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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Condemning Sarah Palin’s advocacies like one did Clarence Thomas doesn’t work, but certainly not because she is less extreme

Publications like the Philadelphia Tribune, the first US Black Paper, had expressed pride that a Black woman was Secretary of State and earlier pride that Colin Powell had the job. But never expressed appreciation that a black man, Clarence Thomas was on the Supreme Court. Likewise Progressive Hispanic groups never expressed pride that a Hispanic, Gonzales, was Attorney General.

Publications like the Philadelphia Tribune, the first US Black Paper, had expressed pride that a Black woman was Secretary of State and earlier pride that Colin Powell had the job. But never expressed appreciation that a black man, Clarence Thomas was on the Supreme Court. Likewise Progressive Hispanic groups never expressed pride that a Hispanic, Gonzales, was Attorney General. I assumed the difference was that they are more extreme than Powell and Rice, until I was shocked to discover that some women who call themselves pro-choice and privacy, were nevertheless proud that a women, Sarah Palin is McCain’s Vice Presidental running mate, and felt personally insulted, when comments similar to those hurled at Thomas were hurled at her, What is going on?

One difference is Thomas in particular never claimed to represent black Americans and Gonzales hides any Hispanic accent and doesn’t go around eating Spanish rice and tacos in public, while Sarah Palin claims to be a typical white suburban mom, with kids. If this is the only difference then I am scared that we are all but destined to having all peace and civil rights past advances fall by the wayside. If it’s true, that if Thomas would talk a little jive now and then, still voting the way he does, that more Afro-Americans would have taken offense when he was criticized, then I fear Sarah Palin has a rising future.

I noticed another difference perhaps; black activists started off being Thomas’ sharpest critics with white folks forming sort of an echo. There were also extremely sharp jabs at Gonzales particularly by Puerto Rican bloggers, and NY City Hispanic activists before us Gringos took any personal swipes at him. I also noticed that one anti-Palin essay seemed to hit at her rather than boomeranged back in his face. It was Dave Lindorff’s “Two Kids With Guns” He started the essay on how he as a child really enjoyed hunting until a traumatic incident got in the way, instead of spending much of that particular essay writing about Palin being coldblooded he wrote about his own prior cruelty which he was ashamed of,,
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Because of all this I want to start “Pro-lifers against Sarah Palin’s Extremism”. It would be better if I was a white woman who loved sports, with kids, preferably with one child with disabilities. But what Lifdorff had in common with Palin was 30 years out of date, yet he didn’t look like a goon when criticizing her, she did. So the mere fact I attending anti-abortion protests may make me the one to successfully condemn her opposing abortion for rape and cutting back on rape kits, probably not to delay an abortion for a few weeks but to induce pro-choice clinics to come up with cash to pay for the test and thus have less money to advocate, abortion, leaving some women seeking help from a non-abortion advocacy groups in a addedly grim situation,

Anyway, in the past I posted support on the internet for Mike Huckebee and Ron Paul, and gave each a campaign contribution. Back in 1983 there is an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about me being one of the picketers at Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. Back then, abortion escorts gave me dirty looks when I attended antiwar demonstration.

Unlike Lifdorff, I have more in common with Palin than he does, because I don’t condemn myself for being what I was back then. I really wanted to help the troubled woman and what I saw was her child, and never became convinced that it wasn’t a child.

However, I never actually comforted any woman passing our picket line except for a couple of times telling another picketer that he was going too far. In one incident a fellow witness for life, J., was begging at a sad looking boyfriend that was walking back to his car. When the young mar reached his car “J. said, “If you were really a man you would go back in and defend your baby.” Suddenly, the boyfriend tried to run him over in his car. My comments while the police, J, and boy friend were talking might have helped stop the distrait boyfriend from being arrested, but the police might not have arrested the boyfriend, regardless of my impute. The way J. seemed to identify so strongly with the distraught seemingly guilty boyfriend’s plight than turning around, and try to get him arrested was not what I would do, even if the incident resembled someone crying at a funeral who lashed out at a self-appointed friend offering too much advice.

I really couldn’t say that one baby was still here on earth because of my being in the protests, so I stopped attending; therefore I really bristle when I think of Sarah Palin slashing funds for a shelter for pregnant women. When Bob Casey was Governor he really tried to help poor and physically limited people over 9 month old. Pro-life at least locally since than tended more to be associated with being pro-war and pro non-government involvement. However, the pro-abortion movement systematically tried to make Governor Casey miserable and tried to drive him out of office, and systematically interview and screen people like R. (who I knew from the Consumer Party) ahead of time, to make sure someone who is weak on choice, doesn’t get elected, helping make the pro-life movement systematically conservative. Governor Casey would have never supported someone like Sarah Palin for President. When his son now Senator Casey first ran for the Democratic Senatorial nomination, pro-abortionists were alarmed, but running against then Senator Santorum made him look good to most Pennsylvanians. Senator Casey could write newspaper essays and blogs comments of what his father would have said about Sarah Palin, and any truly Blue Dog Democrats join in. Isn’t there someone out there who takes estrogen, and at 42 faced a crisis over whether or not to have her first, who could lash out at a 42 year old with four kids hoping God would bless her with another opportunity to spread God’s will? Or someone with a Down’s child upset that they are getting old and a President Palin wouldn’t want the government to pay for all the moral choices the government would order us to obey.

I want to criticize Sarah Palin but I feel bad about over-criticizing others. J. took money out of his pocket when he thought it would help. Condoleezza never made a statement in praise of McCain, and she and Powell provided a touch of sanity to the Bush Administration. Powell even more so, when India and Pakistan were at each others throats.

Vietnam protesters cheered Daniel Ellsberg, when he released the Pentagon Papers. But when Scott McClellan released insider White House revelations, Iraq War protesters demand, “Why didn’t you and Powell quit earlier”, “or admit back then that you were doing wrong”. When people from different backgrounds do something progressive they should be cheered, and accepted as leaders like during the Vietnam protests. Let’s look around for the people who are similar in some way to Palin to take the forefront in criticizing her. Perhaps if we look inside ourselves, most of us who criticize Palin have at least one thing in common with her, the way even David Lindorff did.

Some may think I am so fearful of Sarah Palin that I am giving McCain a free ride. Yes, he was one of the first conservatives to want to establish relations with Vietnam. When he first was in the Senate was against cruel animal experiments and human torture. While I criticized him, I was hoping his right-wing fling was just an act to get elected, until he picked Sarah Palin to be his Vice President.

Personally when Palin said “US troops are fighting for God in Iraq” it upset me the most, but I have no credentials to criticize her for that. I wish wounded vets and religious leaders would heavily speak out against her claim. But, we have to be carefully, Dr. King and Mother Teresa also thought their work had something to do with God’s Will.
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By Richard Kane RichardKanePa