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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Another monumental failure by Bush

Even before his bungling response to a financial crisis that threatens to plunge this country into a full-blown depression, President George Bush had already assured himself the title of the biggest failure in Presidential history.

The Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina and many other failures sealed his membership in the Political Hall of Shame. The collapse of America's economy just adds more evidence that Bush is, without a doubt, the worst in a long line of failed leaders of what once was a great country.


Even before his bungling response to a financial crisis that threatens to plunge this country into a full-blown depression, President George Bush had already assured himself the title of the biggest failure in Presidential history.

The Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina and many other failures sealed his membership in the Political Hall of Shame. The collapse of America’s economy just adds more evidence that Bush is, without a doubt, the worst in a long line of failed leaders of what once was a great country.

It doesn’t matter if Bush’s badly-conceived bailout plan passes Congress or not. He has completed his mission of destroying this nation, gutting it from the inside, eviscerating our freedoms, trampling our rights and burying a once-admired notion of a country.

Osama bin Laden’s goal when he sent his fanatics to crash planes into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and other buildings was to strike at the heart of America’s strength – our economy. He wounded us to be sure but it took Bush and his gang of crooks, thieves, con-artists and scoundrels to complete the mission.

Our Constitution lies in shreds on floor, ready to be gathered up and flushed into the political sewer that is Washington, Our rights disappeared into that sewer long ago, buried under mounts of partisan, putrid excrement that pours out of the rectums of the politically extreme.

We are a nation drowning in the diarrhea of distraction, suffocated by a government of greed.  If there was an escape route, it disappeared into the sewer long ago.

When he finally leaves office on Jan. 20, 2009, Bush will leave behind a broken, dysfunctional government that cannot be repaired by one man or woman or even an army of true reformers, even if such an army existed on either side of the political spectrum.

Congress under Democratic rule remains the same muddled, myopic mess that existed under GOP leadership. Neither party can put aside partisanship long enough to show any true concern or love of country. Elected leaders who put party above country betray the Constitution they swore to uphold.  Both parties fail on this crucial test.

Bush spent months denying a recession existed even as the country slid closer and closer to a full-fledged depression. Now, when the end is near, he offers up a plan to plunge a deficit-ridden nation further into debt in a risky venture to save a system that most likely cannot be saved.

It will be the final nail into the coffin that will serve forever as the symbol of the Presidency of George W. Bush.

Sadly, that coffin will not be used to bury Bush.

It will be needed to bury the remains of the nation he destroyed.

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  1. Whatever you do, don’t try to research what the so called tin foil hatters say. You’ll find a-lot of it happens to be, not necessarily true, but more accurate than not.

    Bushs family has a great fascist legacy, Prescott start the whole Bush family thing by profiting of WWII. Helping the Nazis:

    So as far as it being a Bush failure, I say failure is subjective here. With all the billions of dollars being given away, there is a group of banker gangsters out there with thumbs-up fists of cash muttering “great success” like Borat.

  2. Rick:

    You are absolutely right. G.W. failed as an oil executive before entering politics. The only reason that both companies didn’t go bankrupt is because daddy’s friends bailed him out. This information was made public prior to his appointment in 2000, but people ignored it. So we really shouldn’t be surprised that we’re on the verge of total economic collapse and it looks like we’re the ones who have to bail him out this time.


  3. While liberals focus on the half of the glass that’s empty, the nazis are congratulating themselves that they accomplished 99% of their agenda and no one went to jail.

    Their half of the glass runneth fucking OVER.



  4. WH Deputy Press Secretary Fratto was cited in Rollcall.

    Fratto insisted that the plan was not slapped together and had been drawn up as a contingency over previous months and weeks by administration officials. He acknowledged lawmakers were getting only days to peruse it, but he said this should be enough.

    The USA PATRIOT Act was also drafted months before 9/11.

    When will we ever learn?


  5. Sherry, my point is that SOMEONE did cause this mess, with Neo-Messiah Bush leading the charge. And it’s really not a coincidence that Zionist Jews (neocons) and Christian fundamentalists ARE, as a matter of statistical fact, the people who have led to the slaughter of a million or so innocent Arabs, two filthy, depraved wars, our freedoms and Constitution in the toilet, torture an official policy, relentless promotion of the zionist racists, Gitmo, rendition, FEMA prison camps, the list goes on and on…

    Memo to above judeo-christian radicals: Once you decide to make your religion into a political movement, the rules get a LOT nastier. You will find out the true meaning of “reaping what you’ve sown.”

