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Monday, December 4, 2023

Bush Gets HIs Way~Social Security “Privatized”

Has Wall Street been Terrorized? Again?

Has Wall Street been Terrorized? Again? Henry Paulson, a total opponent of Social Security and Medicaid for that matter, is running the entire finance of the United States of America. The news tells us that our chicken hearted Congress is again being rushed to do as they’re bid by the same crowd of thieves that has been ravishing the coffers for eight long years. I wonder if Social Security, the only unfinished business of the Bush~Cheney plan to totally dismantle America, is now their target. Not only the achievement of their dream come true, but also a strategy to keep us from thinking about elections, or bomb bomb bombing, Iran. I can see the Damned Dims handing over Social Security to buy a trillion dollars of worthless stocks, and Bushco will go home with Heck of a Job done. All the treasury in their 400 (referring to the 400 people in America that own 98% of the wealth), pockets, leaving behind, a ragged military, an impoverished populace,divided and blaming each other, and a booming private army to protect their interests, foreign or domestic. Will still-bewildered Americans gawk as it’s done? Shock and Awe. works every time. Congress sure hopped into action when THEY’RE pocket books were stressed didn’t they? Now they intend to assist in robbing the old and infirm of that last loot left to plunder.

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