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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The war criminal

The Army's top general says U.S. troops are at their "breaking point" in Iraq and Afghanistan and the soonest he can get more battle-ready divisions on the ground is 2008.

In the 10 days following release of the Iraq Study Group's report calling the Iraq war "grave and deteriorating" while recommending swift action to try and correct the many problems, 35 more American soldiers died along with more than 1,000 Iraqi civilians.


The Army’s top general says U.S. troops are at their "breaking point" in Iraq and Afghanistan and the soonest he can get more battle-ready divisions on the ground is 2008.

In the 10 days following release of the Iraq Study Group’s report calling the Iraq war "grave and deteriorating" while recommending swift action to try and correct the many problems, 35 more American soldiers died along with more than 1,000 Iraqi civilians.

But George W. Bush says he "will not be rushed" on making decisions about what to do about his failed war in Iraq and doesn’t plan to tell the American people what, if any, changes he will make until sometime next year.

As public support for the war falls lower than Vietnam and even members of his own party defect from his incredibly stupid policies, Bush continues to live in a fantasyland where failed wars are winnable and sending young men and women to their deaths is an acceptable course of action.

Republican Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon got it right last week when he called Bush’s Irag war "absurd" and added that it "may even be criminal."

Criminal: Strong words by a Republican Senator against a sitting President; Even stronger when that sitting President happens to be a member of your own party.

Yet think back to 2003, in the weeks leading up to the Iraq invasion, when Pope John Paul II told Bush publicly that invading the country without obtaining approval from the United Nations and gaining support of Mideast allies would be "a criminal act."

There’s that word again: Criminal. When you strip away the political spin, the partisan hyperbole and the vagueness of diplomacy, you are left with just that word: Criminal.

George W. Bush’s invasion of a sovereign nation that posed no immediate threat to the health, welfare or security of the United States was, and remains today, an overt criminal act. He lied to get approval from Congress, lied to our allies and lied to the American people. He abused the power of his office by knowingly withholding information that would weaken his case and sent this nation into Iraq on a suicide mission.

He’s nothing less than a war criminal and should be treated as one on the world stage and here at home. His criminal actions have killed more Americans than the 9/11 attacks that spawned his politically-expedient war on terror and have sent hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians to their graves or fleeing their country in fear.

His criminally insane actions have spawned retaliations not only against this country but any other nation that dared support his illegal enterprise. Deaths in London, Spain and even Pacific resorts can be traced back to his decision to ignore both law and human decency to invade Iraq.

Bush, aides say, is obsessed with his "legacy" and hopes to define his place in the history books in the last two years of his Presidency.

Too late. Bush defined his legacy more than three years ago when he decided to become an international vigilante and ignore the laws not only of this country but of the world at large.

His legacy comes down to two words.

"War" and "criminal:" Together, they sum up both the failed Presidency of George W. Bush and what may well have been his successful attempt to destroy two nations: Iraq and the United States of America.

47 thoughts on “The war criminal”

  1. ….and furthermore

    This might be a bit off the topic but I think it needs saying.

    George W. Bush HAS violated his OATH OF OFFICE, has trampled on the Constitutional rights of all Americans as well as the constitution itself. THIS FROM LAW SCHOLARS AND PROFESSIONALS NOT BEHOLDEN TO EITHER PARTY

    George W. BUSH has VIOLATED many Americans civil rights with the Patriot Act and the NSA spying “program”…and the list goes on forever almost.

    What I don’t understand is how can ANY SENATOR from EITHER party has SELECTIVELY chosen apparently, not to see that.

    OH, there is ONE A REPUBLICAN mind you that has apparently and he is being stymied at every turn


    Cynthia McKinney on her way out the door as a representative of the PEOPLE’S government and frankly, considering her behavior, good riddance. She was the totally wrong person to do it and for ALL the wrong reasons filed a Bill of IMPEACHMENT against George W. Bush. That only as the thumb or middle finger if you prefer in the eye of George W, BUSH action in her final days as a legislator.

    Now, the bill has absolutely no chance of passing…zero, zip, NADA.

