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Saturday, July 13, 2024

George W. Bush: A dangerous, cornered, rabid animal

My gut tells me the President of the United States has become a cornered animal - wary of a party that has all but shunned him, distrustful of even his closest advisors, angry at an American public that has rejected him and fearful of his own inability to cope with his growing madness.

White House insiders tell me George W. Bush grows more sullen and moody with each passing day. His paranoia, they say, is increasing to manic levels as he launches into tirades about traitors in his own party, in the press and among his allies.

My gut tells me the President of the United States has become a cornered animal – wary of a party that has all but shunned him, distrustful of even his closest advisors, angry at an American public that has rejected him and fearful of his own inability to cope with his growing madness.

White House insiders tell me George W. Bush grows more sullen and moody with each passing day. His paranoia, they say, is increasing to manic levels as he launches into tirades about traitors in his own party, in the press and among his allies.

They describe a man living on the edge and stepping too often over it.

Bush, they say, feels betrayed by former Secretary of State James Baker who he now feels held his administration up for public humiliation in the Iraq Study Group report. Although he told the press after meeting with ISG co-chairs Baker and Lee Hamilton that the White House will take the group’s recommendations "very seriously," Bush says privately that he has no intention of going along with their plan.

"Fuck ’em," Bush reportedly said after his breakfast meeting with Baker and Hamilton last week. "I’m the President. I’m the one who decides what’s best for this country."

Reports from within the White House show an administration in turmoil, torn from within by dissension over a failed Iraq war policy that everyone but Bush says is a no-win situation.

I wish I had proof of this. I don’t. I have snippets of information passed on by people who should be in a position to know along with rumors and a gut instinct honed by 40 years of watching politicians try to squirm their way out of trouble.

One needs only to closely watch the President in his appearances to see that this is clearly a man in emotional trouble, struggling to hold on. His eyes dart from side to side and his eyelid movements when he speaks indicate a textbook example of dishonesty.

This attitude carries over into other White House staffers. Press briefings with Presidential Press Secretary Tony Snow have become increasingly confrontational with Snow quick to label anyone who dares question administration policy as a "troublemaker." He accuses reporters of partisanship, an ironic bit of hypocrisy since Snow came to the White House from Fox News, clearly the most partisan game in town.

Bush’s decision to delay his "major policy speech" on Iraq until next year is, Snow claims, just to give the President time to hear all sides of the argument before proceeding. But others say privately the President has already made up his mind and is in no hurry because he doesn’t plan to make any major changes.

And while Bush delays, America hit a grisly milestone this week when the "official" number of Americans dead or wounded in his dirty little war hit 25,000. I say "official" because the Pentagon has played fast and loose with the statistics on just how many Americans have come home without arms or legs or in body bags and the real figure could be even higher.

Whatever the "real figure" is or is not, one inescapable fact remains: Many more Americans will die in Iraq and/or other actions spawned by Bush’s illegal invasion of a country that posed no threat to this nation. And many, many more will come home physically maimed and/or emotionally scarred for life.

Because the Iraq war is not over nor will it end anytime soon. It will continue to be waged by a cornered animal named George W. Bush.

And, as any real hunter knows, nothing is more dangerous than a cornered animal.

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  1. At first I was afraid impeachment would have a domino effect leaving us with Hastert. Now I’m afraid that not having an impeachment leaves us with Bush. It would almost be a blessing to have Chaney in charge. But if he goes first, who comes in , Rice?

    Is there any GOOD scenario?

  2. Doug

    There has been speculation over 43’s mental health for over a year that I recall seeing. I do agree with you that there are more noticeable ‘signs’ that are taught in basic psych 101.

    The Saudi thing is quite interesting…first 41 went over there in October…then Cheney summoned after the election…at the same time an aide to the Saudi ambassador publishes his wash post article saying the exact same thing the NYT is putting out now. The aide was fired..btw.

    Now the Saudi ambassador cuts and runs home…and the kingdom is reported as fractured….and 43 looks like Humphrey Bogart at the trial….I think I do not need to worry about my retirement…sigh.

