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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fool me once ……

It is now clear that the Republicans are reverting to the strategy that sold GW Bush to America in selling the sow’s ear candidacy of McCain and Palin. It doesn’t matter what they know, what policies they may or may not have, what we are being sold once again is the same “we will stand up to ‘them’ and fight for you” nonsense. Never mind that the public knows their last purchase of this sow’s ear left them broke, despised around the world, and in worse shape than before the Clinton years.

It is now clear that the Republicans are reverting to the strategy that sold GW Bush to America in selling the sow’s ear candidacy of McCain and Palin. It doesn’t matter what they know, what policies they may or may not have, what we are being sold once again is the same “we will stand up to ‘them’ and fight for you” nonsense. Never mind that the public knows their last purchase of this sow’s ear left them broke, despised around the world, and in worse shape than before the Clinton years.

Nothing seems to matter as long as you can convince Americans that your candidate is brave, sharp tongued, “straight talking” and eager to knock the “insiders” on their rears. It doesn’t even matter that the facts clearly demonstrate that the candidate has none of those attributes. If you just find the one piece of the puzzle that people grab onto, the rest sells itself.

For McCain, he was on his way to an embarrassing defeat when his handlers plucked “scrappy” Sarah Palin out of obscurity and the mantle of the “everyman” found its latest incarnation. We all know what has followed as Democrats scramble to find out what hit them.

Lets be clear, there is no logic to this. There are no facts that can be presented either to show that Palin is not even close to the persona claimed for her nor that she is just the kind of personality Gov. Bush presented in his first campaign. In fact, that is her appeal and McCain can just ride on her skirts lying through his teeth about his positions, her experience, and anything else he can find to boost his chances.

It is truly a disgusting turn in the campaign, not because Obama’s lead has evaporated, not even that McCain could get elected despite himself. It is stomach churning to watch the public fall for this ploy yet again. The same people who claim to think the country is going in the wrong direction by overwhelming margins; the same people who think GW Bush is a terrible president are now signing on for 4 more years of the exact same disastrous combination of inexperience, lying and false pretenses.

I despair for the ability of Americans to ever rise above the desire to have a president who is “like one of us” and find enough humility to actually elect someone who might know more than they do about anything. We keep asking for change and then fall for the exact same hustle that landed us in the present quandary.

Worst of all, we are even told straight to our face that issues don’t matter, that even facts are irrelevant. All that matters are all those things that don’t matter anywhere except in the minds of people who just don’t want to bother struggling with knowledge, issues or all those difficult things of government. They just want someone to solve things so they can go back to American Idol.

Bush was that guy in 2000 and now they have Sarah Palin and her running mate, whatshisname. Yeah, they say they are “outsiders,” that they will “change the way things are done” and apparently sprinkle pixy dust as needed on all the problems of the day. Of course they will be tough doing so. And maybe their stupidity will start a few more wars, but hey, we are Americans and we deserve to rule the world.

Am I elitist? You are damned right I am. I am an elitist when it comes to my health care. I am an elitist when it comes to things that rely on knowledge and experience. And I most certainly do not want someone holding the highest offices in this country to be just like those who don’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground.

The Know Nothing Party rises once again.

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  1. I am nothing short of stunned that the American voters even consider McCain as a solution to America’s problems. This man is nothing more than Bush again! He has even said he has voted for Bush initiatives 95% of the time. Given that, what should we expect? Change? Yeah, give me a break folks. Wake the hell up America!

