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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Blogging and comments restored

After making some changes to both the commenting and blogging system, both reader blogs and comments directly to news stories have been restored.


After making some changes to both the commenting and blogging system, both reader blogs and comments directly to news stories have been restored.

We’ve added some filters to try and stop the spamming that affected both the blogs and comments and I now have a moderator to help flag problems blogs.

Both are back in business. My apologies for having to take them off line.

16 thoughts on “Blogging and comments restored”

  1. Thank you and thank goodness you were able to fix it. IMO no news site is worth reading that does not allow reader comments.

  2. Doug:
    You’re doing the right thing. It’s what the editorial page editor of any newspaper does every day — sort through the letters and e-mails and weigh the right of self-expression in the so-called marketplace of ideas against the responsibility to keep something resembling civility in the public discussion.

    The people who are writing hate-filled screeds and submitting them to you are the same people who drive by your house at night and throw rocks into your lawn that have KKK literature wrapped around them. If I want to know what they’re thinking, I’ll unwrap the rock next time one lands in my lawn.

  3. I like the idea of “applying” to be a blogger. I know time is precious, but there has to be a way of controlling what goes out on this website.

  4. Overwhelmingly blogs are places where people preach to the chore. And people read opinions that they agree with. People traditionally put opinion in boxes. If they don’t like abortion they try to talk themselves into supporting gay marriage. If they take religious seriously they try to convince themselves that they don’t like abortion.

    But suddenly people who identify their comments as libertarian, liberal, radical or conservative, differed with each other when discussing the current crisis.

    Is there any other sites where people with different opinion actually talk to each other. I hope someone posts the links for such a site.

    Anyway,blogging suspended at Capitol Hill Blue is a real loss, and a bad precedent toward a future where people with different opinions are more and more isolated from others with other opinions.

    I for one want to argue against antisemitism rather than ban it, which I think makes the perception of a massive Jewish conspiracy worse.

    I truly fear a world where massive numbers in the West want to chase out Jews and Arabs to supposedly fight their wars in their part of the world not ours and I see no way banning hate speech will make such a future less likely.

    Anyway no blogging here is a real loss, hopefully somehow temporary., RichardKanePA

  5. Pray for the souls of those that are so degenerate with hatred. That they might yet find a way back from the depths of their depravity.

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