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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

I was devastated by the Vice President debate

I almost thought I was looking at Clarence Thomas, and Alberto Gonzales coming across as looking like respectable responsible people. In this debate she reminds me of Ronald Reagan who she kept comparing herself with, and who I think was a terrible President.

I almost thought I was looking at Clarence Thomas, and Alberto Gonzales coming across as looking like respectable responsible people. In this debate she reminds me of Ronald Reagan who she kept comparing herself with, and who I think was a terrible President.

What is the difference between Palin, Thomas, and Gonzales? Why don’t blacks respect Thomas yet many women seem to respect Palin. Why weren’t Hispanics proud that Gonzales was Attorney General. More blacks support what Thomas is about then women who think rape kids should be payed by rape victims to make sure that organizations like Planned Parenthood and the doctors who support women’s groups don’t get money from the state. Even if it meant that rape victims in the town where she was mayor who were told by the police to go to Planned Parenthood for their kits who were anti-abortion and feared Planned Parenthood had no were else to turn for help. Her fiscal conservatism against the poor even meant cutting funds for a shelter for pregnant women, yet far more women who casually claim to support feminist issues than there are people who are black supportting Clarence Thomas.

Palin’s folksy similarity to Reagan scares me. I fear she may likewise go down in the history books in a positive way. And that of President Andrew Johnson who is considered a great populous even though the Native Americans are constantly trying to correct the historic record to compare President Andrew Jackson as to have approached being a mini Hitler, when it came to native Americans.

What can we do? Is there a way to correct this situation. I see something that might lead to hope. When Thomas and Gonzales were in the news, people were listening to Senator Specter wondering what he and others Senators were going to say next about Clarence Thomas.

Today only the shrillest feminist voices stand out, as if during Clarence Thomas’s hearing all we heard was what Jesse Jackson had to say instead of what Senator Specter was saying.

This lets Palin sound as moderate as she can pretend to now be, while people who make the news opposing her totally support Abortion with no Exceptions, Wages for Housework, Gay Marriage, and only vegetarians who support animal liberation and oppose all animal experimentation, loudly condemned her so called sporting blood bath from helicopters.

If its not to late, shrill people who oppose Sarah Palin, should pressure more moderate people to speak up. Ralph Nader should be condemned for only criticizing her on oil. Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party and Rosa Clemente, who is a supposed super feminist, should be shamed into speaking out. And most of all Mayor Bloomberg of NY City. He call himself undecided between Obama and McCain. He was undecided before Palin joined the ticket and just as undecided afterwords. However in 2006 he shrilly urged Pennsylvania Democrats not to support Bob Casey for Senator, who people thought would be as anti-abortion as his father Governor Casey, just because he was better then Senator Santorum. See,
Bloomberg never claimed to have seen God or had a traumatic change of heart on abortion. He should be as loudly condemned even more than Palin is.

There was one bright exception to people condemning Sarah Palin making themselves look like fanatics instead of her. David Lindorff”s “Two Kids With Guns”.
From the article you can’t tell if Lindorff is a vegetarian supporting animal liberation, only that he loved to hunt as a little child and is now ashamed of it.

Perhaps if we don’t want Palin to go down in the history books the way Reagan and Andrew Jackson did, perhaps feminists should stick to condemning her hunting frenzies, while they talk about enjoying a steak now and then, plus a little fishing. While animal rights activists could mention that late abortion troubles them, while they lash out on her wanting to imprison or enslave a women for 9 months with a burden the distraught woman may hate if she was raped or her Prince Charming turned out to be Count Dracula in disguise.

Originally I felt a little warmly toward Palin only knowing she had a Downs syndrome child while calling herself pro-life. But watching her at the Republican Convention, I was shocked when she said McCain saw the face of evil in Vietnam, and hearing her earlier quote on the Iraq that American soldiers “are on a task that is from God”, also something about God and oil. See these links,

At first I wanted to lash out at this, comparing her with bin Laden, who also won respect from his compatriot for such things as sleeping on the ground with every other soldier, and eating the same meager rations they ate. Most Muslims oppose women suicide bombers, child combatants, attacking a building (the US embassy) at the busiest time of day when women and children provided a cover just like most of us in America want rape victims to get rape kits, whether or not abortion providers will benefit financially from the transaction. And both Palin and bin Laden think that war has something to do with God’s Will.

But Lindorff’s “Two Kids with Guns” inspired me to do something else. I used to support the Huckabee’s campaign for president and answered Huckabee is not a Sane Man”, Posted by: RichardKanePA on Nov 24, 2007 2:42 PM,
I also way back used to picket Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. So I decided to form “Pro-Lifers Against Extremism” but so far haven’t got any meeting together or get it posted of various blogs.

I always approved abortion when the circumstances would mean that otherwise a woman would be in bondage for 9 months. But picketed Planned Parenthood at 13th and Locust anyway with a hidden agenda. That if a woman was about to be put into bondage for 9 months, I would do what I could to free her from bondage. One incident got a little close. A boyfriend or husband escorted a woman into the clinic looking very grim. And came out 10 minutes later, looking even more grim. J., one of the picketers followed him back to the car begging him “to go back in and save his baby”, then J said “If you were a man you would go back in and save your baby” and which point the distraught man tried to run J. over with his car. He kept pushing J. forward who was holding on the hood. J. urged to police to arrest him and I urged otherwise, though I’m not sure the police were listening to me. J. was fully prepared to press charges and to drop them or refuse to testify providing the abortion wasn’t preformed. There was no negative reaction from the other picketers toward me, J. was on his own. No one there wanted an arrest of a distraught boyfriend used to stop an abortion, despite what he did J. wasn’t mad at me either. Of course Sarah Palin wasn’t there. Had she been, I’m sure she would have made me feel very unwelcome at future abortion protests.

Google Pro-Lifers Against Sarah Palin’s Extremism, so far its only on this blog and


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