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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Leaving Iraq: A campaign promise that can’t be kept

The November mid-term elections are viewed as a referendum on George W. Bush's failed Iraq war. Voters turned out the GOP leadership of Congress because they want America out of Iraq.

So, when are we leaving?

We're not. Not now. Not anytime soon. Perhaps never.

You might have missed the point amid all the news attention aimed at the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes sham marriage or the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline split but as soon as the election was over, anyone with a "lets get out of Iraq" message got shoved into the background.

The November mid-term elections are viewed as a referendum on George W. Bush’s failed Iraq war. Voters turned out the GOP leadership of Congress because they want America out of Iraq.

So, when are we leaving?

We’re not. Not now. Not anytime soon. Perhaps never.

You might have missed the point amid all the news attention aimed at the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes sham marriage or the Britney Spears-Kevin Federline split but as soon as the election was over, anyone with a "lets get out of Iraq" message got shoved into the background.

The new Democratic leadership in Congress is talking about finding "workable solutions" in Iraq, which is Washington doublespeak for "we don’t have the slightest damn idea how to get out of this mess."

Bottom line: We’re stuck there, right in the middle of a deepening civil war, and too many more American soldiers will die because nobody in power has a "workable solution" that will get us out of an uncontrollable situation we created.

The one Democrat who spoke out the loudest about the need to get the hell out of Iraq – Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha – got bitch slapped by his own party in his bid for a leadership post. True, Murtha also has some ethical problems but many Democrats admit privately they are uncomfortable with Murtha’s staunch "get out of Iraq quickly" stance.

Whatever message the voters may or may not have sent on Election Day is lost as the new leadership forms and moderation becomes the mantra of the day. Hardcore Democratic activists may want Bush impeached but it won’t happen in the new Congress. Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have made that clear.

And even the staunchest, most liberal anti-war Democrats now say "more study" is needed to deal with Iraq.

Problem is, once the election ended and the rhetoric cooled, the new power structure in Congress realized that Iraq is, as it long has been, a no-win scenario with few options.

As the country plunges deeper and deeper into uncontrollable civil war, Pentagon leaders say the only military solution is more troops on the ground. Military solutions, however, are seldom compatible with political ones and few want to send in even more American troops to die in a fruitless cause.

But withdrawal is a tough call because abandoning the country at this point would leave it in worse shape than it was under Saddam – not to mention its growing status as a fertile spawning ground for future terrorists.

So don’t look for any resolutions calling for withdrawal to emerge anytime soon from the new Congress. Don’t expect a timetable because one ain’t coming.

Like it or not, we’re in Iraq for the long haul and we may never be able to leave. The same war that defined the 2006 election will most likely shape the 2008 Presidential year and perhaps even political campaigns into the next decade.

25 thoughts on “Leaving Iraq: A campaign promise that can’t be kept”

  1. OF COURSE the US is not withdrawing from Iraq! Israel will not allow it. Nothing is going to change until Zionism becomes the major issue in US election campaigns. Candidates for office must show that they are loyal to the US, not Israel. Hopes that Democratic control of Congress would get us out of Iraq were sorely misplaced because Democrats are even more owned by the Israel lobby than the Republicans. Our “representatives” in Congress represent the interests of Israel more than our own.

  2. The Ulluminati control events around the world. They have for hundreds of years. At present, the United States Military is being used as thier force to gain world dominance. All in the name of democracy and freedom. It is a sham. 911 was the latest false flag operation to falsely gain the approval of the citizens to conduct aggression into the middle east. Afganistan and Iraq are just the beginning of this movement. The plan is to eliminate 80% of the world population and to achieve total control of the remaining slaves with big brother technology. Bio Chip everyone and you will have absolute control. We are entering a period of the master plan that is rapidly evolving into a one world government controlled by the Illuminati. A police state. If you don’t see that, you are fooling yourselves. The war on terrorism is a sham to scare people into giving away freedom for an illusion of security. Hitler did it. Is not the same scenerio happening now? If this is not fascism that we are witnessing, what is? The haves want more and they are getting it, while the have nots are getting less and less. Just look what has happened to the Constitution. Read the Bill of Rights and see what is left of that document. The Dems won’t fix anything. Both parties have the same basic agenda and it has nothing to do for the well being of America or the rest of the world. It is a very sad situation for mankind that will only get worse for some time to come. Eliminate the Federal Reserve Banking System and you will have a good start on changing the status quo. Otherwise nothing is going to change the course of world chaos and human misery. Tell Isreal to fuck off and do thier own dirty work, as they are the core of all evil. Recent events pretty much show what evil doers they really are. Check out the lobbying power they have over our congress. Most of the money comes from them, money that sets policy through our crooked lawmakers that run on greed and lies. Name one politician besides Ron Paul who is honest and sincere about representing the people and upholding the constitutional principals that they are sworn to follow. Corruption and scandle are rampant in both parties. Illuminati Corporate Money runs the political agenda in this country. Not the will of the people. Not the morale conscience of the working class.

    We will be in the Middle East and other third world countries, killing and stealing natural resources for a long time to come. Don’t expect any positive outcome, our government is still highjacked and controlled by the Illuminati.

  3. Isn’t it funny that the so called anti-war people are changing their tune now that Congress will be controlled by Democrats. There is a lot less demand that we “pull out yesterday”, now that Democrats would be responsible for the consequences if an immediate withdrawal was forced by them.

    The control of Congress by Democrats was not won by Dems running on an anti-war platform. They were relatively quiet on the issue. The Dems that ran on a “pull out of Iraq now” platform, like Ned Lamont, lost, while Dems that support the continuation of the war in Iraq, like Hillary Clinton and Bill Nelson of Florida, won re-election easily.

