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Friday, July 19, 2024

Memo to Clinton fanatics: Leave Caroline alone

Political hypocrisy shifted into overdrive this week when fanatical followers of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to torpedo the attempts of Caroline Kennedy to win appointment to the Senate seat Clinton will vacate when she becomes Secretary of State.

They launched web sites, organized email campaigns and flooded the New York governor's office with phone calls demanding the governor appoint someone "more qualified" to Clinton's Senate seat.


Political hypocrisy shifted into overdrive this week when fanatical followers of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to torpedo the attempts of Caroline Kennedy to win appointment to the Senate seat Clinton will vacate when she becomes Secretary of State.

They launched web sites, organized email campaigns and flooded the New York governor’s office with phone calls demanding the governor appoint someone "more qualified" to Clinton’s Senate seat.

They urged Obama to "find an appropriate position" for Kennedy in his new administration so she could "gracefully" withdraw from consideration for the Senate seat.

But their most hilarious action came when they proclaimed Kennedy unqualified because she "has never held elected office."

Hmmmm. Let’s flash back to Hillary Clinton’s first run for the Senate after she and former President Bill Clinton left the White House.

That campaign was — you guessed it — Hillary Clinton’s first run for public office.

True, she had been first lady to the Governor of Arkansas and later the President of the United States but those positions were a result of marriage, not political experience or acumen. She lived in the White House as a member of the President’s family.

So did Caroline Kennedy. As I recall, her father was President from 1961 until his assassination in 1963.

While no one can reasonably claim that living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue prepares one for public office, it does seem ludicrious that supporters of one former resident of the White House is claiming that another former resident is not qualified to serve in the same job as Senator.

As First Lady, Hillary Clinton tried to ram a nationalized health program down America’s throat.

She failed.

Her only other real role was to look the other way while her husband dorked interns and probably any other willing woman who wandered alone into the Oval Office. Caroline Kennedy’s father had his own fondness for willing women but she was probably too young to wonder what Marilyn Monroe was doing with daddy while mommy was away.

That’s the beauty of politics. Hypocrisy knows no shame. It flies in the face of reason, convention and truth.

Clinton and her supporters slammed Obama during the Democratic Presidential primary for what they called his "lack of experience" even though her experience level was just as lacking. He was serving his first term in the Senate. She started her second term two years earlier.  He served in the Illinois statehouse. She hadn’t served in any other elected office.

Neither one was all that qualified when it came to actual experience. Voters picked Obama over Clinton because they felt he offered more hope for the future.

Clinton won her seat because she represents one of the two political dynasties that has occupied the White House nonstop for the last 20 years.

Caroline Kennedy represents another political dynasty, one that once held so much promise but one also felled by assassin’s bullets, wartime tragedies and a plane that crashed on its way to a wedding.  She is the daughter of a President, a niece to a current Senator and a relative to both current and formers members of Congress.

In a political culture where experience and qualifications take back seats to charisma and "star power," her right to assume the Senate post once held by her iconic uncle is as great as anyone who has held that position.

45 thoughts on “Memo to Clinton fanatics: Leave Caroline alone”

  1. T.J. Flapsaddle, you da’ man! I love reading your comments and/or rebuttals as much as the columns themselves….. which are also first-class, BTW.

  2. Read it. He sounds like a good guy doing important work. What makes you think he would be able to be more effective in the Senate than he is in the legislature? We need good people in the legislature. Why move him?

    P.S. You don’t know me. I don’t bow down to anybody.

    Freedom and Justice for All!

  3. You’re right, I didn’t mention it in my post, but you are absolutely correct.

    Caroline has said that if she is not picked, she would run in 2010. I think that is a much better avenue for her. “US Senator” is not just some run of the mill political job and I don’t think that a political novice should get to join this very exclusive club by appointment.

    If she runs a good campaign in 2010 and gets a majority of New Yorkers to vote for her candidacy, then good for her. She will be vetted and approved by the voters, the way it should be.

  4. Re: “Curious question for Walter Wouk from a fellow New Yorker:
    Who would you like to see appointed to take Hillary Clinton’s seat until the next election and why, in your opinion, is that person a better candidate than Caroline Kennedy?”

    Easy answer, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, a long time suppoter of marijuana law reform and an opponent of the Rockefeller “drug laws,” an advocate of civil liberties, who has been repeatedly named to the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Honor Roll.

