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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Republicans voting for Obama: in their own words


Republicans Voting for Obama: In Their Own Words

Now, these are not casual conservatives. These are people who, each in their own way, are deeply committed to their conservative beliefs. For most, this will be the first time they have voted for a Democrat in their entire lives. And when taken as a whole, they represent a fair cross section of the Republican Party. Some younger, some older. Some fiscally driven, some culturally driven. But almost all, up until now, have been intractable. Yet here we all are, staring down the barrel of a remarkably nasty presidential election, all in a rare moment of agreement. I figured this simply could not be an anomaly. Perhaps this was a groundswell.

I started asking around and found a number of my liberal friends were having a similar experience. So we asked these folks if they would appear on camera and share with the world why they changed. It seemed to me that the most convincing argument a conservative on the fence could hear might not come from a liberal, or even from Obama himself, but instead, from one of their own; a conservative who had crossed over. So we turned on the camera, and they did the rest.

This is the most informative 4 minutes that I have seen this ENTIRE campaign.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Barry Goldwater’s CONSERVATIVE granddaughter and family are not supporting John McCain for POTUS and she details her reasons why at the link below.

Why McCain Has Lost Our Vote

Myself, along with my siblings and a few cousins, will not be supporting the Republican presidential candidates this year. We believe strongly in what our grandfather stood for: honesty, integrity, and personal freedom, free from political maneuvering and fear tactics.

She joins Julie Eisenhower in her support for Obama for the same reasons.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened, and the Republican brand has been tarnished in a shameless effort to gain votes and appeal to the lowest emotion, fear. Nothing about McCain, except for maybe a uniform, compares to the same ideology of what Goldwater stood for as a politician. The McCain/Palin plan is to appear diverse and inclusive, using women and minorities to push an agenda that makes us all financially vulnerable, fearful, and less safe.

Catch that last part? …an agenda that makes us all financially vulnerable, fearful, and less safe.

Nothing about the Republican ticket offers the hope America needs to regain it’s standing in the world, that’s why we’re going to support Barack Obama. I think that Obama has shown his ability and integrity.

Senator Obama was not the first choice of a lot of people when this campaign began a long time ago. But more and more Conservatives are thinking about the overall welfare of the country instead of emotionally charged issues like Gay Marriage or Abortions.

All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME! An Obama win will restore the world’s faith in the integrity of the American people. The same people that elected George twice. Let’s not make a 3rd mistake that NONE of us can afford.

UPDATE ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Opie, Sherriff Taylor and Fonzie want you to vote! This is not only humorous but also enlightening.

Ron Howard’s Call For Obama With Andy Griffith And Henry Winkler

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