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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Memo to Democrats: Don’t buy into Bush’s act

President George W. Bush decided before Tuesday's mid-term elections to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld but lied, once again, to the press and the American people about his intentions. Bush admitted Wednesday that he interviewed former CIA director Robert M. Gates over the weekend for Rumsfeld's job and said he intentionally misled reporters last week about the defense secretary's future to avoid making the Iraq war more of an issue in the election.

President George W. Bush decided before Tuesday’s mid-term elections to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld but lied, once again, to the press and the American people about his intentions.

Bush admitted Wednesday that he interviewed former CIA director Robert M. Gates over the weekend for Rumsfeld’s job and said he intentionally misled reporters last week about the defense secretary’s future to avoid making the Iraq war more of an issue in the election.

More of an issue? The Iraq war, and Bush’s mishandling of it, was the issue in Tuesday’s rout that swept Democrats back into power in both the House and Senate.

110906bush.jpgOnce again, Bush proved himself unaware of the obvious and oblivious to the voter anger that sent Republicans packing. He blamed GOP losses on voter ignorance, saying Americans didn’t understand the war in Iraq. He chastised political guru Karl Rove, saying “I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was.” He later would claim the line was a joke but it wasn’t. Bush was clearly pissed at everyone involved in Tuesday’s election debacle.

Everyone but himself.

Wednesday’s press conference was classic Bush. Offer up Rumsfeld as the first of what some expect will be a number of scapegoats for the Tuesday massacre, avoid accepting responsibility for his own culpability and talk about how he hopes to work with Democrats after six years of riding roughshod over them.

When asked about the outrageous claims he made about incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats during the election, saying they favored victory by terrorists, Bush dismissed his inflammatory rhetoric as “just politics.”

“The election is over,” Bush said. “It’s time to move on.”

Yet it’s hard to move on with a President who openly admits lying and then rationalizes that lying as “just politics.”

Bush’s disregard for the truth is just one of his many ethical problems and moral lapses. He lives in a delusional world of his own making, a political allegory that mocks morality, ethics and the law. In his warped mind, all is fair in politics. He and his party proved that over and over in this past election season, using fear, racism, bigotry, homophobia and outright lies to try and hold on to power.

Now that he’s lost, he wants to make nice and demands that the opposition forgive and forget.

A recommendation for incoming Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid: Don’t fall for Dubya’s act. He’s a venomous political snake who will turn and bite at the first opportunity because that’s what snakes do.

Don’t turn your backs on him, don’t trust him for a nanosecond and don’t believe for an instant that he serves any interest but his own.

George W. Bush proved this past week that he will sell out anyone – including his own administration and his party’s leaders in Congress. If, last week, he had announced his decision to replace Donald Rumsfeld, it might have swayed enough voters to keep at least the Senate in GOP hands.

But Bush, for reasons lost somewhere in his deranged mind, decided to lie again to the American people. It was, in the end, another desperate, unexplainable, act by a madman.

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  1. Im not a bush supporter or a bush basher i dont really care, this country was bought and paid for a long time ago, so just deal with it. i do like everyones pesonal opinion about bush, these pwoplw should be psycologists.

  2. you have to be incredibly dumb (dumber than bush) and naive to think that Bush is the only one using “political rhetoric” in political campaigns.. come one now.. get some common sense

  3. While I would love to see the whole Bush Admin. impeached, tried and jailed for their crimes, I fear the country could not withstand such a horrific scenario. Revenge is never sweet nor morally uplifting. It doesn’t correct anything and never has a winner.

    We, as the electorate, just called Bush on the carpet for the last 6 years. If you’ve seen any photos of him from yesterday, he was not a happy man and looked very worried and/or upset. We have put the people into office that can do our bidding. I would hope they begin to put us on the proper course and deal with the problems, one of which is the Bush Admin. and its aura of secrecy, lies and corruption.

    I do not disagree with the claims that this gang of thugs were responsible for horrendous acts of a capital nature.

    I fear our country being bogged down in revenge and retribution, losing focus on the future and the reparation that needs to occur for our future to be brighter. I don’t know if Congress can legislate and deal with the issues of our time and still handle impeachment hearings. If you remember the Watergate and Clinton hearings, you will remember that not much else was accomplished during those days.

    I would rather see the perpetrators be prosecuted for their acts, leaving Bush to flail in the wind, waiting for the axe to fall. Then, once he’s out of office, indict & prosecute him.

