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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Petty, pathetic pandering from partisan political pukes

Sometimes, in a moment of weakness, I actually start to believe people out there really care about this country and can put partisan political differences aside. Silly me.

Sometimes, in a moment of weakness, I actually start to believe people out there really care about this country and can put partisan political differences aside.

Silly me.

Case in point: John Solomon and Kathleen Hennessey from the Associated Press, in an excellent example of investigative journalism, Wednesday detailed a shady land deal that netted Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid a tidy $1.1 million windfall. To make matters worse, Reid failed to report the deal as required by law under financial disclosure rules.

A few days earlier, two other AP reporters caught Virginia Republican Sen. George Allen playing fast and loose with the rules on his stock options and also detailed how the Senator paid for those stock options by pushing for legislation and government contracts for the companies involved.

The story on Sen. Allen brought a number of favorable comments from readers who applauded another political crook getting caught with his hands in the till. Allen’s campaign staff, however, claimed it was much ado about nothing.

That was then. This is now. Many of those same readers who praised the AP for the Allen story are now bitching and moaning at both the AP and this web site over the Reid article, saying it is “much ado about nothing.” They singled out Solomon, who had caught Reid in another shady deal earlier this year, as a “patsy for the Republicans.”

“I’ll never visit your web site again if you’re going to run baseless attacks against Democrats,” said an email from someone who identified himself only as “a loyal Democrat.”

Just a few days ago, someone who called themselves “GOPMan” said in an email: “It is obvious that you and the Associated Press are just lackeys for the Democrats and are attempting to smear Sen. Allen. Consider me an ex-reader.”

In reality, the only difference between the two stories was that one centered on the illegal and unethical activities of a Republican and the other examined the illegal and unethical activities of a Democrat.

George Allen is both a racist and a crook. I’ve heard him use racial slurs and I’ve examined the documents that show he exchanged political favors for stock options. The law calls that taking a bribe.

Harry Reid is also a crook. I investigated his background while considering whether or not to give him money when I ran a political action committee. I’ve researched him as a journalist. He’s dirty and the two things exposed by the AP this year are only part of the man’s shady way of doing things.

Unlike the partisan political pukes who decry corruption by opponents while ignoring it by one of their own, we don’t play favorites here. A crook is a crook and I don’t give a damn what political flag he or she flies over the front door.

I’ve known AP reporter John Solomon for years. He’s an honest, hard-working, ethical reporter who has written many good stories about many bad politicians – Democratic and Republican. Good reporters don’t let political affiliations get in the way and John is a good reporter. But applying to same standards to both sides of the political fence is unacceptable to partisans. They jump up and cheer when one side gets caught but squeal like stuck pigs when someone points out the crooks in their own woodpile.

Swiftboating Solomon for doing his job isn’t the answer. Democrats should thank him for exposing a crook in their midst and throw Harry Reid out with the trash.

They won’t. Partisans, for the most part, are brain-dead lemmings whose gray matter turned to mush a long time ago from the endless propaganda of the party leaders. They are too damn dumb and stupid to see two sides to an issue because doing so exposes the corruption within their own party.

Republicans have Tom DeLay, Mark Foley and Bob Ney. Democrats have William Jefferson, Allen Mollohan and Corrine Brown. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert didn’t do anything about DeLay until his back was against the law. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi protected Jefferson until members of her own party forced her to take action.

Will Pelosi make a better Speaker of the House than Hastert if the Dems take over in the November mid-terms? I doubt it. Like Hastert, she’s an old-school politico who believes in back-room deals, ignoring corruption in her own party and protecting the system that puts partisanship over patriotism.

Partisans protect their own and care more about their political party than their country. They are pathetic, petty, puny pukes whose pathetic political pandering destroys any hope for the future of America.