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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Government by the ignorant, for the angry and by the hateful

When you get past the rabid rhetoric from both sides of the political fence, the partisan political pandering of cable TV networks (Fox on the right, MSNBC on the left) and the too-often inane patter of the blogosphere, you are left with an upcoming Presidential election that will be rough, tough and too close to call.


When you get past the rabid rhetoric from both sides of the political fence, the partisan political pandering of cable TV networks (Fox on the right, MSNBC on the left) and the too-often inane patter of the blogosphere, you are left with an upcoming Presidential election that will be rough, tough and too close to call.

America is a country split down the middle by political, philosophical and cultural differences – a bitter, hybrid nation with no clear consensus, too much anger and too little unity.

The fire that once drove the great melting pot has blown out, leaving a hodgepodge of special interests, single-issue political platforms and fragmented panderers driven by targeted demographics instead of leadership.

The America that votes on Nov. 4 does so through the fog of anger, misinformation and emotion. Rational debate is gone, replaced by rabid partisanship and disassociated shouting about trivial matters.

This country is not a nation governed by an informed electorate. We are a fragmented society driven by fear, hate and hyperbole – a mass of sheep following the pied pipers of propaganda from the right and the left, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat.

This will not be an election decided by important issues like the economy, Iraq war, and honesty in government or freedom. It will be decided by racism, sexism and raw, unbridled emotion controlled by the basest of human failings.  The final decisions made in the voting booth will be based on McCain’s age, Obama’s skin color and Palin’s gender.

It should not happen that way, but it will. Too much political debate in this country is filled with invective, childish behavior and outright ignorance. Those who lace their commentary by calling candidates names like "McSame" or "Billary" or worse add no substance to the debate:  They only showcase their inability to deal with real issues in a cogent, adult manner.

Both sides have good and bad plans for America. Both sides have extremes. Both sides have successes and failures. Both sides have positions that deserve reasoned debate. But such debate is not possible when we get bogged down in name calling and long, drawn out shoutfests that question one candidate’s birthright or another’s patriotism. Nothing is served by painting one side or the other as evil.

In less than two months, we as a people will make a decision that could well decide the survival of a nation in trouble.

At this point, I doubt we’re up to the task.

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  1. Now that I’m awake, what I was getting at was if you want to know who is responsible for it, find out who benefitted from it. Other than KBR, ask Timothy R Eller, a Bush/Cheney contributor who is CEO of Centex Homes, a company that makes about 500 million dollars a year in profits.

  2. Precisely right…

    And exactly what I was trying to get at in the pre-caffeinated phase of morning. It is exactly the privatization, even the use of public “servants” who serve only themselves, that have made this possible. We have allowed our country to be stolen by the kleptocrats at the alleged “top”, to be deserving of, and recipients of, reward. We are, in essence, so very robbed by the ways of “guvmint” swindling away since the days of the first establishment of the Federal Reserve, and refined to a fine art by those that first served Reagan, then Bush, then Clinton, then Bush II. and on…and on … and on… it goes. Oh, take it back to the Conservative Right’s conquest of Nixon and Ford. They are not servants, they serve only themselves.

    Perhaps the I word ought not be off a certain Speaker’s table? With the apt application of that word to those deserving of same, for those deeds that clearly show theft, crimes and other misdemeanors. And the highest of crimes, at that. Lillibet

  3. I’m sure Halliburton made money off of it, they own a company that builds homes. I will research it before I stick my neck out. In the meantime,Palin is in trouble over travel expenses.

  4. May I address a couple of assertians made in two of the above posts . 1st. the shareholders in both freddie mac and fannie may are getting killed . both have dropped as of monday to the status of penny stocks , practically worthless . The only entities that will come out of this smelling like a rose are the very top of their management team , the CEO ,COO CFO etc , they’re just fine , salery , bonus’s , severance package and retirement , all in tack and huge . They simply packed up and slithered out the door unscathed as usual .
    2nd. Both companys are private , that is the problem , they were slowly privatized until they no longer had to comply with the oversite , regulations and sound fiscal practices that would have been required if backed by the FED as are banks and other such federally ( FDIC ) backed institutions . That is at the core of this whole morgage based meltdown . These institutions ( morgage based lenders ) , Country wide , Bear sterns , yep , that was their downfall too etc . They were allowed by years or deregulation to avoid sound fiscal practices and participate in fast buck scheme after fast buck scheme untill the whole thing finally collapsed . The guys who are actually responsible for this mess made out like bandits ( which is exactly what they are ) . They are the ones who promoted and bundled gobs of shaky and ill advised morgages and sold them to these essentually deregulated institutions who didn’t bother to check how weak or nonexistant the financial backing was behind those instriments . The fact is , the individuals who caused this are going to be untouched and allowed to keep their vast profits from this disasterous scheme . Its the shareholders and taxpayers who will be hammered and will take the financial hit . If congress would simply pass legislation that would allow confiscation of profits and prosecution of the originators of these schemes that would be a good start and a deterrent . And for god sake reregulate the bastards .

  5. Legislation of virtue is impossible. Whether it is fiscal responsibility, or virtue in the bedroom it doesn’t work. Goes double when you consider that in, I believe, 2003, HUD had off balance losses of $59 Billion. They simply could not find the money. However, those favored few at the top of the food chain, acquired some amazing salaries and bonuses.

    Our present government is run like a cabal, feeding those they favor, starving the rest. Those being fed are eating very well indeed.