    And there’s a lot more. If your interest is genuine check out:

    If not, bow down before the Princess.

  5. One thing I used to love when I lived in Australia was watching Parliament on the telly. They would just let ‘er rip with whatever they thought, be it good or bad. That’s what we need in Congress, is a good verbal free-for-all and a couple of TKO’s, preferably Pelosi and Reid getting the verbal punches right on the chin. A couple to Dodd and Frank wouldn’t hurt, either.

  6. Seems like a fair enough place to let it rest, ladies. (And FWIW, I have appreciated comments on CHB forums from both of you.) I think the main point is that we have a big mess to clean up on the federal scene, and we need to get the best people for the job, and let our energy go to that job. So let’s all stay engaged, and ‘keep the bastards honest’, as they say in Australia.

  7. I’m not riled, Sherry. Apparently YOU are. I stand by my statements. There have been many President’s who seemed to come out of nowhere and get to the highest office in the land in a few short years. Read up on history.

    As I said, Sherry, Hillary LOST. Get over it. I don’t care how she lost, she LOST. It doesn’t matter what her Senate approval rate was: she LOST the race for President. That’s the bottom line.

    Any corrupt President is a bad President. And that includes Bill Clinton. And yes, he is in collusion with the Bush’ and their ilk. And yes, you DO have a chip on your shoulder, that is very apparent.

  8. Ladywolf writes: All I did was predict that if she gets the NY Senate Seat, she will become the first female POTUS.

    And you base this on old people hanging in there for the sake of nostalgia?

    I don’t care who is the first woman president or even if we have one. I want the best for POTUS.

    Perhaps if people were to use their intellect rather than they dynasty concept, we may have some hope.

    I never voted for Clinton, but he wasn’t a bad president. It is laughable your hating on the Clintons and placing them in the same place as the Bushes. I saw some good legislation coming out of that administration. Was Bill corrupt? Hell yes. And then some.

    Hillary was elected to the NY Senate. She enjoyed better than 70% approval ratings. Must have done something right.
    She won more votes in the primary than BHO. If not for his caucuses, he would have lost.

    Now that he is there, I can only hope for the best. When 2012 rolls around, I will evaluate his performance and he may even get my vote.

    As for 2016, I wouldn’t hazard a guess. I guess I still have that chip on my shoulder….

    LadyWolf, calm down. If you are going to make an off the wall statement about a woman who has never served a day in office being POTUS in 8 short years, it invites comments you may not like regarding common sense and realism.
    If the shoe fits…… Hey at least it didn’t get thrown at you….

  9. Hi Walter,

    Your point in your last line would be a very valid one, if New Yorkers actually feel that way. I apologize if I give the impression that I don’t care for the people of New York and what they want. Of COURSE that is important, as whoever occupies that Senate seat represents the people of New York. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    I can understand your feeling resentment toward Hillary, since she obviously moved to NY to use the Senate seat as a stepping stone. However, Caroline Kennedy was reared in New York most of her life. She, imo, can be considered a native New Yorker. I can understand your being upset IF she’s only using the seat as a stepping stone to be POTUS, but that may not be the case. I highly doubt that the seat is anything more than a stepping stone to CKS, but that’s just my personal opinion based on my knowledge of Democratic politics. I know the Democrats are looking to secure a longtime hold on the majority and that could be one way to do it.

    What are your concerns, and who would you choose to represent you in that Senate seat? And what reasons would you choose that person?

  10. I would suggest you get the chip off your shoulder and stop hurling personal insults at people in this forum, Sherry. You twist my words then say I use no common sense.

    Sometimes the people elected in America are not elected by those with “common sense”. That’s how we got Bush and the Clintons. Were we to get Caroline Kennedy for a POTUS someday, it remains to be seen whether the electorate votes with common sense. All I did was predict that if she gets the NY Senate Seat, she will become the first female POTUS. I didn’t say she would have my vote, or even that I thought it would be right or wrong. I just made the prediction based on my knowledge of the American psyche as a whole. Most Americans have a soft spot for Caroline Kennedy, especially older Americans, and would vote for her no matter WHAT she stands for, quite frankly. And who cares where her children went to school? Do you have wealth envy?!?