  6. Impeachment could have been accomplished had Americans got on board. Look at what happened with immigration bill, the 700 bn bailout. Americans spoke out. We demanded oversight and accountability. The original Paulson bill called for a blank check and no oversight.
    The people have spoken, and congress heard us.
    Had congress made their case to the people, the republicans would have had no choice.

  7. Oh darn. That should have read “majority leader in the Senate”, not the house.

    Failure to proofread. I apologize.

  8. A couple of points:

    1. Legislation gets blocked in the Senate by the cloture rule, which requires a supermajority of 60 to cut off debate. Without that, the Republicans merely threaten to filibuster any bill they don’t want. Were I the majority leader in the house I would force them to filibuster rather than try to invoke cloture rule.

    2. It takes two thirds, or 67 votes, not 60 to override a veto.

    Overall I agree with you. For all practical purposes theRepublicans have closed down the Senate to prevent legislation they dislike from going forward. But the worst part is that the Democrats rolled over and let them, rather than making them filibuster every time they could. That would have shown the average American the true nature of the Congress.

  9. And here is what Greenwald himself says about this brigade:

    “There’s no need to start manufacturing all sorts of scare scenarios about Bush canceling elections or the imminent declaration of martial law or anything of that sort. None of that is going to happen with a single brigade and it’s unlikely in the extreme that they’d be announcing these deployments if they had activated any such plans. The point is that the deployment is a very dangerous precedent, quite possibly illegal, and a radical abandonment of an important democratic safeguard. As always with first steps of this sort, the danger lies in how the power can be abused in the future.”

    And for a lawyer to say something is illegal when there is a law authorizing it is nothing short of bizarre.

    I don’t like this idea of deploying troops inside the US but they’ve been there for decades, at various Army posts throughout the US. Where do you think they stay? Gunatanamo?

    What is crap is the interpretations. We have seen this sort of stuff spouted literally for the past 60 years and all it is is people with too much imagination and too much time on their hands trying to work people into a snit.

    In this regard I point you to the absolute stupidity of people who perpetuate the myriad of myths about Area 54 or whatever it is, people who want you to buy books that reveal the truth about “chemtrails,” people who say that Bigfoot is a Communist plot to take over the University of Washington football team, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

    The last time the US was able to “keep a secret” for more than ten minutes was the Manhattan Project, and there were scores of reporters who knew pieces of it but were either asked to keep it quiet or were scared into believing they would be hanged for treason if they wrote about it. That does not happen today. Period. Look at Watergate. That began to unravel ten minutes after the arrest of those fools who broke into DNC headquarters.

    And beyond all of that, when push comes to shove, no American citizen-soldier is going to point a gun at his or her fellow citizens. I was at the Pentagon many years ago, putting flowers in the rifle barrels of young men in uniform, and I could see the tears in their eyes. They knew they could never shoot at us, though they may have passively resisted us, and almost all of them agreed with us that the war in Viet Nam was terribly wrong. This was the era when people spat upon troops returning from overseas. I assure you that I was not one of those, and ceased being a part of the peace movement exactly because of that, but it did happen. And the troops were as bewildered and embarrassed as was the average citizen.

  10. Gazelle:Lots of people believe every bit of that ‘crap’. Denial is a big sea anchor against our freedom. A brigade HAS been ensconced and trained for the sole purpose of “crowd control”. An article written recently by Glen Greenwald, describes the entire suspect move. Blackwater has been contracted now to also do intelligence work. I don’t think the election is going to be canceled, I just think they’re going to steal it again, and fear the ensuing uprising, particularly, enraged people of color. Haliburton WAS given a contract to build “detention centers” in several locations around the country. You think these people are playing? Wake up and die right.

