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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Obama: Too many broken promises

The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression has sent the American economy into free fall and moved the war in Iraq to the back burner.

Which is a good thing for President-elect Barack Obama because it detracts from another broken promise from the campaign of the nation's first African-American president.


The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression has sent the American economy into free fall and moved the war in Iraq to the back burner.

Which is a good thing for President-elect Barack Obama because it detracts from another broken promise from the campaign of the nation’s first African-American president.

During his campaign, Obama promised the American people he would bring American troops home from Iraq in 16 months. He’s admitted he can’t do that now. He knew he couldn’t do it when he made the claims during the campaign. But it sure sounded good to all those new, young voters who wanted to end the war.

At best, America will end its combat role in Iraq by 2011 – a deadline set by the Iraqi government and supported by Obama. His decision to keep Bush’s defense secretary – Robert Gates – in charge of the Pentagon represents a major rollback in his promise for a swift end to the war in Iraq.

Campaign promises are normally as dispensable as a condom after sex so we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama’s reneging on Iraq is just another in a growing litany of "well, I may have said that, but…"

But Obama promised to be different. He promised to be a Presidential candidate who kept his promises and he broke that promise too.

Obama said lobbyists – the real power brokers in Washington – would have no role in his government yet his transition team is packed with lobbyists and they’re the ones making recommendations on who should get top jobs and setting the legislative agenda of the new administration.

He promised an end to the old way of doing things but, so far, he has stacked his cabinet with retreads from past administrations schooled in – you guessed it — the old way of doing things.

He promised an end to the bitter partisanship of the past yet his first appointment as President-elect was the most partisan member of Congress as his chief of staff. Rahm Emmanuel is not only a rapid partisan but a former political operative who makes Karl Rove look like a Sunday school teacher.

Perhaps we should have paid more attention to an early indicator of Obama’s disregard for keeping his word. He promised to accept public financing if his opponent did. McCain accepted public financing and Obama broke that promise because he could raise and spend more money outside the system. And he raised more than $750 million. That’s three-quarters of a billion.

Some say Obama bought the election. Buying an election is old-school politics – something Barack Obama said he would bring to an end.

At this point, an Obama supporter will probably rise up in self-righteous anger and tell me we need to give the new guy a chance.

He’s had a chance…several in fact.

So far, he’s blown most of them.

I hope I’m wrong about this guy. America may not be strong enough to survive another four years of failure in the White House.

The Obama faithful keep chanting "let’s wait and see" and promise us that Obama will be the next Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Let’s hope he is. Let’s hope star-struck American voters have not been mesmerized by style over substance.

Let’s hope the new FDR is not really just a recycled Herbert Hoover.

36 thoughts on “Obama: Too many broken promises”

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  2. Think? Think? You want them to think instead of simply parroting the poisonous crap from Limbaugh, Hanratty, Coulter, and all the others who are so upset because we might finally have some sanity in our government?

    Surely, you jest. They say it isn’t their job to try to help the country, only to tear down a newly-elected leader before he even takes office. I sometimes wish there were a Constitutional clause that permitted revocation of citizenship, or at least a test for it.

  3. As the old saying goes, “You can give some of the people everything that they want all of the time. You can give can give all of the people some of what they want all of the time. But you can’t give all of the people all that they want all of the time.” Who said that? Hmmmm, I don’t know…maybe every politician whose ever lived?

    It appears that we have over 299 (plus) Million Monday Morning Presidents crying out how the game should have been played last November 4th. But more in particular, so many Monday Morning Presidents are very torn by the new players that the coach hired to play in future games…that’s yet to even leave the bench to get out onto the field.

    ChescoRes…I think you are on to something…something worth thinking about.

  4. I swear I can’t decide if reading this crap makes me want to laugh out loud or throw up.

    Looks like we bought ourselves another radical-right Israel-pandering banker-bailing workingman-stiffing heap o’ conservative nightmare.
    Obama has since devolved from mister perfect change, to “go along to get along” typical politician and those who don’t have lying eyes are pointing it out. Rightfully so. He was supposed to be different, thus far he hasn’t been.

    OK people, try, PLEASE try to get this through your stinkin heads.


