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Friday, July 12, 2024

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Unfinished biz pt.7 2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS (JOURNALIST/caved-in/drowned/REFUGEED/homeless/wageless)???

Unfinished biz pt.7

2975, Anthrax5, Afghanistan, 4233, mercenaries, otherUSAns & HUMANS

Our so called Newscycle is Disgraceful, TREASONOUS & self serving Considering the Fact just like after lower father41 let theTraitor..uh..SCOUNDREL..uh..some called Great American Casper J. Weinberger & 6 others escape justice after Iran/Contra, Word is ONLY wackos/kooks..uh..COMMIES/SOCIALIST..uh.. lefties/libs so called AMERICA HATERS ARE OUTRAGED USAns WILL BE PROVEN FRAUDS as Transparency, Accountability, Checks & Balance Rule of Law Protectors AGAIN EITHER BY Mr. BUSH Providing Blanket Pardons & Admitting Criminality Before Any Indictments Have Been Handed down OR BY Mr. OBAMA & the Dead Skunks Politicians Before USAns/Patriots DIMS Also Disrespecting our Rule of Law & Whining..uh..PRETENDING ..uh..deciding USAns & our World DO NOT DESERVE JUSTIFICATION & RETRIBUTION AFTER the DEATH & DESTRUCTION in ourUSA/Afghanistan/Iraq, theLOOTING of ourTreasury & the TRASHING of our RULE of LAW including the over 1100 Signing Statements, the end of Habeas Corpus & the end of the 1807 Posse Commitus Act plus the acknowledged illegal spying on USAns before & after dismissal of the binLaden attack USA PDB over 7yrs 3mths 1wk 3ds ago. After the sleazy, arrogant, self serving marketing of the so called ownership society, EVERYONE especially theIdiots..uh..STUCK on STUPID..uh..ditto/hannitized GOP puppets SHOULD BE DISGUSTED our so called LEGISLATORS, ELITES & theWhiners..uh.. of the 1996 Telecommunication Act Are Censored From..uh..LACKtheBALLS ..uh..refuse2 HAMMER George W. Bush’s Broken Record even though our vaunted big$$$s Treasurys’ might, sources, methods & allies still battles a stateless band of warlords, alleged haters & worshipers of another deity in Afghanistan over 7yrs 2mths 5days after the ‘Those Who Did this Will Hear from Us(a)’ bullhorn photo-op which means the 43rd president leaves office without a legacy to stand on. Is It Not the AUDACITY OF CYNICISM by our Fascist..uh..CORPORATE LEADERSHIP & MEDIA HAS BUILT MONUMENTS2 the Treason..uh.. DERELICTION of DUTY..uh..incompetence which makes it way past obvious the memories of the death & destruction of 16acres of NYC, less than 1/5th of our Pentagon & a small part of a very large field in Penn. on 9/11 will not go away despite the lack of coverage? ARE YOU PROUD Beside Keith Olbermann, RandiRhodes, FrankRich & a small few OF OUR formerly called FREE PRESS SUPPORT the over 65% of USAns Who Believe It Is Never2 Late TO DO the RIGHT THING even if it is after our next King,,uh..PULPIT BULLY..uh..spokesmouth-in-chief takes office?

Good if you missed this!

Undocumented many HUMANS HAVE BEEN CAGED over the past 7 plus years in ourName & with our$$$s WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. DO YOU CARE? What if it was you , your family & friends?

To Bad if you did!


Can not get traction!

Ourstorians will regurgitate these guys as heroes. Were these bribes like IrveLscooterLibby & the fore-coming BLANKET PARDONS.

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