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Monday, June 24, 2024

Let’s Talk About Debt

I put this on my blog yesterday. You can stop by and have a look around if you like.

I put this on my blog yesterday. You can stop by and have a look around if you like.

Let’s talk aboubt debt. The National Debt. It currently sets at almost $9.8 trillion. At the end of July the debt ceiling, that amount that Congress and the President can legally burden us and our decedents with, was raised to $10.615 trillion. That’s roughly $100,000 debt per taxpayer! Do you have $100,000 to give to Uncle Sam? I’ don’t. When Bill Clinton left, the national debt stood at right around $6 trillion. That represents a 50% increase since Bush II took over! In other words, if you pay taxes, your portion of the per capita burden has increased from approximately $60,000 to $100,000. Probably a lot more after this latest bank bail out. Bush II was no exception to the Republican trend of big spenders either. Ronald Regan increased the national debt by 11.3%, and Bush I by 13.1%! Now Hank Paulson wants to raise the debt limit even more. And who could blame him? He’s going to need a lot of dough to pay for this latest scam.
Secondly, ever since the Great Communicator instituted his trickle down / pay up system of financing government our nations has embarked on a disturbing upward trend of incurring more and more national debt. There was something close to relief under Bill Clinton but when you consider all of the Social Security obligations that were and are booked but weren’t and aren’t added to the official national debt, even Clinton’s term didn’t make too many gains at solving the problem. I would be remiss also not to mention the devastating future effects brought on by NAFTA, a program championed by Bill Clinton and Bush I.
Sadly Bush II is doing his best to but the final nails in the coffin of this great creation we call the American Economy. He has shipped what jobs Bill Clinton left us to Communist China, he has poured well over a 1/2 trillion dollars into rebuilding an ungrateful Iraq, and now he has committed this nation to what will likely be a bail out somewhere in the trillions of dollars. He has burdened this people with an entirely impossible load, demanding that we make more bricks but refusing to give us straw.
Beware however of a savior. This nation was not built on the theory of the ‘Strong Man’. This nation was built on the truth of free men. The military does not give you your freedom. The government does not give you your rights. You are not born owing your government. The founders of this nation made it clear that our rights are a birthright from the creator. The dignity of man is inherent and government is a creation of man, made to serve man. This President and this Congress wish to enslave us to the landed and the moneyed class. It is a war as old as civilization itself. It is a war by those who have upon those who have not. Only an informed population with a firm grasp of the ideas contained in the Constitution of The United States of America can stand up against such tyranny. This truly is no time for Summer Patriots. The time to speak out is now. Make your voice heard. Tell our leaders we want no bail out for Wall Street!

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