    I don’t believe (I don’t know Ms. Pelosi nor have any idea of her interests) Nancy Pelosi would want to be President under such circumstances. She would rise to the occassion if called upon to do so, I am sure, as it would be her duty to do so at that time.

    Let’s see how Congress performs to an agenda, seeing how much can be accomplished in fixing our country, before entering into a serious impeachment investigation.

  4. Bush’s house of cards is in free fall. Doug is right on with his view of nor believing what GWB says. For six years I have heard Bush say this, and the reality was that—180 degrees apart.

    I also agree there will be the “eating of his own kind” looking to place blame, never accepting any responsibility—Rove has said many times the King does not make mistakes.

    I foresee the Rs attempt to do damage control to improve their position in 2008; to do this, there will be a steady stream of attacks against the D-Congressional majority.

    Such deep rooted patterns are difficult to overcome.

  5. I don’t trust either Bush or Rove. The thing with these guy’s is they just might throw another 9/11 on us. The only investigation I would like done is why Cheney was running war games in New York City on 9/11 and running NORAD off on a wild goose chase.

  6. What? No impeachment of Lips and Cheney? Sodamn Insane, ex-dictator of Iraq, gets the death sentence for the murder of less than 200 people, but Lips and Cheney get away with their complicity in the 1st degree murder of over 3000 people on 9/11?

    Why? How does this benefit the democrats? Why would they want to protect Lips and Cheney who are republicans and consistently proven themselves very anti-democrat? Murder is murder and murderers need to be dealt with as murderers. That murderers may be a president and vice-president is completely irrelevant. Murderers are murderers.

    Sodamn Insane is not the only one who needed to be put on trial for the ultimate evilness one person can do to another.

    Let the impeachment proceedings begin…

    1st degree murder absolutely cannot be tolerated, no matter who it was done by.

    So, President Pelosi, will you try to restore America back to its spirit of the Constitution and respect and dignity that is to be given to people’s lives? Will history record Pelosi as one of America’s greatest presidents?

  7. There is a 2000lb gorilla in the room that is the culmination of all the illegal and secretive acts taken on by the Bush Administration. Bush is looking for scapegoats, someone to blame, to avoid this gorilla with “Impeachment” emblazoned on his forehead.

    I am not a revengful man, but people do need to be held accountable for their actions. The Bush Admin. is not above the law.

    Who’s next in line to be sacrificed? Dick Cheney? Paul Wolofwitz? Condi Rice?
    Just wait until the new Congress begins to investigate the gross expenditures in Iraq. The trail could lead straight to Halliburton & co. and possibly to the man who once led it… Cheney.

    Nancy Pelosi is a classy woman with guts, intelligence and honor. It will be tough for her to continue to not want our country bogged down in impeachment hearings, once the leaks begin to surface. We need to move beyond that and attempt to regain what we’ve lost the last 6 years.

    Of course, after they leave office, they would still be subject to investigation and possible prosecution. I would highly doubt if any pardons would be made by any Dem. However, Bush could pardon his clan. I wonder how he could avoid it himself?

    Bush cannot be trusted and should be regarded as inept and a lame duck. Vetos should be over-ridden.


  9. This election was bitter sweet for me. My candidate lost, but the American People took back their Congress.

    We were slipping into fascism pretty fast. Perhaps our new Congress might be able to repeal the loss of many of our freedoms under the 109th Congress.

    In any event, the “people” need to continue to be ever vigilent.

  10. There is one thing Doug Thompson forgot to mention: Bush is a poisonous snake who is revising his political past as he speaks. At today’s (de)press conference he talked the big talk about fiscal responcibility, etc. (traditional republican values) and now we are supposed to believe he is for fiscal responcibility, a smaller, less intrusive federal government that protects individual rights? I think this snakes venom has affected his own mind and needs a lot of therapy. Damn right, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  11. Make no mistake, Bush and the rest of the Evil Axis are just a committed to PNAC now as in the past. If anything, the Reps stinging defeat will drive Bush’s agenda more than ever. I suspect that the WTC conspiracy will look like child’s play compared to what the Evil Axis cooks up in the next couple of years. After all, it’s all just collateral damage to them.