    Even though you say “MOST” who voted for Obama turned a blind eye to his flaws, don’t you mean “ANY”? Your attitude says that, believe me. I’m well aware that Obama may not be what he seems. I am also well aware that he has voted for some things I wished he hadn’t voted for. I am quite aware that no one, including Obama, is perfect, without flaws. But he’s certainly one hell of a lot better than John McCain could have even hoped to be, so pardon me if I prefer to be optimistic rather than the bitter, resentful, insulting, pessimist you appear to be by your actions in this forum. Oh, and please, there is no need to anguish or dread my appearance of a lack of common sense. I assure you I’m quite in control of my mental faculties, both the common and the uncommon senses.

  11. Freedom and Justice for All!

    Curious question for Walter Wouk from a fellow New Yorker:
    Who would you like to see appointed to take Hillary Clinton’s seat until the next election and why, in your opinion, is that person a better candidate than Caroline Kennedy?

  12. Ladywolf, their is a difference between optimism and delusion.
    Some on this board would do well to learn the difference.

  13. But they don’t HAVE a say! They voluntarily gave that say away when, acting through the legislature, they decided that the Governor would have the only say. If the people of New York don’t like it they have a political process under which to change the system.

    And Hillary was foisted off on you? From wiki: “(Hillary) Clinton won the election on November 7, 2000, with 55 percent of the vote to Lazio’s 43 percent.” Foisted off on you? She won by 12 percentage points. All the people in New York had to do was vote for Lazio.

  14. Angst? I didn’t vote for Bush. Sure as hell didn’t vote for Obama, and while I hope for the best, I am not assuming he is here for 8 years.
    I have a wait and see attiude. If people consider that angst, so be it.
    People are so full of hope and change, but I see that BHO has appointed Washington insiders, and has adopted Bush’s communications model. That doesn’t sound like change to me, but we’ll see.
    As for Caroline, the idea of her is presposterous on its face. when people like Ladywolf call our elections 4 and 8 years in advance, the thoughtlessness of that is breathtaking.
    Most of the people who voted for Obama turned a blind eye to his flaws and those of us who saw them were “negative”
    Not only does Ladywolf have Caroline (who can’t take a question from the press regarding her qualifications) not yet been appointed, Ladywolf has her as POTUS.
    She points to BHO’s constitutional scholar status, but is remiss in noting he voted for FISA. Isn’t that a clue that perhaps he is not all that interested in restoring the constitution?
    As for Caroline, she wrote a book on the constitution, but will she defend it? What are her economic policies? She raised money for NY public schools, but did her children attend there?
    I require a bit of knowledge about the people I support and hold them accountable.
    My angst is with the people who refuse to apply something resembling common sense.

  15. Hey Sherry – you must drop your loser attitude. Ladywolf is right. What sort of angst do you feel when you look in the mirror?

  16. None of the previous commentators has expressed a wit of concern for the voters of New York State who have no say in this matter.

    “Hillary Dearest” was foisted upon us by the “Clintonistas” in the Democratic Party; and now the Kennedy Cult are trying to stick us with Princess Caroline.

    Simply stated, New Yorkers do not need another presidential aspirant pretending to represent us.

  17. Ladywolf, let’s talk about Obama’s ethics in 6 months. His press people have already said they are using the Bush model for communication.
    Nuff said.

  18. This country desperately needs it’s dose of optimism right now, Sherry. It’s people like YOU who are trying their best to bring everyone down to Sad Sack level. Republicans Lost. Hillary Lost. Get over it.

    I never voted for Bush, nor would I. I’m not a Democrat either. Low standards?!? I’ve seen Barack Obama conduct himself with higher standards and more intellect the past few months than I’ve seen from Any politician in decades. It has nothing, but nothing, to do with his “looks”, or that he’s black, or a democrat. It has everything to do with how he articulates himself and his ideals, and how he conveys hope to a country who has had no hope for a long, long time, thanks to the Bush’ and the Clintons and their dishonest, greedy ilk.

    I feel pity for you, Sherry, for being so devoid of any hope that you would do your utmost to bring down the hope of others who choose to be more optimistic than yourself. Truly pitiful. You’re insulting to others here who voice their opinions, calling people silly asses. No matter what we might think of those who voted for Bush, it was their right to do so, and now they, and we, suffer the consequences, but we don’t stoop to name calling here. Why don’t you follow your own advice to Carl and go have a hot drink and relax?