    Nancy Pelosi, about to take over as the Speaker of the House has gone ON THE RECORD and said she will NOT entertain any bill calling for BUSH’S or anybody else’s impeachment….when SHE KNOWS all of the above offenses are true.

    The one word question is WHY ?

    Is the News Media so inept that they will not GRILL her about this? Won’t even ask her to explain?

    Is FOX so strong the rest of the media wouldn’t DARE, knowing that all the commentator (loosly used term) will bombard them with negatives…maybe costing them a little AD revenue selling things that their BUBBA crowd and Religious fanatic crowd would normally buy ?

    Is she and her committee chairs and others guilty of a lot of the same offenses or should we say offenses greivous enough to get them tossed out as well should they get found out.


    Yet. nobody read it.

    I am not a constituent of Nancy Pelosi. I am an American but do not live in America. If you will note on the websites of our Congressmen and Senators there is a statement that IF YOU ARE NOT A CONSTITUENT you will NOT get an answer to your questions…and in some cases the Senator or Congressman is PREVENTED BY LAW from providing and answer. How interesting


    Would someone, perhaps thousands of someones from the San Franciso area please ask MS. Pelosi why, when the evidence is clear that GEORGE W: BUSH has committed so many offenses angainst his oath as President, WHY she will do nothing?

    A real answer, not because it would look bad.

  2. Good Day All !

    Well, it appears all the comments are on the same page and it sure gets a lot of the total frustration out to talk about it. Problem is WHAT will be done about it ?

    The sad news is that as GEM suggested, it isn’t going to come from Nancy Pelosi and the new Congress once they take over. My guess is that when she made that comment that impeachment was OFF THE TABLE, that the White House cabal, Bush Cheney Rove, breathed a giant sight of relief.

    BUSH and company are not stupid, once they said no impeachment BUSH said He will not be rushed into a decision) So. More soldiers will die while he ponders.

    He has been given the PERFECT excuse to do absolutely nothing except STAY THE COURSE. We can’t use that term anymore but it sure as hell doesn’t mean that isn’t exactly what the “new plan will be thatnks to Dick’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

    Had the riot act read to him my backside. He got exactly what he went there for. The promise that if the US pulls out, The Saudi’s will fund the Sunni’s with millions…not that they aren’t doing it already. IF the US PULLS OUT so does the Carlyle Group, KBR, Halliburton and the rest of the defense contractors and the beautiful BILLIONS in Green money will go with it.

    They certainly did not want that so this Saudi Statement was the perfect one to insure that doesn’t happen. GOD is the Congress THAT STUPID not to see through this SHAM ?

    CHENEY got in Saudi EXACTLY what he was looking for…the statement to foster the excuse. It’s been like that since before 9/11 and most are too blind to see the clear and present pattern from before 9/11 to this very day.

    Pelosi KNOWS full well that BUSH has IN FACT violated his Oath of Office the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and has the audacity to say that in the spirit of by partisan cooperations to come that BUSH will pay no price for the total screwing he has allowed his minions do to the American people.

    That plain and simple is a sad commentary on how the government is….and apparently how it will continue.

    So let’s do this because it is no different. The next time someone robs a bank, let’s find out when he’s caught if he is Republican or Democrat. If he’s Republican, we allow him to keep the money, serve absolutely no jail time, not even reprimand him (or her)

    But lets all blog it to death.

  3. We have a PMD…President of Mass Destruction. Now, we see the bunker mentality coming out. Please email and call your representatives in Washington AND the Speaker-Elect. Tell them to IMPEACH BUSH. If they get 100,000 contacts a week, that will get their attention. So many of us were focused on the war, and civil and human rights, and corruption. We now see the problem is not the WAR, not CIVIL LIBERTY, not HUMAN RIGHTS, not WAR PROFITEERS…the problem — the common denominatorer — is GEORGE W. BUSH. Get rid of the disease, and the symptoms go away.

  4. George Bush should be tried for high crimes and treason and impeached and sent to jail forever. Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove and Wolfowitz…the whole group…ditto. Bush should be tried by the Hague as a war criminal, no doubt.

