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Monday, December 11, 2023

The hillbilly from Wasilla

With the election over and new revelations about the excesses of Republican vice presidential joke Sarah Palin emerging daily, we learn more and more about the incredibly dysfunctional Presidential campaign of John McCain.

When compared to Palin, Dan Quayle becomes a mental giant. Spiro Agnew emerges as a paragon of virtue. Dick Cheney is a laid-back moderate.


With the election over and new revelations about the excesses of Republican vice presidential joke Sarah Palin emerging daily, we learn more and more about the incredibly dysfunctional Presidential campaign of John McCain.

When compared to Palin, Dan Quayle becomes a mental giant. Spiro Agnew emerges as a paragon of virtue. Dick Cheney is a laid-back moderate.

In a realistic world, this flake from Wasilla would return to Alaska and fade into well-deserved political obscurity. But realism has little to do with politics and, unfortunately, Palin will be back.

Why? Who ever thought Sarah Palin should be a seriously considered for national office? What drugs are they taking at the Republican National Committee? Were idiots running the McCain campaign? Sure looks that way.

In recent days, we’ve learned:

  • Palin spent far more than $150,000 in campaign funds for a wardrobe not only for herself but also to outfit her husband and children;
  • At the Republican National Convention, she greeted McCain’s chief strategists wearing only a towel after apparently emerging from the shower;
  • She showed up in Arizona on election night wanting to deliver her own concession speech;
  • The launched her attacks on Obama for his association with former Weatherman William Ayers without clearing it with the McCain campaign;
  • She rejected prep for her interview with CBS news anchor Katie Couric and then turned into an embarrassment for the McCain campaign;
  • She didn’t know Africa was a continent – she thought it was a country;
  • She couldn’t name the three countries involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA);
  • McCain aides had to use a map to explain the Middle-East crisis because Palin didn’t know the names or locations of the countries.

More details emerge daily about Palin’s stupidity, her excesses and her “oh gosh” clueless personality. Yet many rabid right-wing Republicans consider her the future of their party.

Some future.

45 thoughts on “The hillbilly from Wasilla”

  1. I guess you are from Massachusetts. Talking about jokes, what about the one where in order to get elected in Massachusetts you had to be a queer or a Kennedy.

  2. l would think that would depend on ” who ” home schooled them . That statistic is skewed because , 1 . very few children are home schooled per capita 2. parents who home school tend to be well educated and highly motivated .

  3. Darn it Doug , I just found out none of those things are true . I watched Palin on NBC this morning being interviewed at home by that hard nosed journelist Matt Lauer . She assured the viewers those were all just untrue attacks by anonymous people who wouldn’t even allow their names to be released , the cads . She really knew all of those things , you betcha . Lauer even had dinner with them , did you know she cooks in a suit ? Her and Mccain also got along great , so there , and I bet you believed he ( and his staff ) thought she was an idiot , it just wasn’t true , no matter what they said . See how wrong you can be ? Now don’t you feel bad ? The rest of the interview is tomorrow morning if anybody wants to see the real Sarah Palin , with her charming family of course setting the record straight .

  4. Great analogy T.J. -Palin was McCain’s Panzer pansy and like the Panzers in the Ardennes offensive, it ran out of gas!

  5. Actually that was the TONYA Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy. A sort of club for those used to skating on thin ice.

  6. Above a hoax? Very possibly! See article on HuffPo here.

    Apologies to David Schuster and Siannan.

    At least I discovered a resource (LINK) the next time I have to check out somebody.

    This demonstrates that a simple Google isn’t enough because somebody who is Interet savvy can spoof Google. When it comes to using the web for research, quality counts.

  7. Doubters, skeptics, who didn’t believe reporters who said that Republican campaign officials really told them a number of critical things about Sarah Palin, now one has revealed in his blog that he is among them.

    I doubt the bog could be a major hoax as David Schuster suggested it might be on his 4PM MNSBC show. He said he never heard of the author, Republican analyst Martin Eisenstadt. I assume the media will look into whether or not it is. However, a simple Google of Martin Eisenstadt indicates that he certainly is a real person and the BIO on his blog is accurate.

    He clearly didn’t like being called a jerk for misrepresenting what Palin said, and also didn’t want to put the reporters he talked to in the position of looking like they didn’t report the story accurately.

    Here’s the Martin Eisenstadt Blog.

