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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Whack job? You betcha!

Senior aides to Sen. John McCain tell reporters his flakey running mate is "a whack job."

A couple of days earlier, those same aides called her "a diva."

And a couple of days earlier, they said she had "gone rogue."

Ah, you gotta love the smell of death on a political morning. With less than a week to go, the flies and buzzards are already gathering around the dying campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin.


Senior aides to Sen. John McCain tell reporters his flakey running mate is "a whack job."

A couple of days earlier, those same aides called her "a diva."

And a couple of days earlier, they said she had "gone rogue."

Ah, you gotta love the smell of death on a political morning. With less than a week to go, the flies and buzzards are already gathering around the dying campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

I worked in Republican politics long enough to know the symptoms. The smell of death has descended on the Republican National Committee and the finger pointing has started. When the debacle masquerading as the 2008 Presidential campaign is finally put out of the nation’s misery the post mortems will point to two failed, brain-dead candidates for the two highest offices in the land: John McCain, whose brain succumbed to Alzheimers too long ago, and Sarah Palin, whose sub-level IQ may qualify her as a frat party favor but little else.

McCain and Palin will probably take a lot of Republicans down with them and seldom in the history of politics has a national political organization deserved it more.

If voters eviscerate the GOP on Election Day, it will be a mercy killing. The stinking, rotting corpse that once was the Republican Party is nothing more than toxic waste. It will be easier to clean up a Superfund site than the mess left behind by the party of the elephant.

The party with the "whack job" vice presidential candidate is, in fact, a gang of whack jobs. After eight years of dismantling the Constitution and burying rights under political excess, Republicans compounded their insanity by putting their hopes on John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Whack jobs? You betcha. Republicans have been whacking off for too long under a lust for power and control.

They should have remembered the old wives tale about what happens if you whack off too much.

You go blind.

And they did.

(Writer’s note: The photo above was a Photoshopped image circulated around the Internet shortly after Sarah Palin was named as McCain’s running mate. The photo is a fake. But so is Palin.)

32 thoughts on “Whack job? You betcha!”

  1. My Pet Cat is a Rhodes scholar compared to Palin…I would pity Sarah Palin if she got in a debate with my Cat. My Cat insists on spreading all the Catnip around.

  2. I look forward to that, Hal. One really good, humorous book about the contradictions in the Bible is “Ken’s Guide to the Bible”, an absolutely hilarious book.

    In any case, I look forward to something to discuss besides the elections. It’s been a lousy eight years, and hopefully, it’s almost over.

  3. Dingbat x Dingbat = Sarah Palin

    I’ve got a carved out pumpkin on my porch that has more brains. HACK!

  4. After the election when I hope I won’t have to chronicle McCain and Palin at such tedious length we can post mortem this election. The we can compare notes on the influence of the reglious right on this election and on Amercan culture.

    File away the topic of how not only don’t most of them come close to understanding the very most basic pricincples of the constitution but neither do they understand the Bible. They don’t grasp that even if you believe it chronicles actual events there are so many internal contradictions it can’t logically be taken literally.

    And that’s not even getting into the scientific refutation of creationism.

    Like I said, some good subjects for after the election.

  5. Mr. Brown, It is not just “Palin from hell” who does not understand the first amendment but most of the religious right who will rearrange all the words to bring in Christian laws against criticism.

    One can ask any America to define the first amendment and the it get as complicated in their minds as what the Vice President does. Let’s throw all the bastards out and start over.


  6. Can’t do it. I have to call off my one day Halloween moratorium on cutting the shrieking banshee a break. Holy hinges of Hades, baracudda barbie doesn’t even understand the basic tenets of the First Ammendment (link).

    The Constitution according to Palin (as interpetreted by Glenn Greenwalk of Salon :

    … what the Founders intended with the First Amendment was that political candidates for the most powerful offices in the country and Governors of states would be free to say whatever they want without being criticized in the newspapers.

    The First Amendment was meant to ensure that powerful political officials would not be “attacked” in the papers.

  7. I don’t feel sorry for the Republicans. Frankly, I hope the whole party crashes and burns after this election.

    I do feel sorry for poor Sarah Palin, though. Okay, she’s a whack-job, but at least she was relatively harmless as governor of Alaska.

    Now she’s on public display, her obvious lack of education and background serving as the butt of jokes, probably at least for the next year. I wonder if, in quiet moments, she realizes how ridiculous she has been made to be.

    But, if it’s the price we have to pay for getting rid of the revolting Republican Party, maybe it’s worth it.

  8. Well said, Keith. Palin’s only qualification for holding a Church rummage sale seems to be her rabid white Christian Muslim-hatin’ blind arrogance and neo-nazi beliefs. And let’s not forget the Christian Right’s other great contributions: a seemingly endless war with a country which did us no harm, the slaughter of a million mostly innocent people and displacement of many millions more, the mangling of our Constitution, aw sh*&, I don’t have time to list ’em all.