    Our Congress is equally culpable. Each and every one who supported and voted for the war and then sustained it with our tax money, should be tried for high crimes and treason; they, too, must go to jail.

    If Pelosi doesn’t want to be President after George and Chaney are impeached, then she should resign from her Speaker post and get someone in there with the courage to start this country’s turn around back to a less jingoist policy…back to older values of honor, ethics, etc.

  5. Bush is eminating Nero who watched Rome burned, our President is watching the ever increasing casulties of our armed forces.

  6. The plan for the new american century written a few years ago by the neocons says very clearly what the plan was. A new pearl harbor was needed to gain the nations blessing for extreme military buildup. Hence, it was made to happen sept. 11 2001. Anyone who calls it conspiracy theory nut talk, better take a closer look. Otherwise get ready to eat your hat, my friends. Just look at the facts, the evidence, and most of all, the cover-up. Why does no one answer the questions? Why was more spent on Bill’s Affair investigation than on a real 911 investigation? Because it WAS A CONSPIRACY and still IS!

    Wake up and stop being stupid, America!! We have been had. Demand answers and honest investigation of the mass murder that happened on 911. It was no arab in a cave that did it.
    Get Real!

    We will not get out of Iraq untill the american people refuse to fund it anymore. Period!

    How much death and destruction does it take for people to wake up?

    We are under siege right now. Stop playing along with the scam, thinking it will all go away soon. It won’t, it will just become worse than you can imagine.

    Like Doug and everyone else on this blog says. Bush is a criminal with a mental malfunction that is driven by the devil himself. How else do you explain the deciders decisions?

    God Help the Children.


  7. Doug, you need to add one more word (besides “War” and “Criminal”) to those that you used to describe George W. Bush.

    The other word is “Insane”.

  8. Lies, lies and more lies.
    War, murder , torture,
    spying on its own citizens,
    declaring war on middle class and destroing american
    that is his legacy.

  9. DUBYA: Americas “Demented, Degenerate, Depraved, Disgusting and Dictatorish Decider” made the decision that deceit, death, debt, destruction, and dishonesty was and is the way he chooses to lead this nation. How dare any of us think this delusiional fool hasn’t been successful..he has succeded in all of these areas with relative ease. So far at least, he and his cohorts have not been made to pay the price for their criminal actions leading to the success for all above mentioned offences. IMO, Dubya got deceifully appointed to the position he has held for the past 6 yrs. and has managed to harm this nation in every deadly,deceitful, dishonest way imaginable. Some where in time this nation’s elected officials will have to address these issues and press charges against these deadly & expensive actions to prevent them from ever happening again. Impeachment (on a plethora of charges) is not the only action that should be taken against Dubya, Cheney, as he and his cohorts should be brought before a world court tribunal for war crimes committed. We as a nation, regardless of political affliation must take action not merely in spite, but to show others that these actions will not be tollerated by our nation or the world. By the way let me mention once again, that Dubya has the integrity of a tapeworm, the morals of a crack whore and the brains of a piss ant…and he “decided” that Cheney, Rove, Rice & Rumsfield could help him succede in his endevors. Judy

  10. I was watching a documentary on World War II and it struck me that whenever Hitler invaded another country it was always based on some false pretense that the country posed a “threat” to Germany. What’s the difference between what Hitler did and what Bush did with Iraq? Since there is no difference, Doug is absolutely right — Bush really is is a war criminal.

  11. Doug,,,
    Welcome to the reality-based world–you are about half of the way “there” when you rightly declare Bush (and his minions) as being war criminals. I say first things first.

    When the public (and you) finally accept the fact that no combination of plane or building contents can possibly account for molten steel in the lower levels of WTC 1, 2 and 7, (and that placed demolition (thermite/thermate)explosives do) then you will be forced to amend your “war criminal” term with: traitors and mass-murderers.