  3. Hi Doug,

    in the hope that you have been drinking mega-liters of (filtered) water, and have been taking echinacea to combat this nasty cold (whence this came? no-one knows…),
    I want to say that I completely agree with you when you compare baby-shrub with a dangerous, cornered, rabid animal.

    I like to add: he is scared; he is afraid. He has the appearance of a little boy, caught in a naughty (and in his case: despiccable) act.
    However: one needs to keep in mind that gwb is a member of Skull and Bones (as his father is).
    These people adhere to nothing else but the rules of this organization.
    Hence: baby-shrub could say that the Constitution is just a piece of paper…

    It might very well be possible that, if and when he will be told to “hit the road”, that command will come from the same people who got him “in” in the first place (2000).
    In other words:
    it has been my gut-feeling (since 2005) that he will be forced to resign (which is a “nice” way of giving him the “pink slip”), as soon as the REAL powers see fit to that.
    Be they the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, or who- and which-ever…

    By the way: ms Pelosi was/is correct: impeachment is not an option.
    Reason: impeachment takes too long.

    I want everyone to keep in mind that:
    (Remember the Vietnam years, during which tens of thousands drafted people fled to Canada and/or European countries).
    If, from now on, every Johnny-boy and Mary-girl would say: “I will not go to Iraq”, then there is nothing the military can do. Because: they do not have enough “man-power” to court-martial, and imprison, all those young “soldiers”.

    May everyone live in light, peace and love.

    Thank you.
    Ruth Benderall

  4. William, that 2004 inaugural address spoke of freedoms because he had already removed many of them and hoped we didn’t notice.

    Bush is the most dangerous man in America. I’m just sorry we all are so helpless. I sent my two representatives, (Senate and House) and asked them to please watch carefully what Bush will be doing in the next couple of years.

    The funny this that both of these men claim to be Conservatives. They are not and have voted along with Bush all the way.

    They both have gone along with spending far more than we taxpayers will ever be able to pay. They both backed Bush when he tried to skip over the Supreme Court in the Shaivo decision. They both feel they have the authority to issue social prohibitions over all of us. I fear the Arizona voters did not realize they were throwing away many of their freedoms.

  5. As a lifelong Conservative, I have been watching the farce that is the Bush Administration unravel with a disgust that few of you can begin to imagine. It is not just that the man has no comprehension of what Conservatism and especially American Conservatism is all about. He is unable to even enunciate a rational Left-leaning agenda. His Second Inaugural Address has to be the most confused ever delivered by an American President. He uses the term “Freedom” in at least six different and totally contradictory senses in a short speech.

    Yes, of course, I know it was written for him. But Inaugural Addresses are one of the ways President’s seek to posture for history. And he must have read it over, before he decided it was the right one. This bespeaks a total lack of intellectual clarity. That coupled with the Messianic delusions, with which the address was peppered, spells something very dangerous.

    In summary, you may be entirely correct in what you now see happening.

  6. Doug,
    Hope you’re feeling better.

    I think you are right on target. GWB has never been an emotionally healthy person. But if someone had told me 10 years ago that any one individual could create such misery and havoc in this country, I’d have said ‘no way.’ Boy, was I stupid.

  7. Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

    Bush now calling the shots? And he’s losing his sanity on top of that? I have been anticipating this for a long time, but to finally read it in print doesn’t make its impact any less.

    My main concern – besides the possible demise of a free American society and the possibility of a new Nazi dictatorship – is how this will affect us Brits. With Blair bound at the hip (or chained, depending on your view) to King George, where will he lead us? Into another war? Into the same mess that the US is falling into? Possibly even make us a client Nazi state – ‘V for Vendetta’ rings horribly in my mind at that thought! If that ever happens, I’m emigrating to New Zealand or some place like that!

    I just hope the government retains enough sanity to bring a blowtorch to the chain binding us to Bush – and thus to Oblivion! Either that, or someone actually makes a move to impeach the man before he decides to declare perpetual Martial Law!

  8. Truth:

    It has been my experience that when paranoia rules, no one is trusted. Bush is paranoid and acting like a cornered animal. That means he listens to no one and that concept should frighten anyone.


