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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Telling Bush to stick it where the sun don’t shine

As George W. Bush licked his wounds following the humiliating public rejection of his failed Iraq war policies in the November mid-term elections, he knew he had one chance left to force his autocratic agenda on America.

Following the election, Bush challenged the outgoing Republican leadership of Congress to approve two key items on his radical agenda: Pass his expanded, and some say illegal, domestic spying program and confirm controversial United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, another lame duck whose recess appointment ran out at the end of the year.

As George W. Bush licked his wounds following the humiliating public rejection of his failed Iraq war policies in the November mid-term elections, he knew he had one chance left to force his autocratic agenda on America.

Following the election, Bush challenged the outgoing Republican leadership of Congress to approve two key items on his radical agenda: Pass his expanded, and some say illegal, domestic spying program and confirm controversial United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, another lame duck whose recess appointment ran out at the end of the year.

Bush, who aides say is becoming increasingly bitter and withdrawn, saw approval of both as his only opportunity to salvage something from the election debacle – a last desperate chance to save face.

But Republicans, angry at an unpopular President they felt cost them control of Congress, wanted nothing to do with anything remaining on Bush’s agenda. Sen. Lincoln Chaffee, a rare GOP moderate who lost only because he has a "R" after his name, didn’t like Bush or Bolton and used the final days of his committee chairmanship to block Bolton’s permanent nomination.

And the Republican-led Congress is expected to adjourn for good at the end of this week, leaving the domestic terrorism surveillance bill on the table – a political hot potato that stands little chance of passage once the Democrats take over in January.

Bush told Republicans that he "must have" the law to fight terrorism. Republicans told Bush to go screw himself. They lost their jobs in part because of the President’s consistent abuse of power and they contributed to the stampede that trampled the Constitution into the dust. The voters sent a clear message that they had had enough of Republican control of Congress and those Republicans sent Bush a clear message that they, and the party, have had enough of him.

Not since the Democrats shunned Harry S. Truman in 1948 has a political party so abandoned its President and standard bearer. For six years, the moronic House and Senate leadership of the Republican party followed Bush into the abyss without question, without regard to consequence and without remembering that their first duty was to uphold the Constitution, not march in goose-step lockstep with the madman of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

They paid the price for such stupidity and their own corruption. Their only recourse was to tell Bush to stick his legislative agenda where the sun don’t shine, pack up their boxes, and sneak out of town like bandits on the run.

While Republicans who lost control of Congress blame Bush for their woes, they brought it upon themselves. The party that controlled Congress for the past 12 years bore little resemblance to the GOP that voters thought they put in control in 1994. The party that stood for small government increased the federal bureaucracy by monumental proportions, sent pork barrel spending to new heights and destroyed what little reputation the House and Senate might have once held.

The Republican rejection of Bush in the final days of the lame-duck session could, at first glance, seem like a long-overdue exercise of Congressional oversight of a President who has pretty much had it his way for the past six years.

It wasn’t. They didn’t reject John Bolton. They just let the nomination die. They didn’t reject Bush’s domestic spying program. They just left it on the table.

The final irony of the Republican Congress is that, in the end, they did their best work by doing nothing – a fitting finale to their 12 year reign of incompetence, corruption and scandal.

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  1. What we, the people, are doing is focusing on the past – we need desperately to fix our eyes on what is underway presently.

    The people et al are not hearing much about this yet but here is why.

    George W. Bush has already begun the process of forming a North American Union consisting of the US, Mexico, and Canada. This will be dressed up as the answer to the European Union and its “evil” power in the global economy.

    This North American Union would have no borders, allowing free travel between nations – at least initially – that would without doubt change soon after this Union was formed – with US citizens confined to this country and free travel from Mexico and cheap labor as a focus.

    In addition, to facilitate this North American Union the plans are on the drawing board for a trans Canada/US/Mexico 10 lane restricted access freeway with four adjunct freeways of similar size coast to coast – the Gulf of Mexico up into Canada – this without regard for the thousands and thousands of property owners and businesses in the path – to be accomplished by the unimaginable federal power to take said land by eminent domain and physical force at cheap dollar — without regard the damage to the US GNP as a result of this megalith monument to Corp America.

    This North American Union would require giving up US soverignty and trashing the Constitution completely. US and Canadian citizens would suffer the most damage from this “Union” as they still, in spite of all that has been done to them, have the higher standard of living.

    This “Union” may already have pegged the “working wage” at $7.50 an hour, thereby “leveling the playing field” for the vast majority of US and Canadian workers – making for all intents and purposes, slaves of said citizens.

    For this grand plan we can thank Corp America and its international cabal – along with its stooge president and all the other puppets this cabal has put in office.

    This is what we need to be fighting tooth and nail, and this is the issue that needs to be brought front and center during the 2008 presidential debates — this is the issue that will completely shatter our Constitution and any thought of an American way of life.

  2. @Sonorous Pest “Bush is a shining example of how not to govern a country.”

