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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

McCain and his phony plumber

Maybe John McCain should dump the coat and tie and appear at campaign rallies in a pair of low slung work pants that show the crack of his ass. He certainly has proven what an ass he can be to the nation with his tiresome embrace of “Joe the Plumber” in the last Presidential debate.


Maybe John McCain should dump the coat and tie and appear at campaign rallies in a pair of low slung work pants that show the crack of his ass. He certainly has proven what an ass he can be to the nation with his tiresome embrace of “Joe the Plumber” in the last Presidential debate.

Turns out McCain’s working class hero, Joseph Wurzelbacher, isn’t a licensed plumber, owes back taxes, and would benefit from the tax cuts proposed by Democratic opponent Barack Obama.

In other words, “Joe the Plumber” is a fraud, as phony as a McCain campaign promise, an illusion created in desperation by a candidate whose campaign is sinking into the muck of his self-generated political mud hole.

About damn time. We need to put this angry, senile old man out of this nation’s misery. He deserves to be terminated at the polls “with extreme prejudice.”  Enough already. Give him the political death he deserves and send Sarah Palin back to the Alaska. They like nutcases up there. We don’t.

McCain has run a despicable campaign and his erratic performances in the debates, coupled with a long string of gaffes on the stump proves he doesn’t have enough grey matter left to handle the toughest job in the world. The man who constantly invokes the memory of Ronald Reagan would be more senile going into office than Reagan was when he left and that should scare the hell out of anyone.

The Senator from Arizona overplayed his hand time and again. His repetitious claim that “I have the scars to prove it” when it comes to experience in wars both real and political is wearing thin and a new Associated Press-Yahoo poll shows most Americans are sick and tired of John McCain and the regressive political party he represents.

Yes, Barack Obama is an unknown but after eight years of George W. Bush even an unknown is preferred over John McCain and four more years of Republican mismanagement, corruption and disregard for basic American rights and freedoms.

The next President will follow the most corrupt and failed President in American history. George W. Bush is such an utter disaster on so many levels that it will take historians decades to peel away the layers of corruption, misuse of power and incompetence.

Allowing John McCain to enter the White House and continue even one of Bush’s policies is too big a risk. America cannot afford four more years of Republican rule. Bush and his henchmen shredded the Constitution and destroyed a nation, leaving the United States a broken, divided, dysfunctional country.

Like “Joe the Plumber,” McCain is a fraud. His candidacy is a sick joke and his party is a corrupt criminal cabal. It’s time to take this country back from the despots who seized control.

40 thoughts on “McCain and his phony plumber”

  1. It’s easy to tell the ones for whom hard work has never been an issue… as in a blue collar existence. Easy to denigrate… but hard to live up to.

    Joe’s a guy sitting on his front porch when the Prince comes by… hears the softball questions being thrown the Prince’s way… and gets up to ask a simple question about taxes… i.e., the Prince’s distribution of wealth scheme.

    It all falls into the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished bucket… except for those who want YOUR hard earnings.

    The American Dream is fast becoming a socialist nightmare.

  2. Beautiful comments Ladywolf. Again we are strapped with two choices. We definitely need more choices to suit our political desires. I don’t quite know how to do this but I have an old friend who may have a plan. I will ask Mr. Thompson to look into this as my friend has been banned here. After the election as it would not work before.


  3. The fact of the matter is, America, as a country, as a system, as “the great experiment” in “free markets and freedom” has failed miserably.

    We are fast sliding into third world status, if not already there. Our so-called health system is just a giant money-making scheme between the health conglomerates and insurance industry. The insurance industry is nothing more than a giant conglomerate of chicanery, designed solely to line the pockets of the elite. It’s a huge sham that we have been legislated into, forced to pay for our own fleecing.

    Our energy grid is breaking down, our roads are a joke, our bridges unsafe, our people are going hungry, and our housing is falling by the wayside. Still want your so-called “freedom and free markets”?!?

    We’re anything BUT free. Wake UP. Neither McCain or Obama are for the people. They’re for the POWER.

  4. I see people all the time griping about socialism, and especially European socialism. They say Americans should fight this with all their might.

    You know what? Why don’t you take a look at the world’s happiest countries. The ones with the most happiest citizens.. here:

    Seems to me THEIR way, which is bringing them the most happiness and contentment, would be what we need to emulate, not “The American Way”, which is bringing nobody but the “elite” few any happiness at all, and certainly we no longer have freedom of any sort. Educate yourselves.

  5. What a loser. He cant even pay his normal taxes that every one of us pay ($1000), and yet he has dreams of buying out his boss and turning the business into a quarter million dollar a year enterprise. Sorry Joe, but you are pathetic. Pay your taxes, start saving your money instead of wasting it on beer, and then you can start thinking about buying a business.

  6. I think these debates have been excellent for Americans to watch and judge how these two gentleman respond to questions. Our country is at a very low point and our next leader has to be bright and tolerant of all. Spiritually (not religiously) we are a broken country after all the greed on Wall St. Many have lost trust after what has happened with our gov’t during the Bush Era. A lot of trust in our gov’t has to be regained by the “Man on the Street.” I just didn’t get any of those positive feeling from John McCain. I also don’t think he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer. Past experience is not everything to me. His anger management problem is probably PTSD that goes untreated. His mouth is foul. There are many forms of media today and I use them all. McCain will not get my vote. Obama may have faults but he definitely stands out as a leader.

