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Saturday, March 25, 2023

When did the McCain campaign take over Governor Palin’s office?


Abdication by Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin has surrendered important gubernatorial duties to the Republican presidential campaign. McCain staff are handling public and press questions about actions she has taken as governor. The governor who said, “Hold me accountable,” is hiding behind the hired guns of the McCain campaign to avoid accountability.

Do we really want 4 more years of NO ACCOUNTABILITY from our government?

I believe that the biggest reason people are not happy with Congress is because they have not done their job of overseeing the Executive branch of our govt…in other words…the Bush Administrations’ lies and F-ups.

Of course people forget that until 2007, Congress was run by the lie, cheat & steal Genuis of Propaganda Republican party.

In Nov 2006, the public reacted to their control by giving back the majority to the Dems. But it wasn’t enough. The lie, cheat and steal Republican party has stonewalled both houses every step of the way. And if that isn’t enough, the Executive branch, laughs with contempt at Senate subpeonas. Dick Cheney destroys documents. And emails mysteriously disappear.

Now John McCain’s campaign has taken over the office of a Governor of a State and all of a sudden it is REPEAT PERFORMANCE of the same tactics. I think the author of the linked article says it best:

Instead, Alaskans have to sit back and listen to John McCain’s campaign operatives handling inquiries about what Alaska’s governor did while governing Alaska. Residents of any state would be offended to see their governor cede such a fundamental, day-to-day governmental responsibility to a partisan politician from another state. It’s especially offensive to Alaskans.

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