    I haven’t been sleeping well and probably won’t until Jan. 21. God, please spare us from your self-worshiping idiot followers. You don’t need ’em and neither do we. Another war for Israel and your creation will be green glass and gamma rays.

  9. What wonderful comments! I feel sorry for Governor Palin as she is not sophisticated enough to see what the RNC is doing to her. I know that group and they are robots programmed to destroy any negative input and their Stepford Vice President decided to think for herself.

    It took many years for me to see through the machinations of the GOP. But my eyes are now open and I feel sick at the time and money I spent working for this group. Like Ladywolf, it took the religious faction to wake me up and CHB to show me I am not alone.

    Taking our disust out on Gov. Palin is not fair to her and hopefully she will get a good television job quickly as her looks will not last.


  10. Nope sorry Bryan and T.J.,

    I respect you both a great deal, and I respect your views, even the ones I don’t always agree with.
    But I totally think that The Two Kranks, Messrs, Kristol and Krauthammer, hold a ton of political capital and punching power over the Republican Party.

    Kristol and Krauthammer are the Lennon and McCartney of the neoconservative movement.
    Krauthammer is McCartney and Kristol is Lennon.
    Sarah…is Yoko Ono.

    Kristol is in love and lust over Sarah Palin, the kind that almost makes one hear strains of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” in the background.
    It’s the worst and most embarassing old geezer crush
    imaginable, the kind that makes one think of
    William Holden in “Network”…his “winter romance”.

    To Kristol, Sarah Palin is the woman who makes him feel like a red blooded American man once again.
    Her fertility and piety to the neocon pablums make him swell so much that buttons pop off his shirt.

    A man in love is apt to do crazy things, maybe even surrender his party ideology, even his country for her.
    Men in love have built Taj Mahals, launched a thousand ships, fought wars with Trojan soldiers and sacrificed royalty.
    Men in lust have sacrificed presidencies!

    William Kristol is certifiably in lust and in love with this woman. She’s the dream girl he never had, the trophy wife he wishes he could have, the doll on his arm that he wants to show off.
    She’s his “My Fair Lady”.

    He’s a Political Pygmalion with rocks in his head.
    And the brain in the little head is in control, and in his case it might actually be the bigger brain of the two.

    Jeff H in Occupied TX

  11. I find irony in the whole thing.

    Here is a man who once attracted independents; a conservative (dare I say, “old fashioned”) who didn’t wear God on his sleave or get too wrapped up in the mess of culture war politics.

    He had a base that was not particularly excited with him. But, he also knew they weren’t going to vote Obama.

    So, does he pick a V.P. to court the “middle?” Nope. Figuring he has the independents in the palm of his hand, he makes a base play by choosing a V.P. that is part of the “agents of intolerance” McCain complained about eight years earlier.

    Then, Palin lets loose with her divisive rhetoric and dim-bulb interviews, and the independents go running scared, wondering about the judgement of the man they called, “Maverick.”

    In the meantime, Palin continues to energize a base that was already going to vote Republican. And then notable independents and Republicans start running away … to Obama; or at least turning a deaf ear to McCain.

    I don’t think McCain knew what fire he was playing with when he chose Palin.

    But, with the cat out of the bag, there isn’t much he can do except hope that Palin just goes away should he loose the election. Otherwise, McCain’s move to pull her from obscurity and into the limelight, may well spell doom for a party that seems eager to narrow its appeal.

  12. Her selection was meant to focus on Obama’s inexperience. A pity it worked the other way. It focused on the rational in selecting her. I guess her fate was her making. And McCain he lost the gamble.

  13. All the talk of Sarah leading the Reps into the future as the new party Messiah is more manufactured crap from media dipshits who have run completely out of anything fresh to say.
    The idea of her making a run in 2004 to anywhere but the $150,000 outhouse is subliminal rovian moose cookies.
    Some will buy it, but I’m sure the Rep base wants nothing but as much distance from Ms Moose and Rocky the crash test dummy squirrel McCain as they can get.

    But that doesn’t mean that they will not be combing the woods for a new Boris and Natasha come 2004.

    The saddest part in all of this is that the fairer sex has once again been cast in the light of ditzy material incompetence, instead of the strong willed leadership that I see in the women I know and love.
    My apologies to the ladies, though my hand was not in it I feel I bear a part of the responsibility for the lack of respect and recognition of your strengths.

    Red Green says it best,
    I am a man, and I can change, if I have to, I guess.

    Maybe we will change if we stop guessing with the third leg.

  14. Barring a win, Palin is a “one hit wonder” on the national scene and possibly on the local one as well.

    Were she not in the national spotlight, “Troopergate” would probably have blown over; thus, at the end of her current term, she may well go quietly into the kind night of politicians who do not survive the harrowing.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  15. Had it not been for the far-right wing-nut, whack-job, religious faction, I probably would have chosen to be a Republican. But I saw that faction and thought, “Run, Forest, Run!” and did so as fast as I could.

    And had I been a Republican, I never would have voted for John McCain. I consider him to be a spoiled-rotten, arrogant elitist, just like the President he’s so close to.

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