  7. Thomson:

    “Joe the plumber” isn’t Joe! He’s not licensed! AND he owes back taxes!!! (how many millions of decent people owe back taxes too? Have you overlooked the fact that to get a business, those back taxes must be paid? Sorry, you lose brownie points for that oversight.)

    The guy DOES work as a plumber, intends on taking the license, and clearly stated that he was looking into buying the business the he works for yet was concerned about the taxes. Then peons like you decide to discredit him. Just because.

    I’ve seen Obama supporters do some dumb things, but trying to demean some working man is disgusting. And Obama himself hasn’t wasted one moment jumping on that same bandwagon. Obama hasn’t the class to purport to help small business without trying to demean someone hoping to aspire to have a small business. (the very people Obama wishes to tax to help others. Should others not then aspire to own their business too? (so Obama can tax them & keep the cycle going) Seems you’re his friend until you become wealthy.

    (and if McCain is so inept about “Joe the plumber” what does it say about Obama who spoke with him face-to-face, told him his taxes would increase, yet was totally unprepared to “out” this phony on national TV? Obama already knew his name (look at the debate: “Joe the plumber”..if such a person exists.) However, Obama knew damn well it’d sink his campaign to demean a working single father (the working man) when not in front of a crowd on the campaign trail. You know, those who’d clap if he farted. Now I guess that’s what you consider showing guts.

    You and your “extreme prejudice.” Freakin’ joke.

  8. That picture of McCain with his tongue out walking like a zombie behind Obama literally had me in in hysterics. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

    Look, I’m not American but what the heck, I simply could not vote for a man who makes faces like that! Does he suffer from Tourettes Syndrome or something?

    Serously though, what worries me (and a LOT of other people)is that the good American citizens were fooled into voting for someone as woefully inadequate as George Bush – twice – and may be fooled again by all this BS that passes for campaigning.

    Look, we didn’t really worry about Reagan that much, or Bush Snr, or Clinton, however bad they may have been. And the rest of the world doesn’t much care if your president is Republican or Democrat – really. But we are heartily sick and tired of ‘war presidents’ and jumped-up millionaires sons who think they’re the ‘deciders’.

    America, you can do better than this. You have before and I’m sure you will do again. But it won’t be by voting for McCain as your ‘decider’. Trust me.

  9. I pay taxes because no matter what you and people of your ilk think we need government more than we need anarchy. It’s not a need to surrender, it’s a need to be a society to provide protection for ourselves.

    We require taxes because the alternative is too gruesome to behold.

    Grow the hell up.

  10. I’m sorry many of you feel the need to surrender your hard earned money to the government. Or require others to do so.

    Perhaps we are headed for hell after all.

  11. Let’s put it this way. If you let me earn more than $250,000 a year I will pay taxes on the excess over $250,000 at a rate of 50% or even 75%. Hell, make it 80.

    Joe the Plumber may not have been a real plumber, he may not have been a plant, but he certainly is an idiot. And the even dumber person of the trio was John McCain. He shot from the hip, a la his hero Ronald Reagan, and characteristically shot himself in the groin. A fatal wound. How can you go on national TV and talk about this guy Joe without having some idea what the real Joe is like and what the truth is about the interplay betwixt the Plumber and the Paladin?

    I have to love the irony that Joe the Plumber would have had a better tax deal under Obama’s plan.

    And almost no one noticed McCain’s response to the reference to Lilly Ledbetter. Letting all those women have their day in court would be a field day for the trial lawyers! What a self-righteous prick! We are going to allow systematic discrimination against more than half of the citizens in the United States to keep a few trial lawyers from making money at the expense of the big businesses who have spent the last 50 years underpaying women? McCain earned a special place in the seventh circle of hell for that one.

    The Republican Party is going into the ashbin of history. And not a moment too soon.

  12. How sad!

    I’m moved to tears learning that someone who makes 5X the US median household income feels taken advantage of . . . that’s 5X what half the citizens in America make as a family – multiple incomes and all. It makes me sad . . . NOT!

    “Congratulations Joe, you earn $250,000 . . . you’re rich!”

    I agree, Mr. McCain.

    Capitalism has been good to you, Joe, so, yeah, pay your f@*%ing dues!

  13. A phony plumber? I think that misses the point, and deflects our attention. At his current salary, Joe would indeed benefit from Obama’s plan. I hate the fact that he’d benefit because of Obama’s plan to sock it to the “rich” again, but I digress.

    The point that I heard Joe making was that he would be penalized if he sought to get ahead. Let’s assume that he does buy this business that the media assumes is only a fantasy. If he dares to make more than the stated limit of $249,999.99, then he would fall into Obama’s pool of those who are apparently paying less than their fair share.

    Why even bother to get ahead? That’s the point Joe was making. And no, he’s not perfect. But he has a lot to say, and that’s why the media is out to discredit him.

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