  19. Kibitzer, I couldn’t agree more. The truth of the past NEEDS to come out, and if Caroline comes into the light, it most definitely will.

  20. Exactly, Carl. Bill and Hill have no more ethics than the shrub who’s in office right now. I get a much better sense of ethics coming from the Obama camp than the Clintons have ever shown.

    I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect ethical honesty. The Clintons do not have it. I’ve seen more ethical behavior from Obama in the past few months than I ever saw from the Clintons in two decades.

  21. Can someone please help me to understand how people have already assumed BHO will serve two terms?
    Are his fans so drunk on the kool aid they don’t care what kind of job he actually does? Are your standards that darned low?
    Is it because he is a democrat? Black? Good looking?
    I have never seen such utter brainless drivel in my life.
    You sound like those silly ass Bush fans who had him doing two terms and Jeb to follow. Holy cow people. I will say it again. Get a dose of reality. Let’s see what happens.
    BHO may great. He may be a dud. We don’t know.

  22. Excellent article Doug, I hope Bart quotes it…

    Hillary is in the BEST position she can be in right now…

    Sec of State…

  23. Freedom and Justice for All!

    I am delighted that Barack Obama is our President Elect. And I think that Hillary Rodham is capable of doing an outstanding job as Secretary of State. I am also pleased that someone else will be the Senator from New York. Caroline Kennedy is not a bad choice. In fact, Caroline Kennedy might be someone I would vote for for President after Mr. Obama finishes his two terms. Hillary Clinton? Never. She wants it too much. She’s already sacrificed too much to get it. Nobody who wants any public office as much as Hillary has wanted the Presidency should ever be elected to that office.

  24. Considering the majority of BHO’s delegates came from “caucuses”, and comes from the sewer of Chicago politics, I am not all that hopeful BHO is any different. For one thing, he appointed old Clinton hands. I thought this was a “new” day in Washington.
    Carl, the joke is on all who believed in him.
    Speaking of hiding behind press secretaries, poor Caroline couldn’t be bothered to take questions when asked what her qualifications were. Perhaps she is counting on the fans of Camelot.

  25. I find this a most intriguing subject. FWIW, and IMCO: The Clintons and the Bushes are of a different ‘clan’ than the Kennedys, and this ‘issue’ is starting to bring up things from beneath the surface of American politics. Thus, it’s not just that Uncle Ted came out for the new kid on the Democratic block, and helped cut Hillary off at the free pass to the presidency, that is involved here. This is a far deeper matter. And it could be very important for the ultimate reconciliation process in America – the reconciliation of a great fictional deceit to the truth of matters – if a Kennedy did arrive now on the national scene, and helped bring the past, and that needed process, to a head.

    I think I’ll let my comment go at that. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

    Just to say: Personally I liked the idea of Elizabeth Holtzmann going for that seat. But my innate sense of justice tells me that something very important to the psyche of America could be served with Caroline coming out of the shadows, and into the light.

    Interesting times we live in…

  26. “She is mentally tougher than the slug we got.”…extract from post

    The ultimate question: is She “ethically” superior to the slug we got…?! This is my main concern about the continuing saga; ie., the “Billary” dog and pony show.

    That’s all I care about and I hope that Obama is not a disappointment in this singular area. He may not be perfect, but simply showing a “ray” of solid ethics and doing what’s morally right more often than not will be like a breath of fresh air in the Whitehouse and for the greater body politic in general… : |

    I’m tired of flimflam jive n’ shuck crooks hiding behind a press secretary and the compromised MSM.

    Carl Nemo **==

  27. I can relate to Hillary because I worked with a woman who could out work any man, and she found herself supporting buffoons like Hillary is cowtowing to Obama. Society is threatened by strong women. My friend eventually got the top spot, when literally the powers that be saw there was no one else. I left. She stayed. I gotta hand it to her.

    That said, in the primaries, Hillary’s strongest support came from upstate.
    Obama cheated his way in with the caucuses and the fact the DNC wanted him.
    It hit a personal chord for me. Hillary may disappoint me at some point and when she does, I will dump her like yesterday’s newspaper. She is mentally tougher than the slug we got. I only wish him the best now that he is there.
    I am sure as hell not banking on him in 2012. He can only pull the race card SO much. Now he has to perform.
    Back to Hill. Let’s see what she does. She earned her Senate seat. If the Princess wants it, let her earn it.

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