  9. Truth. I’ve been around Doug Thompson for a long time and his research has never been wrong. I would stake my life on what he knows. The problem with Doug is he is 10 steps ahead of everyone else on the internet and the MSM.

    He led us through Clinton’s Impeachment and Whitewater scandals. If he is wrong he is the first to admit it. Why do you suppose he has this huge following? I’ve tangled with him but learned that if he is wrong it will say so. That happens rarely. He is not a trivial thinker.

  10. Doug,

    Well if what you say is true, and I do respect your opinion and sources, the situation that most everyone on all the blogs say simply could not possibly get any worse, is about to get worse.

    Cheney in Charge was terribly scary.

    BUSH really in charge…God help us all.

    You talk to the pros you know and knew, fair enough.

    I base my thoughts and comments on patterns of reason (sometimes where there appears there is none) since the days prior to and after 9/11 to this day.

    There IS an undeniable pattern here…Agree?

    Also, if what you say is true then Cheney’s days certainly appear to be numbered the next time BUSH takes a glass of wine at a state dinner.

    Problem there is Bush then eats crow based on his pre-election statement and Cheney DOES …I believe have the power to bring down the entire house of cards, dirty hands or not and neither Carlyle or KBR want any part of that.

    But again, if he did that then I don’t think a reduced role disagreement with the “deciderer” would be his big problem. ROVE was fired by BUSH 41 works for BUSH 43 and you say Rove is still in, but OUT basically as well??

    This could get very interesting in the coming days….That is my opinioni

  11. There is something right in seeing a nation of gougers and chiselers, betrayed and perhaps wiped out by one of their most pathetic examples.

    You stand in line with your musket, and you just fall down dead before the end. You don’t know how the battle turned out, and you don’t even know if you mattered. But you were there.

  12. Doug:

    The last drug I did was on a beach in Jamaica….a toke ot three with a convivial group of turistas. I am, though, 65 years old and a battered veteran of corporate banking wars stretching back to the middle 60s, and I have seen any number of joined-at-the-hip sacrifices of one twin or the other. The tougher the going becomes, the more predictable the outcome – and I saw and told of the tossing of Rumsfeld over the side two months before it happened.

    Somewhat like finding a new star or planet by determining what is blocked from view, watching this administration’s convulsions entails seeing what is not there.

    I have been a subscriber to these pages for some time now, and this is the first thing I have had any quarrel with what your take was. Had to happen.

    Keep up the fantastic work, and I’m glad your break was short.

  13. OK FOLKS;

    Check out the story about


    CHENEY supposedly gets the “Riot Act” read to him by the KING

    WELL, MY MY,
    BUSH wants to Stay in IRAQ as there is too much money to be made by the Carlyle Group.

    CHENEY wants to stay in IRAQ because there is TOO MUCH money to be made by halliburton and KBR in which he is STILL a major stockholder

    So, the Saudi’s have effectively, if you believve it DERAILED the entire Iraq study Group.

    SO what is the likely thing to happen. Thousands of more GI’s will be sent in to the shooting gallery to die and thousands more IRAQi’s will die as well. All this, while the Carlyle Group and KBR / Halliburton clean up financilly.

    Does anyone for a micro-second believe that this grand plan and idea was BUSH 43’s idea all by himself. COME ON !!!

    AMERICA was set-up beautifully and masterfully by Chene’s so called “trip” because they KNEW pretty much what everyone knew that this so-called commission was going to recommend exactly what they did.

    NOW BUSH can completely ignore the “commission” and look like a leader….the REAL PLAN all along.

    Tell me I’m wrong.

    The first casualty will be Bill O’ Reilly who stated just last night that it would be a terrible mistake to send in “thousands of more troops” For the first time… I agree with him.

    Boy is he gonna be pissed.


  14. Truth 101:

    I base my conclusions on research, not on what I believe. Republicans that I once worked with and whose knowledge I trust tell me that Cheney’s role is much diminished since the election. There have been hints of the same in both MSM and independent media reports. Cheney is no longer the public spokesperson on Iraq, a role he held before the election. Since the election, Bush has stopped listening to Rove and Cheney and Rice now holds center stage with the President (and Rice and Cheney disagree on strategy).