    Forget all the many other arguably-divisive inconsistencies associated with 9-11. The smoking gun proof that the 9-11 Commission Report is bogus and therefore 9-11 had to be an inside job, are those pools of molten steel. The only way the pools of molten steel can be accounted for is with the use of pre-placed explosive charges.

    Regardless of who or how or why “they” did it, at the minimum the cover-up has now become a bipartisan crime.

    Welcome to the reality-based world. Like the Hotel California, once there one can never leave, and being here isn’t a pretty sight.

    ( )

  12. What I find even more bizarre than the President’s behavior is the fact that there are those who still support the jerk. Like my father – and he’s coming here to visit us for six weeks, beginning today. Wish us well, we are in for six weeks of crap!

  13. I know Doug’s article today is about the President, but I feel we all should look towards our Congress for an effective solution. It appears that our Congress must share part of the blame for our Country’s failure to engage in the American enterprise, that is, the effective running of our country. We as Americans have our Courts and our Congress as an effective solution.

    For whatever reason, our Congress refuses to look back. Certainly 911 is a glaring example. 911 was and is one of the biggest criminal events in the history of the United States, and yet no one in Congress requested a criminal investigation what so ever. Why was there no real criminal investigation into 911? Now, we hear that the FBI refuses to share information about the Anthrax attacks with Congress. It was precisely members of this new Congress that were attacked. Why no answers? We need to look back not forward to resolve these issues.

    We must remember that Congress has several most important tools. These are the ability to withhold Money, Impeachment, and the power to investigate through Oversight. To take any of these tools off the table during such time of great crisis is called Treason.

  14. I Won’t Be Rushed

    to the tune of:-

    Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

    I won’t be rushed, there’s plenty of time

    I’m gonna be here till two thousand an’ nine

    Why should I hurry? Why should I worry?

    I’m War President, Deciden’ th’ best for the c’untry

    I’m doin’ God’s work, spreadin’ Freedom all round

    A better Decider just could not be found

    I unnerstan’ war’s tough, that’s why I dodged ‘Nam

    An’ was wounded by a dentist’s drill in Alabam’

    I reject all ideas that would lead to defeat

    People gotta unnerstan’ victory must be complete

    At th’ ‘propriate time, I’ll say where we’re headed

    I’ll present My New Way Forward with Iraqis embedded

    I’m weighin’ my options for Iraq

    We’re goin’ forward, we ain’t goin’ back

    I got a better plan, a bran’ new scam

    I think I just might nuke Iran

  15. I forgot to mention that the world’s FIRST deposit of OIL, that being in Saudi Arabia is already under the watchful eye with Carlyle and Saudi Groups. so Number two in Iraq was clearly next. NO Oil in Afganistan (any amount worth mentioning)

    This IMO was the reason the story surfaced that DICK CHENEY had the riot act read to him by the Saudi’s.

    A Bullshit story if ever there was one.

    This lets GWB stay in Iraq as LONG as he likes which lets the likes of Carlyle, KBR, Halliburton, et. al make millions more.

    The other option of course, the McCain option I might ADD, is to send thousands more soldiers into the shooting gallery to be maimed or killed to APPEAR to be doing something like fighting for the Iraqi freedoms. What we will get is many more GI’s killed or wounded and we are automatically right back to option one. We will be there forever which once again, is what Carlyle Group, KBR and Halliburton want. MONEY MONEY MONEY

    Why don’t the Saudi’s step in and help. HMMM!!! That might quiet down things quicker but no. THEY LET GEORGE DO IT. He started it on their behalf so let’s just threaten and let him finish what he started.

    one might note. Since College, this so-called President has NEVER been successful or finished one thing he has started. Things have been finished for him certainly. That’ðs what AIDES do.That’s what nannys do as well.

    George W. Bush has been Saying since March of 2003 and I quote,

    “We will give our soldiers EVERY TOOL THEY NEED to win this War on Terror.”

    nearly four year later and he is STILL PROMISING THE VERY SAME THING. Did anyone not notice this?

    Sounds like …repeat after me STAY THE COURSE.

    Whoever said it was correct. The Generals will tell George W. Bush whatever they believe he wants to hear. That’s why they have four stars.

