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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Is Karl Rove about to get the Bush boot?

Is Karl Rove the next one to feel George W. Bush's wrath?  Could be, if you believe the White House rumor mill.

Reports Paul Bedard in the U.S. News & World Report Washington Whispers column:

Is Karl Rove the next one to feel George W. Bush’s wrath?  Could be, if you believe the White House rumor mill.

Reports Paul Bedard in the U.S. News & World Report Washington Whispers column:

It’s an ugly rumor, but it’s spreading like wildfire: Karl Rove has lost his touch. In an amazing betrayal within a family where top political aide Rove is royalty, Bushies have been sneering at his pre-election happy talk that the gop would keep the Senate and take a slight hit in the House, both soon to be run by Democrats. And now we learn that President Bush really believed the GOP was safe, too. On the day before the elections, he asked embattled House gop leader Dennis Hastert to run for speaker again so he could guide the White House’s agenda in Congress.

19 thoughts on “Is Karl Rove about to get the Bush boot?”

  1. Tom – I agree with you 100%. The term anti-semite has been over-used. Nazis were anti-semites that killed Jews in Auschwitz.

    But those who critique the manipulative policies that Zionists use to influence the masses and elected officials in the USA, to the benefit of Israel is not anti-semitic.

    It’s actually patriotic to oppose those who are attempting to manipulate the USA to the benefit of outside interests.

    This Jew explains it better than most.

  2. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised or expect that Rove would be allowed to remain. Anyone who fails the incompetent spoiled little rich brat is gone. Dumbya has no ability to do anything but will never take the responsibility for any failure. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself. All failures are blamed on others and they are gone. That’s his life story. He served Rove his notice at the press conference right after the election. Rummy was the first to go. He blamed him for Iraq pulling him down and he blames Rove for the election defeat and so on with the others. The danger here is that he may do something really stupid in an attempt to regain his power. To Impeach him might trigger a desperate move by him that would be disastrous. We must remember he is a spoiled little brat and he will react like one. I think it best to box him in gently for the next two years to hold the damage down and then go after him and the rest with criminal charges when he no longer has the pardon power.

  3. Rove, like Luntz, Gingrich and the rest are all one trick ponies. Frighten the foolish and slander the rest was the only “insight” they had. Once the public grew tired of it and demanded responsible actions they folded. But someone will hire them thinking maybe, just maybe a little of the magic is still left.

  4. Rove was never the genius that the media made him out to be. He was a ruthless little prick with no scruples, honor, or morals but he was only really tough when the Bushies all stood around him (kinda like Frank Sinatra and his thugs). It would really be interesting if Bush unloaded this pompous, closeted, hero-worshipper. He might just go home and blow his brains out.

  5. Hey Joe and Bat, are you sure you’re not a couple of overly sensitive jews?

    I called attention to Abramoff’s jewishness because he’s the one who called attention to his religion by suddenly donning the attire of the orthodox jew after he was caught. They all seem to get religion after they get caught.

    As for pointing out jewish influence in government you can call me a bigot or an anti-semite if you wish, I really don’t give a shit. It doesn’t worry me like it does some people. The term anti-semite is largely employed to silence any and all criticism of Israel and it will never silence me.

    I feel the same way about the Cubans who snuck out of Cuba and who strive to shape our foreign policy to accomodate their views.

    I’ve got this outlandish notion that America should concern itself with its own problems and invite all foreign influence, be they Cubans or Israel-firsters, to fuck off! Clear enough for you? (Give Abramoff my love and tell him he can drop the fedora now, it didn’t work)

  6. The house of cards, were all jokers, they soon fall.

    GWB, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Rumfeld already gone Dec. 17,

    Wake up time in US time to clean the brain dead and ego
    war hawks out. Peace to the world when they are gone.

    Time for a real man to be President, where are you, please come forward now.


  7. Doubtom’s reference to Abramoff as a “jewish moneybags” only goes to show that the bigots are not only on the right. Shame on you!


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