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Monday, December 11, 2023

McCain can’t handle opposing viewpoints say fellow Arizonians

I don't think this country needs 4 more years of another POTUS who thinks he knows best and everyone else's opinions don't matter. That is just like GW Bush! Arizonans Reflect On Times McCain Couldn't Handle Opposing Viewpoints

I don’t think this country needs 4 more years of another POTUS who thinks he knows best and everyone else’s opinions don’t matter. That is just like GW Bush!

Arizonans Reflect On Times McCain Couldn’t Handle Opposing Viewpoints

If anyone is wondering why John McCain is not holding a commanding lead over Barack Obama in his own state, all you have to do is listen to the people of Arizona. Many of the people I have spoken with shared their concerns that McCain has a nasty temper when people disagree with him, does not make sound economic policy choices and fails to show true leadership.

Sound familar? Regular citizens of Arizona are supporting Senator Obama in droves in Arizona. In fact, it is even possible McCain could lose his home state. Why? Because he’s a narrow minded control freak who thinks he cannot make a mistake — that he knows best. Sounds like a sitcom from the 50’s to me.

At first, Wendel recalled, she was delighted, thinking she’d have an opportunity to share her expertise on treaties and international law with the congressman. But Wendel never got that opportunity. It soon became clear that the purpose of the call was not to discuss but to lecture; McCain had called to tell Joan Wendel why she was wrong. McCain, she said, kept telling her in a patronizing way, “You just don’t understand the I.R.A.” Wendel explained to McCain that having lived in Ireland she well understood the I.R.A.; she reiterated that she’d written to discuss the treaty under consideration and whether it violated international law. When it became clear to McCain that Wendel was not going to agree with him, McCain started getting angry. “He began to yell loudly at me but would not discuss treaties and international law, no matter how I tried to get him on that subject,” Wendel recalled. “He became very angry. He was shouting at me.” Wendell said McCain yelled so loudly he could be heard across the room by her elderly mother, who mouthed ‘what’s going on?’ to her adult daughter. “At one point he asked if I didn’t know he had just been elected by 80% of his constituents. I told him that was nice but I wanted to talk about treaties.” Wendel finally came to the conclusion that McCain couldn’t be reasoned with.


In this time in our history, with foreign relations as volatile as it is…do we really want a POTUS that can’t be reasoned with?

How about another example of how McCain deals with people with polar opposite points of view.

But to understand what happened at the meeting, Jacobs said, he had to first relate what happened before the meeting. “When word got out we were meeting with McCain, I received phone calls from people who had met with the Senator over the years, for different reasons and under varying circumstances. They wanted to warn me, literally warn me, what was going to happen. They not only told me he was going to lose his temper, they wanted me to be aware of the warning signs that would lead up to it because they were concerned for me.”

Armed with this information and seated closest to McCain, Jacobs observed him during the meeting quite closely , looking for the physical cues he’d been warned about. Right from the start, Jacobs said McCain refused to make eye contact with him or any of the community members seated with him. “When I watched the way McCain refused to make eye contact with Barack Obama in the first debate, I recognized that immediately. That’s how he treated us. He wouldn’t look at any of us who had come to talk to; he gestured toward me occasionally but that was about it.”

John McCain, Jacobs continued, has only one reaction to people who don’t agree with him: “Anyone presenting factual information that runs contrary to his position is held in disdain. Pure disdain.”

Anyone presenting factual information that runs contrary to his position is held in disdain. Pure disdain!!!!

Again, it this the type of person that we want representing our country with people like the leaders from Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, et? Personally, I think that would be a very dangerous person to have as POTUS. Now I know why my gut tells me this dangerous old man would most likely start World War III.

But not all Arizonians won’t vote for McCain just because of his famous temper. Here’s another example:

Mike and Chris Dayton are retired public school teachers; McCain won’t get their vote because they feel he doesn’t represent them. Dayton says a McCain presidency would be a continuation of the Bush presidency, and these two retirees say their wallets cannot afford four more years of George W. Bush.

“When we first retired we felt comfortable with our savings and we were looking forward to traveling, enjoying our hobbies, remodeling our home and investing in our health. And look what’s happened. Gas was $1.25 when Bush took office and now it’s well over $3.00 and the oil companies have made record profits. Health insurance has gone up over 100%, college tuition has skyrocketed, and basic necessities are too high.”

They’ve always lived responsibly but now have to be very careful, shopping sales to make ends meet. During the current economic crisis, Mike said he was disgusted by the lack of leadership shown by his senator: “McCain wasn’t leading, he was grandstanding, running to Washington to save the economy and claim it as his plan but it backfired. And then he blamed Obama. PATHETIC.” Mike and Chris agree that in contrast, “Obama has shown leadership and intelligence.”

These are average and reasonable people who have lived responisbly all thier lives just like most Americans. JUST LIKE MOST AMERICANS. They all make very valid points…..

When considering McCain, remember this. There’s never been a political movement where John McCain’s principles could not be sacrificed.

Point proven. He will do or say whatever it takes to gain control of power…Just like GW Bush did. And when he gets it, McCain will be the decider….Just like GW Bush. And for 4 years we will have a hypocritical, bad tempered old man in the WH who thinks it’s his way or the highway with everyone…citizens, politicians, world leaders. This is NOT what will make America great again.

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