    The thought that we can somehow judge what he’s going to do before he does it is simply ridiculous.

    I asked it of Doug already and now I’m telling the rest of you.

    Get a grip!!!

    And for all you transparent Repubs who are looking for ANYTHING to criticize and whine about, just remember how you reacted when we screamed about the President doing things like lying us into an illegal war. You were the “America, love it leave it” crowd.

    So now the shoe is on the other foot, except of course, that Obama hasn’t commited any war crimes or constitutional violations, or …. gee ANY crime at ALL!

    And yet you are convinced the country’s about to go down the tubes. Welcome to my last eight years.

  5. It is the responsibility of the nation’s citizens to hold the government accountable. It’s not about supporting or not supporting him. It is about holding him to the standard.
    He either makes the grade or he doesn’t.

  6. Precisely. We become angry with one party and run to the other, which is just as bad as the party we abandoned.
    Obama’s well documented massaging of the caucuses went without criticism in the main stream media. He cheated his way to the nomination. He is straight out of Chicago politics and people actually bought this whole “change” crap.
    Axelrod noted right after the election that Obama had spoken with the Illinois governor, but once arrested, the Obama camp is claiming Obama had no such conversation. Note to Barry: the governor’s house was bugged. Think about it.
    This may be Barry’s new Whitewater. The burning question is, will the race card work this time?
    It’s truly sad, because this nation desperately needs a president. Desperately.

  7. I’m trying to make the country better by pointing out the 2 party system has, is, and will fail us each and every time.

    Change = voting 3rd party. Recycling the establishment is futile.

    At first Obama was spot on, said all the right things a supposed change agent should. I still didn’t vote for him, he was transparently phony.

    Obama has since devolved from mister perfect change, to “go along to get along” typical politician and those who don’t have lying eyes are pointing it out. Rightfully so. He was supposed to be different, thus far he hasn’t been.

    Maybe this time it will make clear both parties fail the same each & every time no matter who the mouthpiece is… voting for either one is a true “waste” of a vote.

  8. There you have it, folks. Six weeks until the inauguration and already at least two votes for impeachment. Ain’t nobody good enough for our country. Let’s get rid of all of ’em and let the country run itself.

    If you two (GovtFlu and DejaVuAllOver) have something constructive to offer, please offer it. Otherwise quit your infantile whining. We have heard you over and over again and it wears quite thin.

    You can help to make your country better or you can make it worse. Right now you are trying to make it worse by undermining support for Barack Obama, who is asking for and needing all the help he can get.

  9. During the campaign, we saw Obama constantly shifting positions, which is about as unusual as marital infidelity from conservatives. But now we’re seeing the true color of Obama from his cabinet picks, his first measurable and quantifiable action as The Big Cheese. Looks like we bought ourselves another radical-right Israel-pandering banker-bailing workingman-stiffing heap o’ conservative nightmare. And I must say, it scares the holy-stinky-stuff outa me.

  10. Expecting any DC Mafia politician to tell the truth during a campaign is a recipe for disappointment. They lie like they breathe and Obama sold himself as a change agent to win.

    He knows the political clout he’s got, his many fans will forgive him for awhile and the party sheep will stick to the flock no matter what. Besides that ANYTHING at this point is still better that the low budget Bush league neoclowns.

    Politics is two words; poli = “many”, tics = “useless bloodsuckers”.

  11. Snafubar…interesting comment.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m not a Christian, or affiliated with any religion or related type belief. But being born in a culture that has a very large population of religions that teaches Christianity I’m very familiar with all of the related stories.

    There was a reason that I used Jesus to make a point in my previous posting.

    Jesus was considered to be flawless, completely without sin, or just plain perfect. It’s really apparent to me that people didn’t want to hear his message, which might have alluded to something like, All beings had abilities beyond their understanding, but they just wanted him to perform miracles. Everybody just wants the good stuff, not have to put out the efforts to engage in all of the tasks that it takes to learn and practice to achieve such enhanced skills.