    The Democrat Party did a bait and switch on the Iraq war with the American people.

    Now is the time to stop complaining about Bush, and call the newly empowered Democrats and demand they live up to their promises.

  4. It’s a bit hard to feel sorry for Americans. After all, the greater majority supported this war even though a sincere and patriotic minority warned of the disastrous consequences. Seems to me the only reason why so many have changed their minds is because you are loosing and loosing badly.

    Had you won you would have all rejoiced in the glory of victory and the creation of a democratic garden in the Middle East; fashioned in your own image. Unfortunately as predicted all you have created is a garden of depraved glory, and you are stuck with it.

    Sadly frat boy has finally been given too much rope and this time he has done to a Nation what he has done to everything since blowing a frog to pieces. Now try putting the frog back together; that will be the legacy of the Bush regime.

    My sincere condolences to the minority of decent and reasonable Americans but to all those who so “patriotically” championed this cowardly and ill planned debacle all I have to say is “quite frankly…..” you know the rest.

  5. Why does everyone continue to focus on GW Bush? He has never been anything other than a patsy. The neocons found an electable boob and installed their engineer as his running mate. Once in power they created or, at the least, facillitated the incident that gave them carte blanche to carry out their plan. Anyone who has been in the military at the level I was knows the only way two commercial jets slam into the twin towers in NYC is if it is allowed. Bush probably thinks the public version is true.

    Dumbya is just the front man and the fall guy. He was selected because he is incompetent. They got in power, had the run they needed for six years and made multiple fortunes with more to come for years. All Bush had to do was read the scripts handed to him and be the public face. Now that the jig is sort of up he has been abandoned. His vacation is over. His parade leading is over. Now he has to go to work and, of course, he has no clue what to do. What ever he does will only make matters worse. Unfortunately, he actually believes some of the garbage he has been reading for the past few years. He will do what he has always done, fail miserably. He is the fall guy who will take all the blame while Cheney steals away into the night with his bags of money and has a few drinks and laughs with his partner, Rumsfeld. Of course those two are only the imp-limenters for the real power block that rules.

    When will people stop crediting Bush with being smart enough to get us into this mess? He doesn’t have a clue.

  6. Richard…
    And when we look back and think of how many solutions we could have implemented with HALF A TRILLION, solutions which would have paid of one trillion times BETTER, we are REALLY going to kick ourselves.

  7. The current Iraq scenario reminds me of the long, financially draining, morally demoralizing, doomed-to-fail, Soviet campaign in Afganistan. The resistance started slowly then, with foreign aid, gained momentum whereby the country was ungovernable and the occupiers had to leave. Then the real bloody civil war commenced with the fiercest group of islamic fundamentalists gaining power.

    But the burning question is: Will this, in conjunction with a 8.47 trillion deficit and the generally (outsourced) shakey economy, be the end of the american empire?

  8. Our politicians will lie till they die…and possibly take us with’em.

    It’s oil, always been oil, always will be oil that keeps our country slaves to the Middle East.

    Now who is the slave merchant? To me it looks like our loving, caring, and protective politicians.

    Sad, frickin sad.

  9. Here’s a guess at what will be a talking point in the 2008 election cycle: “Who lost Iraq?” But pay attention to who will be asking the question. I suspect the same people who proposed and supported the war.

  10. I guess Fred needs a quick lesson or two. Here goes.

    -The difference between refining uranium for nuclear power and refining it for nuclear weapons is basically like the difference between building a small plastic model and building a fully functioning 747. Iran has the capability to refine at capacity – barely – to produce power. They’re nowhere near weapons grade and won’t be for a decade, assuming they’re even trying.

    -Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (unlike BushCo) is not a liar. He says Iran is refining uranium for peaceful purposes (which they have every legal and moral right to do). There isn’t a single shred of evidence anywhere to show otherwise.

    -Iran has never attacked any of its neighbors in anyone’s lifetime, and doesn’t pose any remote military threat to us. Despite the common lie perpetuated by the media, they have also never made any threat of military action against Israel or anyone else. All Ahmadinejad said was that Israel’s terrorist regime will disappear from the pages of history (as all oppressive warmongering states do).

    Better learn what you’re talking about before spouting off again.

  11. No disrespect intended, but tell us something we don’t already know. By now most sane and astute folks have figured out the Democratic Party leadership is just as committed to war as the Bu$hites. The permanent US military bases in Iraq, Central Asia and around the world do not bode well for peace or a change in US foreign policy; no matter which political party is in control. The very notion of a Global War Against Terror tells us this is a complete sham, a con game another way to boost defense spending, waste and fraud, wage perpetual wars while expropriating and plundering the resources of nations around the world. Afghanistan and Iraq are not the end, they are the beginning, the Horn of Africa not Iran or North Korea just may be the next “hotspot” in a bogus war on terror being used as a cover to steal resources like oil and water.

  12. It is sadly humorous to watch elections. They are all for the mentally retarded who still believe elected officials govern. They do not. Money governs, and those who control it. The stupid cattle get to vote for their stupid ideas from time to time, but nothing changes, and nothing will change, except that the fire burns hotter and hotter until there is nothing left. America will not let go until they pry Iraq and Iran out of its cold dead hands.

  13. We have gouged Iraq and chizzled America. We have stolen the pot. Why are we still fumbling with the cards?

    When occupiers leave the table, the collaborators and crooks fight it out with gay abandon. So what else is new? Let’s just quit bragging on our cesspool of a country anymore.

  14. Doug, you’re correct but the sooner we (as in the “we the people” realize it the sooner we’ll be out of there. In the mean time all the king’s soldiers and all the kings men will keep trying to put Iraq back together again.

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