    He writes:

    I was one of the foreign policy advisers on the McCain campaign who worked with Randy Scheunemann to help prep Sarah on her debate with Joe Biden. Did we outright give her a geography quiz when we started the prep? No, of course not. But yes, in the context of the prep, it slowly became apparent that her grasp of basic geo-political knowledge had major gaps. Could she have passed a multiple choice test about South Africa or NAFTA. Probably. But it was clear that she simply didn’t have the ease of knowledge that we come to expect from a major party political candidate. Other slights came up, too: Not knowing the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas. Or the difference between the Shiites and Suni. Or when it came to international terrorist organizations, knowing that the IRA was in Northern Ireland, and ETA in Spain.

    The real thing we had to constantly remind her was to never, ever compare herself in any way to Hillary Clinton, as she had at her announcement speech. We had it on good authority that Biden was prepping to unleash the inevitable line, “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine. And Sarah, you’re no Hillary Clinton.” Alas, Biden would have been right.

    There’s more here.

  8. Palin’s selection was a desperate gamble to turn the tide, much like Hitler’s Ardennes offensive. McCain gambled and lost and, like Hitler, ultimately changed nothing.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  9. Another tidbit from Newsweek:

    Another reporter asked if he was happy with “the pick of Palin.” He ducked the question. Schmidt was trying, not very hard, to hide his true feelings. He had been compelled to personally take over Palin’s debate prep when she seemed unwilling to engage in the drudge work of learning the issues. McCain’s advisers had been frustrated when Palin refused to talk to donors because she found it corrupting, and they were furious when they heard rumors that Todd Palin was calling around to Alaska bigwigs telling them to hold their powder until 2012. The day of the third debate, Palin refused to go onstage with New Hampshire GOP Sen. John Sununu and Jeb Bradley, a New Hampshire congressman running for the Senate, because they were pro-choice and because Bradley opposed drilling in Alaska. The McCain campaign ordered her onstage at the next campaign stop, but she refused to acknowledge the two Republican candidates standing behind her. LINK

  10. I think Palin and Hillary have a LOT in common. Hillary is obviously a very smart woman and Palin is dumber than bread crumbs, but they’re both megalomaniacs who are quite impressed with themselves, have an overwhelming lust for power and are both extremely manipulative (albeit in different ways) to get whatever they want.

    I’m not saying that male politicians are paragons of virtue, by the way. It seems that if this proves anything, it’s that our political system only allows egomaniacs to compete. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s our Rambo-John Wayne-George Bush-just shoot all the bad guys and everything will be fine- mentality……

  11. Sarah Palin’s nickname in High School was ‘Cuda. Short for Barracuda. Because she would run over both the opposing team and her own teammates to make a goal. Does this tell anyone about her sense of morality and right or wrong?


    Sadly, some Texas village is missing its’ idiot.

  12. Why sure Mr. Brown, why not take a quote between a flaming Liberal Letterman and a wannabe comedian and President and make a stupid issue out of it… why not compare the votes between Baldwin to Nader or any other wannabe president. He is a loser just like BHO.

  13. Ahem, not all home schooled children are from religious families. Many are secular these days, teaching their children at home because the public schools have woefully failed, no matter how well-funded they are.

    Kansas City, MO is a wonderful example of a school system which has completely broken down, failing the people, even though they had unlimited funding for many years. Their public schools are totally rotten to the core.

    Read “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto.

    Most well-taught home schooled children are preferred by Universities, because they know how to think outside the box, with better critical thinking skills. They take first place in many educational contests, such as spelling bees, science fairs, etc.

    However, I have seen many backward home schooled children when religion is the reason they are kept at home. We who home school our children for secular reasons try to stay far, far away from these whack jobs.

  14. Why is Sarah Palin so angry that she keeps putting her foot in her mouth? Why once was Hillary equally angry?

    Obama when he was debating Richardson, Richardson forgot the question and began answering another one, Obama whispered to him to remind him of the question. Later when Dave Richardson dropped out, he endorsed Obama, not his good personal friend Hillary. This at first made Hillary extremely angry, believing Obama wasn’t supposed to be able to steal one of her best friends and in her anger she began putting her foot in her mouth. The way Obama wins over people gives him a magically property in the minds of some, which can look spooky if you don’t know what is going on. If he’s spooky, then to some must think he is Satanic. Those who accuse him are called rampant racists but those racists never accused Jesse Jackson of witchcraft, because their friends who hate Jackson, don’t all of a sudden meet Jackson, and love him as if Jesse snuck love love potion in their drinks.