    Now I’m not trying to compare the skills of Obama with those to have allegedly existed for Jesus, but I see a pattern that is similar. Jesus, living as a human, living in the flesh, didn’t have the power that he needed to fix everything for everybody. But from all of the stories told, I don’t think that was his job, you know, to fix everything for everybody. It seems to me that his job was more related to delivering a message, or messages, that certainly included that it is the responsibility of all of humanity to work together to rise above their self-centered needs and help one another to overcome personal and social challenges.

    Obama isn’t the acting president. He doesn’t have to power to overthrow Bush’s seat in the government. Congress wouldn’t impeach Bush…so, he’s still the “Decider”. Given this situation, it would be impossible for Obama to exercise his elected powers until January 20th. We don’t have a clue as to the purity or imperfections of his appointments or his policies. Yet, as we all sit here pondering our fate, so many are trying to hoist the guy up on the cross, metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Good thing that stoning people to death for their perceived indiscretions is, well, should be against the law. But in today’s times, we have completely new technologies of stoning people to death without rocks and they are all related to various forms of public methods of communicating tools and mediums that disseminate opinions and ideas. You know, things like the Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, radio and such.

    So it looks like to me that we don’t want to hear Obama’s message…we just want him to perform miracles…and the guy doesn’t even have the legal authority to take action that would be required to begin to solve our critical problems. If we listened to Obama’s messages then we would have to admit that we all are going to have to participate in self-sacrifice, challenges that were so unanticipated just months ago, losses that are devastating…and joining together as a society to be individual cogs in the wheel of progress and resolve.

    How about we all try to thinking about the term, “Progress Not Perfection”. Let’s try doing our daily foot-work to do our part in our country’s crises… and not place expectations on the outcomes that we can’t possibly know.

    Obama isn’t President! Just because the present President is a way less than desirable President…doesn’t make Obama automatically responsible for doing the current President’s job.

    HOWEVER, all things considered, I think that Obama is doing way more than what we might has seen and experienced had the election outcome been different.

  12. “Seems to me like we (society in general) are always looking for some reason to hang somebody on a cross (metaphorically speaking, of course).”

    When someone is hung on a cross, people gather and stare, imagine if the Romans could have put big billboards behind jesus advertising the best deals at local hotels. It’s all about the benjamins man, nobody would read this if Doug fellated Obama with heaping praise, gotta keep the flow coming in.

  13. Eggplant , I’m OK with his being a pragmatist , no problems with that . But isn’t the very idea of pragmatism finding out what works and doing that ? If thats the case , why is he packing his cabinet with conservative economists and thinkers? If there has ever been an ideology and economic theory that has been disproven it’s conservatism , so where’s the pragmatism ? The 1890’s , 1920’s , 1990’s , and the present economic mess , all caused by conservative economics that had to and with the present case need to be fixed by liberal economic ideas . Not to mention Peru , Argentina , Indonesia and others all had failed conservative economic experiments , not to mention bush and company were trying to use Iraq as a proving ground for yet another failed conservative economic test . As all of our economic crash’s since 1890 have been directly caused by conservative economic theory I believe it would be safe to say , IT DOESN’T WORK , never has , never will , so why is he appointing nothing but conservative economic ( gag ) thinkers and advisers to his cabinet ? In the mean time he has appointed not one , zilch , nada , zero liberal thinker to any position , much less treasury where liberal thinkers and ideas are desperately needed . So exactly where’s the pragmatism ? Surrounding himself with people who espouse , are steeped in and in many case’s are the architects of the current mess while ignoring those people who were predicting this from the beginning reminds me more of Einsteins pronouncement ” insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results ” than pragmatism . I mean , really , he said he wanted lots of different ideas . OK , so why has he surrounded himself with nothing but conservatives , not one liberal in the mix .

  14. Doug,

    Two quick things:

    First, he CAN’T have broken any promises yet, because as of yet, he doesn’t have the power to KEEP any of his promises.

    Get a grip, please.

    And second, there is this:

    “Some say Obama bought the election. “

    You’re giving us a strawman argument with a link to NEWSMAX!?!? Are you kidding?

    Time to call another “review” of your site. Where’s that “real” journalist that did it for you before?

  15. I question many of his appointments, especially in the financial arena. That being said, I will wait and see. I believe, that ultimately, he is a pragmatist, and that is what we need right now. I believe that he has a vision that includes fairness as the core value. I like the fact that he has placed a willing, able team, ready to attack from the first day in place. There are many minefields out there, let’s see how he negotiates them, once he is in office.

