and met with conservative writers and pols, congratulated and celebrated John McCain’s career, invited GOPers to join his administration, met with military and economic leaders, advised foreign governments of our short term plans, kept on Sec. Def Gates to keep things steady in the DOD, and danced with his wife.

I don’t know about you, but I expected a hell of a lot more. I mean, like where’s the financial bail-out bill?  . . . . Oh, it’s already written and has been submitted to congress? OK, Where’s the Iraq withdrawal?  . . . . The generals have been ordered to make reasonable plans to withdraw, safely, and carefully? Oh.  OK, so what about the infrastructure?  . . . .  Huh? He ALREADY has a plan in place to fix roads, bridges, and improve our electric grid, and has plans to update the internet, and use green power technologies?

How about Afghanistan. HA ! GOTCHA. . . . . Oh. He started negotiations with NATO and Afghan leaders to seek out a third way, negotiating peace and offering  real rebuilding?  OK, North Korea. He has done NOTHING about North Korea throughout his whole administration!  . . . . . Say what? He has an en expert group drafting a letter and request for multi party meetings?

Here’s one. He totally IGNORED Israel/Palestine! HA!   . . .  What? He’s sending George Mitchell, the former senator who brought peace to Northern Ireland, to start a new round of talks with a whole new approach?

OK, smart ass. What about the ecology, clean water and clean air? HE’s done NOTHING! HE’s a failure as president. . . .  What do you mean, he’s got executive orders planned to reverse 8 yrs of attacks by the prior president? 

And to think this is only Day 1. Be still my heart.



Who gave him authority to freeze White House salaries above $100K?

HOW DARE HE open up FOIA requests?

And dammit, these lobbyist  rules will make effective bribery really tough.


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