  12. I think the D’s need to take some time to give back to the R’s exactly what those lowlifes have been dishing out since 1994. As for impeachment, it is probably justified but it would probably fail – if for no other reason than there is still a reservoir of anti-Democratic hatred in the House and Senate. Also, do you really want Cheney to sit in that chair – even for one day? For one hour? Impeachment would also play right into Republican hands for the 2008 elections in terms of painting Democrats as reckless and emotional. I think the evidence of Bush’s crimes, exposed after some exhaustive hearings on the Hill regarding prewar intelligence, no-bid Haliburton contracts, etc. is much better presented on the front page of every paper in America than before the Senate sitting in judgment of a lame duck president.

  13. Could it be that Bush, knowing the mood of the nation has become venemous, decided to sacrifice the Senate so that he would look like less of a bad guy by “working with” the new Dem majority? If he’d fired Rummy last week; yes, they might not have lost the Senate, but perhaps in his warped perspective he felt that any Republican control in Congress could still negatively affect him over his final 2 years in office. So, in order to go out with people “liking” him again, he might have decided to allow the Dems a better chance of full control of Congress so he could “make nice”, as Doug puts it, and, thus, look better than he has been lately. And, if the Republicans had won, he’d be able to keep Rumsfeld on as he’d stated.

    Although I have no idea if he’s intelligent enough to think like this, I think it’s possible. He likes being adored. He likes being “worshipped”. He was losing that ground to hate and bitterness instead, even within the RNC. Maybe this is how he plans to salvage what’s left of his reputation.

    I love Cagle’s cartoon today. Rumsfeld lying on the floor behind Bush and the podium at the press conference with dozens of knives in his back, but agreeing with Bush that he should step down for the good of the nation. That’s just how I felt about it when I saw it – as much as I dislike all of them, I felt he was, himself, lied to and backstabbed. Let’s hope the Democrats aren’t as foolish with their power and really try to avoid the corruption and arrogance of the current administration.

  14. Only a fool would believe in either Pelosi’s promise not to impeach or Bush’s promises about anything.

    I would love to see Bush at trial trying to juvenilely defend his lies with more lies.

    Let the investigations begin. Four years too late but better late than never.

    Its about justice stupid!!!

  15. bryionak –

    Please explain how lying to this country yet again makes Bush ‘somewhat honorable.’ Why? Because he admitted it? Because now he claims he didn’t want to muddy the election waters with a war-policy decision? Do you honestly believe that if Bush thought Rummy was an election-day liability, he would have given him a full vote of confidence last week? No. Bush was clearly caught completely off-guard by this watershed, and now has to backtrack to explain away his decisions. (And please note that it seems to be much easier for GW to say “I lied” than to say “I was wrong.”)

    P.S. – Rush Limbaugh pretty much admitted lying for the past few months to his listeners, claiming he was simply ‘carrying the water’ for the RNC. Is this ‘somewhat honorable,’ too?

    P.P.S. – It’s the Democrats fault Bush hasn’t been able to work with them? Really? I guess that by “work with” you mean “agree blindly to bad policy.”

  16. The dems are being both smart and acknowledging reality when they say no impeachment, no matter how much the rabid left wants it. 1) the country is still in a 50-50 balance 2) dems only hols a bare majority in the senate(you need 60 to convict) 3) get rid of GWB, that makes Cheney prez 4) do the same to Cheney then whoever he makes his VP becomes prez or 5) convict Cheney before he apoints new VP(like Nixon) then the dem speaker becomes prez. The country will not stand for that
    Investigations can be done in conjunction with other business, these people are supposed to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time(altho you would not know that from the last 6 years)

  17. ALL politicians lie!! Can you name a politician who is neither a liar and/or a hypocrite. Like the saying goes, “Sooner or later, it all comes out in the wash”. I do, however, hope Rummy will come out and blast the Bush Administration right out from the bottom of the barrel. The other catalyst would be Condoleeza Rice. She about fed up with Bush BS. It would be a fabulous and appropriate send off to the Bush tyranny for these two to light the final fuse….

  18. Don’t forget folks that Bush is probably a “dry drunk”. The “dry” is only because we really have no evidence of his active sobriety over the last years. A dry drunk is someone who quit drinking but never goes through a program that gets at remediating the behaviors that are universal to substance dependence such as lying, anger problems, manipulating etc. A recovery program followed by a long term peer program such as Ann Richards and other high profile politicians (and millions of others including my son and my professional colleagues).

    Recovery is not just quitting, it is learning new, honest behaviors that last a life time. Alcoholism springs from a disease process but the learned behaviors have to be changed or the person is more likely to relapse or have difficult relationships with family, friends, peers and others (including those he/she leads)

    Peer support from those who share the same experiences helps to keep you on the path of healing and growth over the long term.

