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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The rising cost of the Iraq ‘Surge’


The Rising Cost of the Iraq ‘Surge’

Since Jan. 10, 2007, when George W. Bush announced his troop “surge,” more than 1,000 U.S. soldiers have died in the Iraq War – about a quarter of the total war dead – but now an even higher cost may loom ahead, the indefinite continuation of the conflict under President John McCain.

1000 more lives lost! Lives that did not have to die! Lives lost because we have a stubborn, hard head as our POTUS!

That’s another large square of Amrican’s best men and women cut down in the prime of their lives added to the Iraq Memorial Quilt

The last thing we need is 4 more years of some stubborn hard head that could care less about the “the will of the people“.

This does not include those injured, many permanently. Some physically, some mentally, many both.

But the best part of the article actually talks about the “other brutal factors – that the Washington press corps almost never mentions – help explain the decline in violence…” and how this MSM plays in the political drama unfolding before us.

But this dark side of the “successful surge” is excluded from the U.S. political debate. As during the pre-invasion period, the Washington press corps acts more like Bush’s propagandists than anything close to skeptical journalists.

The only time they get tough in interviews is with Obama, demanding that he get in line with the rest of Washington’s conventional wisdom and hail the media’s old favorite, John McCain, for his courage and wisdom.

In playing this role, the U.S. press is again playing into Bush’s hands and his desire to make sure that outright defeat in Iraq won’t occur on his watch – and that he will leave behind a successor who is committed to the neoconservative strategy of open-ended warfare against Muslim militants.

Even though 80% of the American people want US troops out of Iraq. Did we forget about the will of the people?

The is a new book by Bob Woodward newly released which details something which many of us already knew:

As Woodward’s book makes clear, Bush always understood the importance of controlling American perceptions about the Iraq War, even when that required lying to the public.

Not only did Bush insist in 2006 that the war was being won when he knew differently – and he said he was listening to his commanders when, in reality, he was overruling their judgments – he talked privately about the need to control the Iraq War images to influence the voters back home.

Apparently John McCain has taken the same strategy…LYING to the American Public!

It is no longer enough to say “Support our Troops”. Today, we must take a stand and “Save our Troops!” This will not happen if John McSame has 4 more years to lie to America, continue Bush’s policies and incite more wars and further violence in the Middle East.

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