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Sunday, December 3, 2023

McCain withdraws from campaign to fix the mess he helped make in DC & Wall Street

Curiouser and curiouser.

Curiouser and curiouser.

On campaign finances, he is being beaten to a pulp by the intertube funding that his Democratic opponent continues to receive. By cutting all advertising, this accomplishes what exactly? Other than pissing off TV, Cable, and Radio that were counting on that income, it saves him many millions for the last 30 days of the campaign. Actually, all it really accomplishes is that it removes his face from people’s evening viewing, memory, and awareness.

Ok. On second thought, that might be a good thing all in itself.

Of course, when you are losing the fund-raising contest, losing in the polls, losing your grip, and just plain losing, finding an excuse, any excuse, to cut your expenditures is always a plus.

Next, McCain’s mental health is the hidden looming issue of this campaign. He repeatedly makes strange statements, typically followed by his campaign’s “explanation,” then followed up by a whole new position, (then, claiming that he always held his new position).

McCain already cuts most public events on weekends, even at this late date. By dropping his entire campaign, perhaps he can recharge his mental faculties enough so most Americans won’t notice the adverse changes in his mannerisms, his mental acuity and his knowledge base.

It could also be that he was simply afraid of the reality that is today as the debate comes ever nearer. The polls are getting worse every single day. Consider this debate from his point of view.

Obama was his law school’s law review president. THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW. I vaguely recall my law school’s law review president, and remember that I was in awe of that brilliant mind and his (her?) subtle grasp of difficult concepts. The best, smartest lawyer never tries to wow his jury or audience with his smarts. Intead, the best lawyer applies his/her brilliance to a really tough concept, breaks it down in a way that everyone can understand, explains it clear terms, avoids insulting the audience in the process, and convinces them of his position.

That’s Obama in the Blue Corner, weighing in at 189 lbs.

In the Red Corner, a former POW, who spent five years as a POW, and after being a POW, he divorced his sick ugly fat starter wife, and married a drug-addled, brewery heiress. And using the POW status, he went to Washington, using his POW status as both a sword and a shield, ever careful to never mention his POW status more than 5 times per speech. This former POW is renown for a short temper (which has gotten much worse according to sources on the road). This former POW also has had major problems with things like . . . facts.

No wonder the former POW wants to cancel this debate. Let’s not even get into the PTSD possibilities.

Another possibility is that this is simply a crass, craven move, to shake up his failing campaign, to change a bad week, two really, into a whole new and novel topic. If so, it is the last act of a desperate man.

What better platform to convince AMERICA that we have a financial problem, to explain the intricate nature of the problem, AND to offer your best solution to AMERICA, than in an open ended debate with your political opponent? Hell, AMERICA DESERVES this debate, especially those who care about its future. This debate could and would have highlighted the critical issues of our present and immediate future. What better way to convince America of you ability to lead? Of your knowledge and experience? Of your judgment?

Oh, wait. You chose a cutthroat, moose-hunting, beauty queen, idiot who thinks that seeing Russian islands makes her a foreign policy expert. So much for judgment.

Of course there is a possibility that McCain was being honest, straight-forward, and he really believes that by dropping his campaign, he is doing what is right for America, that this is not some publicity stunt intended to grab the attention of those undecided voters. Of course it is possible. Frankly, CERN’s superconducting particle accelerator has a better chance of destroying the universe by creating a huge black hole during the debate on Friday. Except that CERN is shut down until next spring for major repairs.

A stunt? very possible. Mental problems? also possible. Fear? Likely. Money issues? very likely. An honest move to put America first? MCCAIN? AFTER THE CAMPAIGN HE’S RUN SO FAR?


McCain supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham tells CNN the McCain campaign is proposing to the Presidential Debate Commission and the Obama camp that if there’s no bailout deal by Friday, the first presidential debate should take the place of the VP debate, currently scheduled for next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis.

Wow. They want to cancel Friday, cancel Sarah’s big top circus show, and replace it with Friday’s debate.

Things must REALLY be bad inside Camp McCain.

McCain cancelled his Letterman appearance, claiming he was on the way to fly back to Bloatway.
Actually, he decided to stay, film a fluffy, friendly, and flighty interview (if it can be called that) with Katie “I’m such a ditz” Couric. And Letterman found out. Check out his show tonight.