    Bush’s less attractive behaviors seem to me to go back to these character flaws never really changed from his old addiction days.
    The booze may not be there but the behaviors remain.

  19. Bravo to Doug. Furthermore, I agree with most of the other comments. I do, however, take exception to one – the one from “bryionak” is totally ridiculous. Not only is it unfathomable to use the word “honorable” and Bush in the same sentence, it is also a total falsehood to say that he has tried to work with the Democrats. He won’t work with anyone. It is his way or the highway. Now, fortunately, he can take the highway if he wants. Nobody cares except the fools that actually believe him. Thankfully their numbers are fewer now. Bravo to the intelligent people who have seen through the veil of narcissism and a tyrant who only cares about himself and his cronies. Unfortunately those who believe him are fools who will never understand or learn from their mistakes.

  20. Why are we surprised that Bush will blame others and excuse his own behavior? He was a drunk at one time – drunks blame others and excuse their own actions. Although he quit and booze and found Jesus, he never actually got treatment for his addiction – nevere really had to face up to why he boozed. He’s just a grown up frat boy with all of his chummy names for the other guys in the frat house – Kenny Boy, Rummy et al.

  21. The mess these people made (both Republicans and Democrats)cries out to be cleaned up. We mustn’t let this bunch of “corporate whores” (the Congress) destroy our Constitution as they have tried to do. We MUST hold their feet to the fire and DEMAND that the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act be repealed and Bush and Cheney, et al. need to be impeached and convicted and then criminally prosecuted.

    If we do these things, the entire world will probably forgive us for the crimes we committed under this Administration’s and Congress’ rule!

    We must stop the creation of a North American Union and we must repeal NAFTA, CAFTA, and all the other “free” trade treaties that have disadvantaged the American worker! God help us.

  22. First of all, Doug seems to have a particular way with words that really hits home. Well done Doug.

    Like Steve, I too was rather disturbed at Pelosi’s statement that “Impeachment is off the table”. Some of these people are in league with each other, regardless of which side of the isle they sit on.

    I wanted to make a number of statements here, but it looks like Doug, glennk1949, bryionak, John, Magginkat, kiki and Steve have pretty much nailed it.

    Here’s a question: What’s it going to take for the voting public to realize that there are a number of third parties available for us to vote for? The most notable of which, is the Libertarian Party.

    What do you think? Could “The Party of Principle” screw it up any worse than the “Republicrats” and the “Demopublicans”?

    I would love to discuss the forming of a kind of coalition with anyone else who’s as frustrated as I am. Drop me a line. SniperDoc

  23. Immediate reinstatement of habeas corpus needs to occur. The sooner the better.

    I watched some commentary this morning about Rumsfeld and his possible exposure to prosecution in the United States. (Obviously my news sources are not the current mainstream media hacks where you will never find this material)Evidently he has none at this point due to the Military Commissions Act. A case will be reopened in Germany and Rumsfeld will be exposed to prosecution only should he leave this country.

    We are just locking the skunks in here with us where we will have to smell them endlessly until they follow the law of nature and die. Not even these so-called Christians can escape nature. How will they reconcile their crimes with the God they claim to be in such intimate contact with? That would be one very interesting procedure to watch.

    What keeps going through my mind is this: Never in the history of this country have we given criminals the right to declare immunity for themselves. Immunity always had to be granted by an outside party. By passing this act, it is clear that all of them realized that they broke laws. It makes me sick and sad.

    Now I suppose that any activist group can simply be declared “terrorists”, gunned down in the streets of America, and no one will be held accountable. After all, anything goes in the war on terror, right? I think we are being ruled by home-grown terrorists now!

  24. His behavior is very typical of an ex-addict that never worked at a rehab program. i.e. He wants everything to be nice and good right now no matter what damage his behavior caused over the last six years. He is definitely out of touch with himself and those around him.

  25. Great point you make Doug, about Bush being interested first and foremost in his own interests. One which I think can be boiled down to a simple comparison spurred by the Rumsfeld dismissal.

    Over the past 3 years, nearly 3000 servicemen and several hundred thousand iraqi civilians are killed, 10’s of thousands other americans are wounded, Iraq descends into chaos, billions of dollars are “lost” while little is being accomplished, and the ranks of terrorists have grown daily. Yet it’s an election season which turns out poorly for the president’s party that forces Rumsfeld’s departure.

    That really defines the values Bush places on each of these elements, don’t you think?

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