  2. It was not only the dems who were lied to. According to Dick Armey(remember him? a republician who was in the leadership in 2003?) He was against the war in Iraq and planned to vote against it. Cheney called him into his hideaway office in the congressional office building and told him a couple of outright baldfaced lies. 1-Saddam had the ability to not only make nukes but to miniaturize nukes(suitcase nukes-which really only exist in movies, but are really good to terrorize congressmen with) 2-that Saddam had extremely close ties with alQaeda and OBL and would give said pocket nukes to him to use against the west-remember, they hate us for our ‘freedoms’-Armey went on the floor of the house to cast his vote for the war, he was crying when he did it. Now, he is really really poed at Cheney because Cheney flat out lied to him.(this accoeding to an interview with an author of a book that will be coming out this week. See TDS web page to watch the interview

  3. His answer, when called out on the lying ads was;”Well, if Obama had agreed to weekly town hall meetings, this would not have happened” So is he delusional or has he just sold his soul to the Rove group because he wants so desperately to win that he will do or say anything at all.
    BTW, the MSM is finally starting to call him on his lies, and they are actually calling them “lies” rather than gaffes or mistakes.

  4. Come on Judy, Congress lied to itself, get that strait right from the start. There was was plenty of evidence that this was a sham, but the Demochickens except for Barbara Lee, the Oakland Democrat who is the only House member to vote against the use-of-force resolution in advance of the Iraq war didn’t fall for it.

    The Democrats weren’t fooled Judy, they drank the Kool Aid willingly because they wanted to be re-elected, not in the best interest of the country, and they knew they were being lied to; the Rich Corninthian leather backed
    seats at the ‘Dome’ was the only Democrapic priority.

    As one poster has stated in these posts the Democrats are just as willing as the Republikaners to be led around by the nose.

    Hillary is a traitor to willingly let herself be led by the nose and I will never look at pants suits in the same way ever again.

    As a recovering Democrat I will not subscribe to this silly BS that “Oh, the Democrats were fooled” -the Democrapic party are Scum (except for Dennis Kucinich & Barbara Lee).

  5. Hillary stood before a nearly empty Senate chambers and said…”The authorization to use force has run its course, and it is time to reverse the failed policies of President Bush and to end this war as soon as possible….If the president will not bring himself to accept reality, it is time for Congress to bring reality to him.” 5/07

    I wish that many things were different in this country, namely that Bush and Crew were never appointed to the White House. Bush is to blame for this war..he lied to congress, to the nation and to the world…and for what?…for oil thats what!

    ***McCain remains as steadfast and gungho in his support of Bush’ bogus war as he was in 2002. This is note-worthy only in as much as it may be the only thing he hasn’t change his mind about!

    I was not fooled, I, as well as the rest of the world was lied to and have continued to be lied to hundreds of times by this immoral me, I will not be voting for more of the same!

  6. I agree with you – We the People are allowing this fiasco to continue. We allow – and feed into – the partisan politics, we give the media permission to manipulate the national discussion, we fail to hold the candidates accountable to keep to the issues, we have allowed the corporate fleecing of our country by ignoring the process..

    We the people have allowed this to happen through our apathy – and we can turn it around. However, it will take a real effort.

  7. No, I’m sorry, I don’t buy the lesser of two evil rationales as a reason to vote Democratic.

    On the eve of the vote for giving Bush his war resolution, Senator Robert Byrd cited on the senate floor in front of Hillary the cooked evidence coming out of Dougy Feith’s basment room in the Pentagon, yet Hilary willingly disavowed it as did all the other Jellyfishcrats -opps, I mean Democrats and made Shrub’s reign of error possible, and we all know how that went.

    I do consider Hilary a Traitor and if that’s name calling then I will roast in Hell.

    The Dems will always fall for Neo-Con Neo-McCarthyist scare threats for not voting for manufactured 9/11 war resolutions, just like spineless
    opposition parties gave Dolf the enabling act in 33′.

  8. With the mess the Bush/Cheney group have accomplshed the last eight years be forewarned that the McCain/Palin pair could do us even worse, Read this article by Arianna in her post today. This is frightening stuff, if the repubs get back into the W.H.