    Those that would tell most ANY President what he doesn’t want to hear, never make it to COLONEL.

    Any Civilian employee who tells Dick Cheney that no-bid, sole source contracts to friends and associates without justification are illegal ARE FIRED.

    Still: Congress says why can’t we all just get along


  16. Very well said. And the fact that Mr. Bush seems set on continuing to squander innocent lives for the sake of his legacy compounds his crimes. His legacy is a done deal: he’ll go down as the most incompetent, corrupt man to ever occupy the Oval Office. If there’s any justice in the world, he’ll also be the first U.S. president to be tried for war crimes.

  17. DAVID.

    I agree with Sandy. It is indeed sad. The people that have done this to our contry indeed HAVE NO CONCIENCE


    I agree with Rumsfeld. I think he is giving us a clue with his repeating as you say, again and again how “complex” this situation in Iraq really is.

    The “COMPLEX” comes in the invasion of a soverign nation without the UN support or Congressional Declaration of War

    That alone is a war crime.

    The “COMPLEX” comes in in the wholesale slaughter of probably close to 100,000 Iraqis, that those Iraqis will never know

    The “COMPLEX” is the fact and Rummy knows it, that this was not ever aboiut freedom or democracy, or WMD or SAddam or any of it.

    This was about control. Seizure and control of the power and influence that should have happened by invading and taking over the world’s second largest oil deposits, not for the OIL but for the money that would be made in the process. They used WAR because then all of the Carlyle Group and the folks like KBR, Halliburton and many favored defense contractors would make millions even Billions with the no-bid, friends only, sole source contracts that would have to be let by the use of hardware, missles, bombs bullets and supporting the troops….even with the poor job that has been done there so far

    Nearly 3,000 GI’s have paid the ultimate price to make the likes of the corporations I mentioned about flush with cash, INCLUDING the OIL INDUSTRY beyond their wildest dreams. The RAPE continues while soldiers die and the best the Congress can do is talk…the one currently in power and say thay will do nothing…the one about to take over and THAT is the sad part.

    Yes, this is “COMPLEX” just like Rumsfeld says so often

    It is complex because people must die to make corporations rich and the familes that control those corporation…who oddly enough weild the current power in this Administration, even richer.

    There are WAR CRIMINALS currently running the United States of America and the about to be sworn in Congress says that it would LOOK BAD if we did anything about it.

    I just unraveled “COMPLEX” for you.

  18. Our crookocracy dealth themselves the wrong cards from the bottom of the deck. As long as they continue to fumble with them, the graft, weapons, oil control, and drug profits will continue to flow in. The Republicans are the bad crooks, and the Democrats are the enablers. Everything is framed by rich contributors.

  19. Quote from Rant:

    “But George W. Bush says he ‘will not be rushed’ on making decisions about what to do about his failed war in Iraq and doesn’t plan to tell the American people what, if any, changes he will make until sometime next year.”

    **confused look**

    I thought President Bush was “The Decider” – doesn’t sound like he’s deciding anything to me…

    …fooled once-again, by our great and wonderful President.

  20. Doug, Glad to see that your illness was short lived and you’re back doing the neccesary work that the MSN seems unable or unwilling to do.I’m having a real hard time getting into any kind of holiday mood this season.It seems obscene to be thinking about parties and gifts when so many good and innocent people are dying each day.It makes me really proud to live in such a Christian country.GW and Company are by any definition war criminals and should be treated as such.We all know that this will never happen though. These people live in an alternate universe apart and above all of the rest of us common folk.I read about a party at Cheney’s Washington residence that was held Tuesday night.The guest list seemed to include a lot of people who should be in a less than party mood considering their involvment in the bloodshed in the Middle East but I doubt that small detail slowed the flow of liquor and laughter for even one second.I saw the menu that all these special people were dining on.It is unbearably obscene that these architects of horror can dine and drink so incredibly well while their policies create such chaos in the region of Jesus’s birth.I wish I believed in divine retribution but sadly,I have about as much faith in that as I do in human justice.Merry Christmas. David Williams

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