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Monday, July 15, 2024

Sarah Palin is an insult to the Republican Party and the intellect of average Americans.

As I watch this wave of Republican men who actually ran for the presidency make speech after speech preceding Ms Palin's acceptance speech, I have to think....what an insult Ms Palin's nomination must be to them?

As I watch this wave of Republican men who actually ran for the presidency make speech after speech preceding Ms Palin’s acceptance speech, I have to think….what an insult Ms Palin’s nomination must be to them?

I watched as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson tried to justify Ms Palin’s nomination and I was appalled although not surprised how she immediately went into the Genuises of Propaganda talking points. I have watched the same parade, same song, different face for 2 nights now. I have to wonder how low these seemingly competent people will stoop to retain power? It’s absolutely disgusting.

And what an insult to the intellect of the average American to see this type of politicking. For someone to honestly compare Ms Palin’s qualifications to be POTUS with either her opponents is literally a joke.

Someone recently joked about me forcing someone to drink the Koolaid and all I can say to you guys is…my words are not for you because you already have drank the koolaid if you even consider for one second that this woman is fit to fill the shoes of VP. Hell, she’s not fit to fill Hillary’s shoes.

I mean come on, he could have had Rudy and cinched the damn thing. But he was so afraid of the anti-abortionists that he eliminated many qualified candidates because of that one single issue. And people try to say that the Supreme Court is not important.

If Ms Palin cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the American press, then how is she tough enough to stand up to world leaders in a crisis? How is she going to be a fit representative against a world leader from a country that views women as second class citizens? It’s not. It doesn’t make her any more qualified than saying just because someone is a POW he is fit to be POTUS.

And using the “mother” excuse as in she runs a big family, is as sexist as claiming that legitimate questions about her so-called qualifications is sexist.

Jon Stewart on the Daily show had a great show last night documenting Ms Palin, herself saying that women who can’t take the heat aren’t fit to lead our country. You can watch it for yourself here:
Sarah Palin gender card

You will enjoy watching various high end GOPsters eat their words…literally. It’s a good laugh as well.

The thing is that she was McCain’s choice out of all the possible people. This is our first glimpse into what kind of choices he will make in the future. And one has to question making that choice, knowing about her family situation, knowing what type of press and scrutiny that family was going to have to go through. If McCain will stoop so low as to subject this family to all this is also a question of his judgement.

No even Karl Rove agrees Palin’s choice was sheer campaign strategy and that’s fine. It’s politics. But to pretend this woman is BETTER QUALIFIED to lead our country than Rudy Guiliani, Mitt Romney or Kay Bailey Hutchinson, to imply this woman is better qualified than either Barak Obama or Joe Biden or even Hillary Clinton, well, that is just an insult to every American.

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