    Here is a portion of the article:

    Arianna Huffington: The Palin Doctrine: Why the Neocons Are So Excited

    Sarah Palin may not have known what the Bush Doctrine was, but we’re getting a pretty good idea of what the Palin Doctrine is. According to London’s Daily Telegraph, the architects of the Palin Doctrine are a group of people who have been singularly wrong about virtually everything in the last decade — the neocons, who have been briefing Palin for weeks. She’s perfect for the neocons: likeable on the outside, a blank slate on the inside.


  9. Regardless of party, we have allowed the disaster that has become us. We choose a party as if it were a team sport. A blood sport at that.
    Obama is the great hope and when he fails to live up to his promises, excuses are made. He is the man. It’s ok if he breaks a promise or two. Like FISA. Telecom immunity. The Patriot Act. War funding.
    And people actually believe there are legitimate differences between Obama and McCain.
    People complain McCain wants to impose a draft. So does OBama, he just uses different wording.
    The list goes on and on. If you want change, the key is not the elected official, it’s YOU




    Phil Hoskins

  11. It takes honorable actions to build and preserve an honorable America. You cannot build a great America based on lies and deceit.

  12. Unfortunately, it seems that a majority of Americans would like to believe the fantasy that it doesn’t take anything more than the right attitude and an identification with “the common person” to run and defend this nation.

    We will get what a majority of us deserve.

  13. The comments on this commentary will be closed down if those posting cannot keep it civil.

    No more name calling — at all. That does nothing to further the disucssion.

    Phil Hoskins

  14. Just watch, with D-Crappers of the likes of Traitors like Nancy ‘No More Blank Checks For Bush’ Fancy Pants Pelosi & D-Crapper Traitors like Hairy Reed, Sarah Palin will wipe her Keester with them knowing what Spineless little wimps they are.

    When Joe Biden debates Palin, he will be apologetic for being pro-choice, making a proviso that he is personally against abortion and let Palin walk all over him; and that is the problem with Democrats, they apologize for being progressive if not outright hide their colors because they are Spineless Jellyfish…that is the problem, they don’t stand for anything, they’ll sell their mother into prostitution as ‘tactical retreat’ so they’re sure to get their pink keesters back in ‘the dome’. They helped Mukasey sail into his job, a guy who ‘dosen’t know’ if waterboarding is torture.

    They have proven this over and over since they backpedaled after they made some gains in the house, but even before, the D-Crappers tip toed through the tulips.

    Sir Obama of Camelot votes for retro-active immunity for
    telecoms saying he did it as a ‘compromise’….-Bull-Fu*#ing Krap -that is capitulation.

    Screw the D-Crappers, I do not reward failure, and mark my words, the Neo-Cons will manufacture another 9/11 and the D-Crappers will scurry for cover like the scared of its own shadow cockroaches they are.




  15. My biggest question, perhaps academic, is: What happened to McCain?

    I mean, I can understand the guy wanting to win. I don’t fault him for that.

    But what must have happened for him to become everything he loathed about Bush’s campaign 2000?

    McCain is now kowtowing to those he called the “agents of intolerance” – and re-igniting the culture wars – with his Palin pick.

    Which, by the way, would seem to undercut his expectation of experience in the allegedly ever-so-important war on terror.

    And don’t even get more started on Bush’s tax cuts and offshore drilling – more examples of McCain remaking himself into Bush.

    And then there are the despicable Rove tactics he has embraced – with all its dirt and grime – unashamedly up for display in his ads.

    I just don’t get it. If McCain is willing to stoop this far to win, is there any bottom to it were he to win the WH? I fear not.

  16. Excuse me, but aren’t these “utter morons” the folks you’re expecting to vote the Hon Barack Hussein Obama [D-IL] into office in Nov’08?

    Hill Country resident

  17. Wow, I never thought someone like me.. a non-college-educated, Pontiac-driving, cheap-bourbon-swilling, working-class single-mom… would ever be in the elitist class, but I guess I am! Add me to the list of people who think questioning the education and experience of our leaders is a REQUIREMENT, not an attack.

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