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Friday, June 21, 2024

George W. Bush has done us all a favor

As crazy as it sounds, I believe we now have none other than George W. Bush to thank for most of Mr. Obama's surging popularity. With eight years of Bush and his neocon Cabal running around the world starting endless "holy wars" based on non-existent WMDs, Americans have now gotten a good, "up close and personal" chance to see what a Theocracy looks like.

As crazy as it sounds, I believe we now have none other than George W. Bush to thank for most of Mr. Obama’s surging popularity.

With eight years of Bush and his neocon Cabal running around the world starting endless “holy wars” based on non-existent WMDs, Americans have now gotten a good, “up close and personal” chance to see what a Theocracy looks like.

That is, over the last eight years, the Republican Party has done us all an odd — if unintentional — service by showing us in practice exactly what the Founding Fathers feared most and tried to prevent when they created our nation.

What we’ve been witnessing is nothing less than the Republican Party’s complete takeover by the evangelical religious right and their unabashed attempt to turn the United States of America into a Christian Theocracy.

And so, along comes Sarah Palin, erstwhile candidate for Vice President and yet another far-right Christian fundamentalist of the first order. She is a person who firmly believes elections should be left in “God’s hands” and who freely subjected herself to the laying on of hands in her fundamentalist church in an effort to drive away any “demons” that might have kept her from becoming Governor of the State of Alaska.

It is becoming ever clearer by their actions that what Ms. Palin and her supporters REALLY want to accomplish is to continue turning our once great secular nation into a theofascist state based on a literal application of the Old and New Testaments…with divinely-appointed Ms. Palin presiding…all the while ripping the United States Constitution and the civil society it supports to shreds.

In short, the lady is dangerous with a capital “D”, with the “D” standing for “Dominionism”.

Many fundamentalist Christians interpret a verse from Genesis…”Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground'”…to LITERALLY mean that God gave mankind dominion over the Earth.

Or, to put it another way, Dominion theologians believe that that this verse commands Christians to bring ALL societies around the world under the rule of the Word of God.

What’s more, the looniest dominionists in our country ALSO publicly insist that a pious government should inflict Old Testament punishments…including death…on blasphemers, pornographers, homosexuals, adulterers and even disobedient children. They constantly talk about their “duty” to institute biblical rule in the United States and around the world (as in: “Go ye into all the world……”).

Ours is a diverse nation that is becoming ever more diverse with an ever-expanding quilt of people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Yet throughout the campaign, the McCain-Palin camp has consistently let stand horrifically racist and other religious questions about Mr. Obama being a Muslim and (by inference) his ties to terrorists.

Indeed, the fearful message Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin freely wish to propagate is that “All Muslims are terrorists” using the same “fire and brimstone” tactics that many distressingly ignorant evangelicals are already quite adept at swallowing whole.

General Colin Powell probably stated it best when he so eloquently noted in his speech endorsing Mr. Obama that the McCain-Palin approach to campaigning has become, to use his words, “narrower and narrower”.

From a dominionist’s standpoint, the Republican campaign is becoming “narrower” for a very good reason. Clearly, Muslims (or Buddhists or Seikhs ) have absolutely no status…nor will they ever have any place…in the evangelical Christian’s “new world order”.

From my own, very personal experiences with the far right Christian evangelicals on such matters, there are few institutions in our society that remain as horrifically intolerant of ethnic and religious differences in others as the so-called “Christian” fundamentalists (I invite you all to re-read my earlier blog post here on Capitol Hill Blue (Click HERE) on THAT particular subject!)

What John McCain and Sara Palin want us all to forget is that ours was a nation founded by immigrants of many different faiths and ethnic backgrounds. And, up until recently, ours was also a nation that prided itself on personal freedom and social “enlightenment”.

Yet we’ve somehow allowed an ever-shrinking minority of tongue-wagging busybodies and evangelical hypocrites to hijack our government and obsessively foist their horribly misplaced, blatantly intolerant moral agendas on the rest of us under the guise of “family values”.

Now, I certainly have no qualms with someone expressing their religious beliefs in their own, private way.

But those of us who still firmly believe in the full separation of Church and State should recognize such dominionist chicanery for what it is…a desperate, last-ditch attempt to salvage what’s left of religion’s once complete (but now shrinking) power (often aided and abetted by “government”) to control people’s money, thoughts and lives.

Unfortunately, it may take another generation or two for our nation to completely rid itself of such “Archie Bunker-like” ignorance, religious and ethnic intolerance and blatant bigotry. That’s because it’s the older generation (that is, MY generation!) that are the ones who still seem to be carrying around most of this prejudice and hatred directed against people who espouse a completely different (i.e. non-Christian) religion (Muslims or Buddhists) or who don’t happen to think, act or look exactly as they do.

It is the ever-shrinking “Archie Bunker” generation where Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin seem to now be getting most of their support.

Which may also have a lot to do with why they are losing.

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