    Sarah Palin got to be Governor because of her policy of cracking down on business tax wise, but giving them a free hand when it comes to safety, health and ecological concerns. Her policy was simple, and didn’t require any political savvy, or skill. She is clearly outside of her field.

    Being a successful athlete and beauty queen got her a job beyond her abilities. And to accuse her of almost being Satanic, reflex badly on those who condemn her.

    For more insight see,

  15. Here’s a treat. First click here for Gov. Sarah Palin’s official photo in high resolution, and then to enlarge it to the maximum, click on the photo itself.

    One thing I find curious is that these photos, no doubt paid for by Alaska tax money, can’t be used without authorization. The website says: “Authorization to use the official portraits must be obtained from the Governor’s and/or Lt. Governor’s office BEFORE use by 3rd parties.” LINK

    What makes Alaska’s policy different from, say Indiana’s, or Idaho’s, or South Carolina’s, or any of the other states I Googled.

    I don’t find her sexy, and I can’t distance myself from my politics enough to even say if she’s pretty. She’s just a hooplehead to me. But watching Michelle Obama and Jill Biden onstage with their families at Grant Park I have to say, there were two truly beautiful women.

    For those still defending Sarah Palin, it should be pointed out that the attacks began with with Democrats but eventually well known Republicans joined in, and now people identified (so far anonymously) from high up in the campaign are telling reporters that Palin was worse than we knew.

    I expect before too long some of those sources will come forward and identify themselves, and perhaps reveal even more.

    On the Wasilla hillbillies: Doug comes up with some good ones, but in this case it was someone inside the McCain/Palin campaign who coined the term Wasilla hillbillies.:

    A disgusted McCain aide calls the Palins “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.”

    McCain staffers tell Newsweek that Palin spent “tens of thousands” more than the original $150,000 reported before the election, as well as “$20,000 to $40,000″ in clothes specifically for her idiot husband, Todd. LINK

  16. Outter Wingnuttia.
    Sorry, I am stealing that one.

    It’s the least you can do for causing me to nearly swallow my tongue.

  17. Hey Linda in Lowell (if it’s the Lowell in Massachusetts you know about this)

    We just banned greyhound racing here. I can think of a few Palin jokes about her running and chasing the mechanical rabbit. In fact I just wrote a few and then deleted them because I want to keep up the high level of discourse here.

    Damn! They were funny too.

  18. I think the Reps went looking for a half baked nut (palin) to put along side the fully cooked one (mccain) to make him look like a moderate and sane persona.
    Let her do the slime work as he rises above the filth of the Rep attack machine.

    What a surprise when they found her to be a full blown Filbert with even greater delusions of grandeur than little old McCadamia.

    If she takes Stevens seat as Austin alluded to it will be a HOOT to see her try and control the vast resources of Alaska by flashing the cheesecake and stomping her feet on the Senate floor.

    Maybe, just maybe, she will report for her first session as the junior Senator clad in but a sopping wet towel and give half the old fu*ks a heart attack so we may be rid of them once and for all. HACK!

  19. Ms Palin’s new moniker bestowed by Doug Thompson: I guess it takes a hillbilly to know a hilbilly! Mr Thompson’s demonstrates his standard of journalism by echoing anonymous or unattributed slurs and smears.

    Hill Country Weisenheimer

  20. There is no way anyone can critique the lightweight Palin without also diminishing John McCain’s judgement. Whether Palin was a hasty decision or a well-thought-out one, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that it was a bad choice.

    Granted, if you narrowly focus on the extreme right-wing of the GOP, she was a knock-out. But, that is not where the country is at (thankfully). She may resonate with the Buchanans of the world, but she was anything but mainstream.

    The country needs solutions, not more red meat, divisive attacks, or mob-inciting rhetoric.

  21. No, Palin isn’t going away. I’ve heard through a friend of several other friends, who think she’s “just the NEATEST woman they’ve ever seen and gosh they can’t WAIT until 2012 when she can run again, this time maybe for president”.

    Ugh. Ick. Ptbbb.

    Even when I type it, I get a bad taste in my mouth. I think she’s George W. Bush in a skirt. And what scares me, is people will vote for her. After all, people made her mayor of Wasilla and governor of Alaska.