  11. There weren’t enough votes in the senate to impeach Bush. I’m so sick of hearing the Republicans spewing the misinformation that Democrats have “been in charge”. That’s crap. Enough votes in the house yes. But head over to the Senate, and you’ve got 48 Dems (several of which aren’t really Democrats,plus Bernie Sanders who votes with the Dems, Leibermann who votes with the Republicans on National Security and would never impeach Bush,and Cheney, who would also vote.Unfortunately, when the Democrats won the majority in ’06, they immediately lost it when Senator Tim Johnson suffered a Brain Aneurysm, in a state that had a Republican Governor, which gave him, (the governor) the right to replace Johnson with a Republican Senator, and voila! No majority, THEN, even if they got a 51-49 vote, Bush, can veto anything. THEN, when the bill is sent back to the Senate, a 60 vote majority is necessary to over ride the veto. So, Pelosi and the House Dems concentrated on trying to pass whatever the frigging Republicans could be bribed into passing that Bush wouldn’t veto. DEMOCRATS, HAVE NOT BEEN IN CHARGE.

  12. Deja, blaming religion makes as much sense as blaming democrats or republicans.
    It is the fault of the people who allowed this for whatever reason.
    People called their reps regarding this bailout. Thank God we stood up for something. We refused to allow the 700bn blank check without oversight (you know that 32 word statement forbidding oversight came from Cheney. It had his fingerprints all over it)
    Why can’t we motivate for impeachment? If we had, it would have happened. We didn’t. We allowed Nancy and friends to make that decision for us. In doing so, we told Bush and friends they could do whatever they wanted. We don’t need civil liberties apparently.
    Neither candidate is demanding our civil rights under the law. Few are mentioning this.

  13. Do you really believe this crap? If so, you should seek professional help. If not, stop spouting it here where we are trying to have a serious discussion.

  14. Hitler couldn’t have waged WWII without a bunch of nationalist-religious psychos to back him up. While I greatly admire, as usual, the thrust of this piece, the unfortunate truth is that We The People, Senatus Publiusque Romanus, the Senate and People of Rome, are responsible for the fall of the Empire. If you’re really looking for someone to blame, start at your local Church or Temple.

  15. I don’t agree. I believe Nancy Pelozi is the biggest failure in history because of her failure to impeach the traitors, Bush and Cheney.

    Just proves that anyone can be bought, and someone from Maryland can be bought more easily than others.

    Impeach all of them. It is not too late.

  16. Please. Everyone knew that GWB was a failure at everything he did prior to becoming POTUS – and there is surprised that the country is in shambles?

    The only thing that surprises me is that others are surprised that GWB is a monumental failure as POTUS – give me a break – the writing was on the wall BEFORE the November 2000 (s)election.

    Leopards don’t change their spots and failures don’t suddenly become successes.

  17. Your key phrase being, “many years ago”. I too protested the war, but never held the troops accountable for it at all. I was married to a vet for 20 years.I just think we’re in a whole new ballgame now: no habeas corpus for one. torture for another.spying on americans without a warrant. private armies. drug addicts and criminals now lacing our armed forces. geese, you think it’s a fair playing field for dissent? Kent State pretty much shut down MY public efforts to stop the war.I do agree that I enjoy Capital Hill Blue because there isn’t a lot of hare brained or hateful babble, but I did take Greenwald’s article as a head’s up.

  18. They got their ducks in a row with the bankruptcy act three years ago. Now it comes to light that the bankruptcy plan was actually drafted three months ago, while they were telling us how great the economy was. This was a planned economic coup of the U.S. treasury. These bankers are not stupid. They knew that when the introductory rates expired these people would lose their homes. They knew the banks would fail, and a bailout was in the tank. Now it’s another phony crises, with a ‘plan’ being shoved down everyone’s throat.
    Expect more shenanigans leading up to the election. I’m expecting a ‘national emergency’ and bush tries to declare martial law and suspend the elections. A brigade is being brought home from iraq and being trained in crowd control and non lethal force. modular jails are being manufactured and shipped. with no national guard, expect blacwater troops in your town, paid mercs from 3rd world countries ordering you out of your home. it happened in new orleans but no one cared about poor, illiterate blacks. now comes the ‘amero’, the mexica/us. freeway, the ‘world government’ run by our corporate sponsors
    schwarzenneger was courting blackwater till the papers got a hold of it. this is the last stand of the american people.

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