    I don’t pull these things out of thin air. I talk to people who work in the administration, with reporter friends who cover the administration and with political operatives who were colleagues when I worked in GOP politics. They all tell me the same thing: Bush calls the shots now, not Cheney.


  15. Doug, Glad you’re feeling well enough to get back to telling it like it is. Also: thanks, editors for putting the comment area back where it belongs, I have never figured out how to comment the other way and do enjoy reading input after the opinions. Also writing input, but not today, I do agree with “all the above.”

  16. For the DNC impeachment is off the table and talk about putting a stop to funding the war is also off. What would his reaction be if they went full steam ahead?

  17. DOUG:

    Sorry, but I respectfully disagree and i believe with good reason.

    Cheney has had a stranglehold on the “Deciderer” and the Oval Office since he raised his right hand (which meant nothing by the way) on January 20th, 2001.

    You are telling us that Cheney went ballistic when Bush fired Rumsfeld.

    OK, let’s assume he did. But just days before BUSH himself went on national television and proclaimed several times that Cheney and Rumsfeld were staying aboard for the FULL TERM. Then about a week later, Rumsfeld is GONE.

    Now, common sense says this was NOT a basic overnight decision. Everyone proclaimed from the White house to the White House Mouthpeice that the Republicans were going to keep both houses and only CHENEY said …at the very last moment “well maybe the house will go but the Senate will stay.

    So the ONLY possibility would be that if BOTH house, as they did were lost based on that and that alone the sacrificial lamb would be Rumsfeld…and that appears to be what happened.

    If BUSH were that demented and Cheney flipped out as you are suggesting, especially IMO when Cheney has been running things for so long then BUSH would have, just like Trump said to Cheney (YOU’RE FIRED) That’s his way when he doesn’t get his way.

    Let’s assume then it was like yoiu say. That would make for extremely bad blood between the “Deciderer” and the “Controller”

    I just don’t see that

    I see a Moron and a Monster, you are painting BUSH as the Monster.

    So explain please so we can all understand

  18. Joe Lawrence wrote:

    “The dismissal of Rumsfeld was Cheney’s doing, pure and simple. Watching Bush pretend to be in charge, while obviously not “authorized” to say anything logical, can see the actual strings being pulled as he dances; and likewise for Tony Snow.”

    Joe, I don’t know what you’re smoking but pass a toke or two around. Cheney and Rumsfeld are joined at the hip and go back to their days with Nixon and Ford. Cheney went ballistic when Bush canned Rummy. Even Olbermann reported it. Don’t know what you’re using for sources on this one but they need to buy better drugs.


  19. Doug:

    The dismissal of Rumsfeld was Cheney’s doing, pure and simple. Watching Bush pretend to be in charge, while obviously not “authorized” to say anything logical, can see the actual strings being pulled as he dances; and likewise for Tony Snow.

    “The past?” I don’t think so. Cheney blows (no pun intended) throughout this administration like an evil wind.

  20. Okay Doug…we know that you like to dangle, but this is too juicy. Yes, I’ve already heard folks say this, but I want to hear you say some more on the subject.
    Dont be coy and bury the lead.
    Pretty please, with sugar on it?

  21. Dick Cheney’s role in the administration effectively ended on Nov. 8, 2006, when Bush fired Rumsfeld. Cheney fought to keep Rummy in the administration. He lost. On that day, the monster he helped create took full and final control. Anyone who thinks Cheney still runs things is living in the past.


  22. Why does everyone insist on pretending to believe that Bush is the “decider?”

    All rational analysis clearly shows it is the Dick, Cheney, and his craven cronies calling every important shot, while Junior attends recitals and strides mightily about the corridors of the West Wing – when he is not hunkered down in the Oval Office, demanding fealty from the minor players around him.

    Maybe if Keith Olbermann speaks out on the subject, the rest of the ‘MSM’ would be released from the curse of “seeing” the emperor’s new clothes?

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