    Just like people voted for George Bush twice. I mean, I saw through him the first time, but I’m still trying to figure out how in good conscience anyone could have voted for him twice.

  22. Thanks for the nice welcome Malcolm. I have been a longtime reader of CHB, just haven’t commented before.

  23. Palin isn’t going away. She’s tasted the blood of power at a much higher level..a sense of power that is far more alluring and euphoric than her experiences as Supreme Ruler over the Alaskan government. Her Alaskan throne will now feel cold and useless to her.

    Palin will undoubtedly take over the Senate seat now held by Ted Stevens. She knows that Stevens will soon be removed from his long-standing post in the Senate by his colleagues. Palin will very simply resign her post as governor, then have the lieutenant governor, who will automatically become governor, to appoint her as the new Senator.

    That Senate seat will be Palin’s new gateway to the White House race in 2012. By 2012, she’ll have learned all of the sleazy, corrupt, and power grasping tricks in America politics…and she’ll use that knowledge in a way that will negate all of her blunders that she exhibited during the 2008 bid.

  24. Wow! all you folks ~ great comments. It is unimaginable to me that anyone could be considering, even as a joke, Sara Palin as being part of any government or future campaign.

    During the campaign, Palin was periodically referred to as McCain’s “attack dog,” but going around attacking in general did not do the McCain campaign any favors. Nor, ultimately, did it do the campaign any good. Attack Dog –I wouldn’t even want her in the Humane Society, and more especially, I’d never promote her to position of Dog Catcher. For that you have to have basic empathy, compassion and a basic understanding of dogs in general. If they bark at you or act threatening, you don’t bark back. That only makes it all worse. Didn’t she watch “Gorillas in the Mist”?

    It is a frightening thought that the Republican Party at any level would seriously consider her for any position. On the other hand, maybe she should run in 2012. That would ensure Obama a second term. Oh! Argh! Ack! Sorry for mixing my metaphors.
    Linda in Lowell

  25. Sara Palin – publik edukasion at its finest? Too bad I can’t do the backwards b.
    And folks like this want to home school their kids?
    YOU, out of the gene pool! [I wish, but they are the ones having the most kids! Further proof that abstinence education doesn’t work.]
    Of course, with Creationism there isn’t a gene pool!

    Boy, I am almost as much of a curmudgeon as Doug today.

  26. I don’t want her back anywhere on a national ticket. If she is, then there is at least a chance she could win. I’ve seen way too much stupidity in the last eight years to presume she would lose again.

    BTW, my favorite name for her came from an article I read that attributed this to Alec Baldwin.

    Supposedly after the SNL taping, he referred to her as “Bible Spice”.

    It’s been a few weeks and I’m still LMAO about that one.

  27. I think that she needs to do a stint as a daytime talk show host, THEN run for office in 2012.
    That way the press can air the clips of her hobnobbing with fellow psychopaths and strippers.

    Jeff H in TX

  28. If even half of the comments and accusations now being attributed to Ms. Palin are true, they are simply more indicators that the ignorant mystic from Wasilla wasn’t properly vetted.

    Vetting her was John McCain’s responsibility, not that of his staff. So he, alone, must bear the ultimate responsibility (spelled: “blame”) for putting her on the ticket.

    My hunch is that members of his staff were probably overruled by the candidate who, at the time, very well knew he was up against a formidable opponent in Mr. Obama. When it came time to pick a running mate, Mr. McCain was most likely grasping at anything that might excite his Republican “base”, most of whom (still) largely hail from Outer Wingnuttia.

    But, as we now know, none of it worked with the larger electorate.

    To the contrary, when Mr. McCain’s decision to choose Ms. Palin was combined with his clearly out of touch “Our economy is fundamentally sound” comments, Mr. McCain’s choice of an inexperienced, largely unknown and horrifically naive governor from Alaska simply undermined his own lack of judgment (and, by extension, his fitness to be President) in the eyes of the voters.

    Beginning with the election of George W. Bush and his fundamentalist Cabal in 2000, the Republicans willingly allowed their party to be captured by the far right wing evangelicals. These are people who remain hell-bent on starting “holy wars” of preemption against other religious cultures and countries for the sole purpose of advancing “God’s work”.

    Clearly, the results of Tuesday’s election are showing just how steep a price they have paid (and will continue to pay in the years ahead) for that fateful decision.

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