  16. Let’s keep in mind, too, that the reason Obama and McCain didn’t agree to use public financing was that McCain wouldn’t agree to call off the 527s: the same swift-boaters who made a mockery of the process by turning a war-hero (John Kerry) into what appeared to be a coward, while he was running against someone who didn’t even bother to show up for his stateside job of keeping the skies over Alabama safe! Saying he bought the election is ridiculous, unless you want to compare that to the way Republicans have used their campaigns in the past, with public funds accentuated by 527s spending millions on hate ads and PAC ads that are equally reprehensible in most cases. Obama was simply too smart to go along with the usual Republican game plan: McCain couldn’t even put a lid on Sarah Palin, his rabble-rousing VP pick, when she started her hate-filled rhetoric and incited her crowds to shout threats and show their violent tendancies, assuming he wanted to put a lid on it.

    Obama obviously knew just whom he was dealing with. That’s why he didn’t take the money. Don’t you think other organizations could have taken in those contributions for his campaign as well? There were millions of people who wanted Barack Obama to be elected president (though not you I suppose), so they would have found a way to give it to somebody for that purpose, I assure you.

    This election was not bought, unless you consider that it was paid for by millions upon millions of Americans who gave contributions averaging less than $100 each. That IS public financing.

  17. A great line was delivered by Robert Duvall in the movie Apocalypse Now in which he said, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” I’m beginning to appreciate that line more and more. When you live in an explosive, violent, and vile world long enough, eventually you have to be able to find something about it that you like.

    I do believe that a few folks are ready for another presidential election as this past one wasn’t quite satisfactory enough for them. I’m not a Christian, but let’s just pretend that Jesus ran and was elected as President-Elect (I might have voted for him). I just don’t believe that Jesus could have been elected and kept all of his campaign promises…or selected all of the right cabinet and advisory members that would have completely appeased all.

    Seems to me like we (society in general) are always looking for some reason to hang somebody on a cross (metaphorically speaking, of course).

    Damn good thing there’s no official or legal mandate for multiculturalism. There’s enough groups vying for power as it is.

    As my grandma use to say, “When it hurts hard enough, long enough, you’ll stop doing whatever it is that is causing the pain.”

    So you ask…what’s all of the above have to do with broken promises? Welp, think about it.

  18. We’ll know nothing for sure until policies start being implemented. I think implementation is the key here. Obama is already on record that his cabinet’s job will be to carry out his policies. When the rubber starts to hit the pavement, then we can criticize. Until then, it’s just speculation. If these folks don’t perform as promised, then we’ll see.

    Obama and his crew have got to perform under very delicate circumstances, and frankly, I don’t care what their ideology is, as long as they get results. I hope I don’t live to regret those words.

  19. The problem is that seemingly all of his advisors are conservatives , so what kind of advice do you think he will be getting ? Hint , he’s already backing away from raising taxes on the wealthy which is historically one of the best things you can do to help the economy . Conservatives hate the idea but history shows clearly that when taxes are raised on the rich the economy improves. They stop hoarding funds and paying themselves enormous amounts ( not to mention buying fresh new politicians ) and plow funds back into their business to lighten their tax payment ( look what happened when the wealthy were taxed at over 90% , huge growth and reinvestment ) . If I may offer an analogy , If your car was running badly and you knew of two mechanics , one who every time he worked on your car it stopped running or ran worse than when you took it in and another that you then had to always take it to who would fix it . Which would you go to with car problems ? By the logic you attribute to Obama I guess you keep taking it to the guy who doesn’t know how to fix it assuming that because you told him to fix it he will this time . As far as not caring what their ideology is , if they are steeped in right wing ideology that is the approach they are going to try to follow ? If all his advisers are right wing ideologs ( which they are ) what kind of advice do you think he will be getting ? Ideolog and pragmatist are opposite and opposing terms . By surrounding himself with right wing ideologs for both advice and implimentation I find believing he is going to be pragmatic a bit hard to swallow . I am also not saying they won’t get results , but you might refer back to my Einstein quote .

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