    One small consolation is that when you review the establishment of Prohibition, they at least realized then that legislating virtue regarding demon rum, required at minimum a Constitutional Amendment.

    These days, all it takes is a kleptocracy bedecked in flag pins, proudly waving the red, white and blue, with disdain for all that don’t agree with every bit of Theocratic intrusiveness they believe others must endure, while their own personal lives are more Peyton Place than Scruple Street. Lillibet

  6. The America that votes on Nov 4th is also a country that says it separates church and state, yet those running for office nevertheless seem very keen on advertising their religious credentials – and the more rabidly radical they are the better.

    It is a country that espouses freedom of speech yet rounds up hundreds of protesters and arrests them on trumped up ‘terrorism’ charges, while invading their homes and stealing their property.

    It is a country that says it is a democracy, yet this system is not enshrined in law anywhere within it’s legal or political framework. And votes are stolen or wiped out, while thousands of voters are expunged from lists for spurious reasons, with no legal redress.

    It is a country that prides itself on it’s press and news organisations, yet these are all in the hands of just a small number of politically motivated people, whose only interests are to control what people hear and see and to subvert news to the level of propaganda.

    It is a country that has spent close to three trillion dollars on a pointless war that has killed many thousands of innocent people – and then wonders why it is despised by so many.

    And because of the horror stories regarding the unwelcoming face presented by the TSA and Homeland Security from innocent people merely trying to visit your once great country – or even just transit through it on the way to soomewhere else – it is not a place I will be visiting any time soon.

  7. Allowing lower and middle class to buy their own homes was a good idea but they should have been forced to keep the payments up without a bail out from the government. Had the congress kept their eyes open when the value of the America dollar was falling along with the jobs kept at home, it would have worked.

    America is in a recession that could possibly destroy the building of more homes and businesses. A lazy congress has destroyed the base of our nation’s economy.

    Our elections are won by candidates who promise tax breaks and hand outs that eventually bring about exactly what we see happening today. We have no candidates who understand supply and demand with the possible exception of Ron Paul. Had we held the congress’s feet to the fire on controlled spending, we would be in much better shape.

    Instead, we vote for moral values without a look back at our economics. The Republican Party failed to warn us about this borrowing money from nations who are not our friends and all they have offered is the legislation of sins through the Supreme Court. The Democrats have not offered any corrections except more government controls.

  8. Freddie Mac and Freddie Mae were more the creation of the Federal Reserve, than a purely Democratic creation. A little history on the central bankers might enrich your understanding of the origins of the problems with the economy run on fiat money, created from nothing, designed to enrich bankers at the expense of the nation. Lillibet

  9. FM & FM. They never should have been created in the first place. There is no way that providing mortgages is the government’s job. FM & FM were created with an implied government backing. Thus they were perceived to be guaranteed return for fat cat investors, with any risk implicitly assumed by the taxpayers. Bad idea.

    But hold on a second. Who was it who wanted FM & FM? Fannie Mae was created in 1938 as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a purely Democrat creation. The idea was to have big brother provide the backing so that the little folks could afford homes and mortgages.

    -Warren, age 57

  10. So what’s new? Everything Doug has said is absolutely true. And it’s depressing and discouraging and humiliating. What it isn’t is new news. American politics has been more about personality and spin than substance and truth for as long as we Americans have been voting, with very rare exceptions.

  11. Concur with JimC, Timr and Strat.

    There is nothing other than an ongoing class war in this country. The latest example is the “government” (TAXPAYERS) bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of which have made record profits for their stockholders over the past few years through fraudulent real estate lending and bundling and reselling the loans. Now the bubble pops and it is up to the taxpayers to bear the losses and NOT the stockholders because FM & FM are “too big to fail”. Presumably the stockholders bear great risk in anticipation of great reward. Who holds stock in these concerns? VERY FEW middle class and poorer people, but certainly the very wealthy individuals and institutions who also control the government, the very same people who have declared that the taxpayers must bear the losses. Its class war, nothing more, nothing less. And we are losing.

    — Kent Shaw, age 58

  12. Timr , I am 58 also , it seems we have the same generational perspective . You are correct in your assessment , I believe this started during reagans administration by allowing the networks to move the news from a required public service to profit driven entertainment . The dumbing down of the public and control of the disbursement of information by a few very conservative corporations is the result . What the public in general does not realize is that the real goal of conservatism is nothing but a kind of calvinistic plutocracy . This is nothing more than the aristocrats trying to restore what they believe is the natural order of things , a small ruling aristocracy who cortrol the wealth and resources with everybody else serfs that serve them as labor and cannon fodder . To this mindset the very idea of a middleclass that can tell their betters how they wish to be treated and that share in the wealth is an abomination that must be corrected . To accomplish this , they need to limit education , access to information , convince their would be serfs that what is in the wealthy’s interest is also in their interest and distract from the reality of what their real aims are , we might not go for it otherwise . The historical tools are religon , nationalism , brute force , fear of those who are different and keeping the peasants uneducated with as little free time as possible . Just look back through history , a hundred years ago , 2 , 3 , 4, 5 hundred , a thousand years ago and see how it worked and if these ” conservatives ” don’t seem much like the land barons , fiefdoms and robberbarons of old , nothings changed , our selfanointed superiors are simply working to regain their place . and put us back in ours . If Elizabeth Bathory and the black prince were alive today they would no doubt have been at the republican convention waving flags and cheering them on , they are their modern brethren .

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