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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Why is the opposition to Sarah Palin less unanimous then toward Clarence Thomas and Alberto Gonzales?

I think I discovered the major reason why, the anti-Palin campaign isn't getting any traction.

I think I discovered the major reason why, the anti-Palin campaign isn’t getting any traction.

During the hearings on Clarence Thomas, and Gonzales, instead of dwelling on the shrillest voices against these extremists, many watched closely what Senator Specter and others who tended to act like judges rather than advocates had to say. But when recently Chuck Hegal showed unhappiness, Google, “Sen. Hagel doubts Palin’s ready” and Specter, as he did with Thomas, showed only lukewarm support for her, no one noticed,

Many in the past were pushing those with hedging positions to do more to stand up to extremism.

But what about today? Mayor Bloonberg in NY announced that he was still neutral on McCain vs Obama, and no one declared him a hypocrite or worse. Back in 2006 when Pennsylvania was deciding whether Bob Casey (the elder Casey) would run against Senator Santorum, look at (Google) “NYC Mayor Bloomberg Criticizes Abortion-Rights Supporters Who Support Abortion-Rights Opponents In Elections”, but look at him today.

Ralph Nader criticizes Palin on her stance on oil. Can’t he find something else wrong with her? Cynthia McKinney and her Green Party running mate, Rosa Clemente are supposed to be the apidamy of pure radical thought on every issue, but have no time, or at least no internet time, to criticize Palin. Senator Specter was given permission by feminist groups to oppose partial birth abortion because he was from PA which was conservative on moral issues. Perhaps Senator Casey could be given permission to stop hedging away from the staunchly pro-life positions of his father Governor Casey, then his comments on the Republican ticket would stick better.

When it comes to so called sexism and racism are often assumed to be equal problems. But somehow we are not celebrating the fact that many people, I’m sure more than 5%, who don’t like Blacks are nevertheless going to vote for Obama anyway. If you define prejudge more broadly, a lot more than 5%. How many people who think there is something wrong with abortion think Palin was wrong to prevent the government of Alaska from paying for rape kits, knowing womens’ centers would pay for them out of their own pocket, leaving them less money to crusade with. But some rape victims went to the police. Were the police diligent to send these victims to womens’ centers to pay for the kit? And what happened when a poor version of Sarah Palin was told to go to Planned Parenthood, believing the lies that Planned Parenthood would slip her a morning after pill without her permission, the way date rape drugs are mixed with morning after pills.

In honor of prejudice people who nevertheless support Obama. I want to wear a button saying “Perhaps this Country Needs a Smart —– , Rather Than Another Dumb Clown Running Things”.. And for people considered to have prejudice against womens” issues like myself, I want to help start “Pro-Lifers against Palin’s extremism”.

Since some may think the left has decided to copy the Right in having a lot of imaginary spokespersons. I would like to point to my posting on “Huckabee is not a Sane Man”, Posted by: RichardKanePA on Nov 24, 2007 2:42 PM For proof that I am for real click on comment 12 of the above blog

I hope this gets reprinted and also reposted all over the internet


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