And he won’t be flying back to DC until tomorrow. So much for the rush to start drafting legislation, eh, John?


John McCain sent out all his troops, from his botoxic Pfotengrubber fem fatale making the cable rounds to attack Obama, to others trying to misdirect the Freddie Mac bribery fiasco. He continues to run ads in at least 6 key states.
McCain himself opened for Bill Clinton during the Clinton Initiative, read his speech, without meaning a single word, then held a brief presser complaining about Obama’s lack of cooperation.

I have a very serious confession to make. My mind’s in a turmoil. I truly cannot decide whether the McCain Campaign is more like your standard Road Runner Cartoon, the Keystone Kops, or a slo-mo replay of the worst Indy 500 crash ever filmed. When Apollo 13 called in, “Houston, we have a problem,” they probably never imagined such a self-destructive event like John Bush McCain and Sarah Palin.

21 thoughts on “McCain withdraws from campaign to fix the mess he helped make in DC & Wall Street”

  1. Thanks, Hal, tis nice that my initial nauseating relfux-based, adverse reaction to Pfotengruber was not inaccurate.

  2. McCain’s mental health?

    When I figure out the diagnosis that fits the symptoms I’ll write about it. In addition to PTSD I also see signs of developing dementia.

    On the “botoxic Pfotengrubber fem fatale” who was just again on MSNBC campaign for the non-campaigning McCain, I just found a nice piece about her:

    In 2002, Pfotenhauer–in a demonstration of the common practice among the power elite of interconnectedness–was appointed by John Ashcroft to the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women. This appointment was in keeping with the perverse cynicism of the Bush Administration. Previously, Pfotenhauer made clear her position when she spoke out againt the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. This act, Pfotenhauer declaimed at the time, “will do nothing to protect women from crime. It will, though, perpetuate false information, waste money and urge vulnerable women to mistrust all men”.
    (from that nasty liberal rag, Daily Kos

    What a crew of reprobates Captain McCain put together to steer his campaign.

  3. Mr. McCain is tired and worn out; to his credit he knows it.

    I ran for a local political office once (I was a young and foolish man, then.) Towards the end of the campaign, my position was hopeless, people kept asking me to do things and answer questions. It really irritated me and my answers came out confused and garbled.

    Afterwords I knew I wasn’t fit to be a politician. I feel sorry for McCain and even more so for his aids. Look for McCain to physically collapse and be required to withdraw his name from contention.

    Gerald Sutliff
    Bakersfield, CA

  4. Maybe we need to let McCain and Palin take the White House.
    After all the term wouldn’t last more than four months.
    McCain would croak before the inauguration and Palin would be summarily impeached.

  5. After seeing the Couric/Palin interview last night I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain tried to cancel out the VP debate altogether! It was just painful to watch – Palin was like a moose in the headlights!

    It is very obvious now, (as opposed to just suspected) that Palin is in way over her head!

    I also heard on NPR that after she saw Saashkavili yesterday, (a meeting during which she never spoke a word), reporters tried to ask what she had learned, and the McCain people pushed them out the door.

    Is McCain in the early stages of dementia, or did he sell his soul to the neocons, who then stuck him with Palin?

  6. Let’s see now. After last week’s pathetic and embarrassing spectacle of McCain meandering all over the map in a apparent state of confused ignorance, jumping from one position to the other and seeing his poll numbers plummet, after the equally embarrassing revelation of just what an ignorant rube his extremist whacko VP soul-made really is, he plays this incredibly shallow ploy to try and convince the ignorati (who are legion in this country) that he’s acting ‘decisively’ by wanting to weazle out of the debate and “focus’ on this crisis, even though he hasn’t cast a vote in the Senate since April, even though he has no position of importance on any of the relevant committees, even though he has not stated exactly what the hell he could possibly do with this matter, even though he’s been caught lying through his dentures about ‘having to go to Washington’ so he cancelled his Letterman appearance (he remains in NY), even though this seems to have a secondary purpose of hiding the redneck moosehunter from the public, this confused old geezer really thinks this stupidity will resonate.
    Pathetic, incompetent, self-aggrandizing clowns. Geez.

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