    I disagree (slightly); Robert Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe) is the best current example of how not to run a country; Bush is a third-rate bumpkin at trashing a country compared to Mugabe. During Bush’s term, we have yet to move from the largest food exporter (in terms of $) on our continent to a country dependent on international food aid. Bush has failed to crush the local economy to a fraction of its size prior to coming into power. Bush has yet to arrest his predecessor on (presumably) trump-ed up charges of having gay sex. Bush has yet to increase his country’s inflation rate even into the wimpy triple digits (Zimbabwe’s is in the quadruple digits for inflation – the exact numbers depend on which ones you trust, but even their own government pegs it at 1000%). Bush has yet to change the constitution to give him additional terms in office.

    Nope, I’m afraid that Bush is clearly at least second-rate at trashing a country compared to the shining model of President Mugabe.

  3. Bravo!
    I regret that the new congress will not impeach Bush. He needs to be held accountable for his constitutional trashing. And an example to others who would go so far as to trash the No.1 law of the land.
    Bush is a shining example of how not to govern a country.

  4. Above, John Hanks derides the USA as comprising crooks and suckers, thus denying any claim to be the greatest nation on Earth. Notably, he failed to name even one other nation he considers better.

    Doug, nice rant. Don’t, though, give the voters too much credit. It was the hubris the Rove/DeLay philosophy that crumpled the tent, when they jumped on the Terry Shiavo affair, ignoring that virtually everyone in the USA has had one or another version of the same grim end-of-life choices.

    Few, if any, in their heart of hearts and in the privacy of their quiet moments, could fail to see their own family being beset by meddlers and faux religionists. The Orwellian future was on their own doorsteps, and those who had been cheering the shredding of the Constitution took a hike.

    Once they stepped away from the dittoisms, the trend was obvious.

    The Democrats have a tough – maybe too tought – job ahead, but the can do their by remembering to put the interests of the country before the interests of the party.

  5. “Pass his expanded, and some say illegal, domestic spying program”
    Have you found a credible argument that his domestic spying program is legal? The only plausible legal argument I’ve found (from the administration and a small number of lawyers) is that although it’s contrary to FISA, this portion of FISA is “clearly” unconstitutional, since domestic spying is somehow under the enumerated powers of the executive branch (thus, under this theory, despite the law outlawing it, the president can do it anyway).

    Personally, I’m of the view that this program is clearly unconstitutional under Amendment IV (no probable cause = illegal search), but I’m curious if you’ve dug up a credible argument that I haven’t found.

  6. Amen, Doug. You hit the nail right on the head. Too bad we can’t rely on the next shift to raise sufficient hell to clean house. We ourselves must raise whatever hell we can in order to pressure them to do what’s right.

  7. Unless this congress holds Bush and account ie;Impeachment,they will not be reelected in o8.So we will have another GOP congress for the next eight years.

  8. Okay, Gentlemen, we managed to bring in a President who destroyed what was left of our individual rights and any hope for a limited government. A balanced budget was also thrown in the trash bin. I am so sorry that several of you cannot find the will to fight for our American Values.

    Did we elect a new Congress who realized the harm that G.W. Bush has done to our values or will they pile on even more abuse once they get into power?

    During Clinton’s presidency, the Conservatives decided to come up with a Contract for America that got the GOP back in the Congress but what did the Congress do with it? By 1996 Clinton was even more popular than anyone running as a Republican. Obviously we Republicans ignored our new pledge and decided to trash Clinton personally. By the time the blue dress hit the news, it was a call, not for a strong Republican movement but a call for the Religious Right. Fiscal Conservative agenda was trashed and a new Christian set of values was introduced. I saw the kiss of death with this action.

    Did no one in the GOP take a look at Gore’s plans and try to work against them? Nope! Did the GOP even mention a limited government, individual freedoms and a balance budget? Nope. They focused on Prohibitions to be entered into the Constitution to make us all feel that a Christian government was finally in power.

    I called this mess back in 1999 when Bush’s name was first mentioned and warned the GOP that living under a Christian nation would remove many of our freedoms found in the Bill of Rights. Individual Freedoms are exactly what the Christian Coalition did not want! Fiscal Conservatives were no longer welcomed in the State Republican Parties. I was asked to leave the Arizona State Party when they trashed the Goldwater agenda for a purely Christian one that would prohibit abortions, gay marriages and stem cell research.

    But here we go again and in 2008 we have a chance to dump the Neoconservatives out of power and stop all this crap about America marching for Democracy in those oil bearing nations. If there was ever a time for a new Republican Party to stand up to these fools who believe that the Federal government has 100% authority over all American Citizens. I wonder if the GOP is so badly damaged that a resurrection is even possible.

    I remember the fights in 1963 and 4 where the Big Business New York Rockefeller Republicans had their own plans for the GOP and I remember a group from Arizona who had a different idea. It was the Goldwater agenda of Limited Government, Individual Freedoms and Personal Responsibilities that won that day.. The Republican Conference in San Francisco came home with Barry Goldwater as their candidate.

    It is possible to do this again? I will rejoin the Republican Party and work, write and support anyone who will run on a positive agenda.

    Doug, you hit the whole truth in your Rant! It is a keeper! I fear for more government growth under the Democrats and if the RNC comes up with a Christian Coalition candidate we can only have more of the same that we have seen in the last 6 years. Your Rant this morning is the most encouraging commentary I’ve read in a long time. I thank you for it!

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