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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mr. McCain, I am an American

-I told him that I know I speak for every American when I said to him,'Today, we are all Georgians'- Mr. McCain, I Am Not A Citizen of Georgia. I am an American.

-I told him that I know I speak for every American when I said to him,’Today, we are all Georgians’-

Mr. McCain, I Am Not A Citizen of Georgia.

I am an American.

John McCain has attempted to make me, along with all Americans, party to human rights abuse. His declaration of our Georgian citizenship involves us with a foreign government accused by human rights groups of abuse towards their citizens in recent years, one which has now involved our country in a most questionable war. No, thank you Mr. McCain. I am a citizen of the United States of America.

I am the decider when it comes to which causes I embrace. In order to accept your claim of my Georgian citizenship, I require explanation as to your recent actions.

Even before Russia had crossed the border into Georgia, you immediately declared there would be consequences and they would be grave. Why did you attempt to inflame the situation before the President of the United States had even spoken with us? When did you receive the authority to decide the course of action by the United States against any country and who granted this authority? If not given, why did you assume said authority? Why have you remained the main spokesperson for the United States, a politician running for president, rather than our actual Commander in Chief? You, sir, are simply entitled to an opinion, nothing more.

Before you volunteer my loyalty, I want a full discussion with you and the American media regarding Georgia’s massacre of possibly 2000 South Ossetia civilians resulting in a full scale military reaction by Russia. I want you both to help us understand these events so every American can decide for themselves if they even want to be citizens of Georgia. I want this information before you, or the adminstration you support, make any more far reaching decisions as to our country’s course of action against one of the world’s super powers.

I need you to explain why the people of Ossetia do not deserve independence yet we have American troops dying in Iraq and Afghanistan supposedly to support freedom there. I want to know if it is true you presented a bill to the Senate to deny them this freedom. I want you to tell me why oil is always the bottom line.

I would appreciate a full explanation as to what part, if any, your campaign’s top foreign policy advisor, Randy Scheunemann, played in any of these events. Why did Mr. Scheunemann accept a $200,000 from Georgia on April 17th for a grand total of $800,000 while in the employ of your campaign. What did you discuss with Saakashvili during the approximately 50 meetings that Scheunemann arranged for you?

In recent years, the Bush administration and Israel, with your support, has been arming, training and providing financing for the Georgian military knowing full well Saakashvili stated he would order a strike on both Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Since this would cause a direct confrontation with Russia, why did you encourage this young and inexperienced government in their disastrous military adventure? What efforts, if any, on Mr. Scheunemann’s part contributed to this massive military build up which has been charged to the United States credit card to be paid by the American taxpayers?

You have fought for years to exclude Russia from the G-8 rather than build bridges of cooperation. You prefer threats rather than direct communication. The current policy of isolation towards Russia completely hindered our intelligence services to the point we had no idea Russia was even moving into Georgia full force shortly after the attack on Ossetia. Now, Mr. McCain, you desire an even more isolated Russia and the creation of a situation where our foreign policy decisions would be based on best guess and even less intelligence. Why?

There are many questions that need to be answered, John. Some by you and many more by the American media as to the events that led up to the invasion of Georgia, including full on the ground televised coverage in both Georgia and Ossetia to determine the facts in this situation before we Americans can accept your claim of our Georgian citizenship.

What wide scale military action on the part of Ossetia prompted or justified the killing of civilians in the middle of the night by Georgia? Were the U.S. military stationed in Georgia involved? Has Blackwater been part of these training programs or involved in any way?

Why did Saakashvili, the darling homegrown protege of the RNC and the George Bush administration, who helped to place him in power, feel so confident American would leap to their defense after the Ossetia attack. Why did he assume the world was ready or willing to take on Russia? Why did he even think the United States could help with our over stretched and depleted military? Who gave Saakashvili these assurances? Could it be that it was not only Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice but you and your campaign advisor, Randy Scheunemann, as well? We need answers.

One further question about you and your Georgian lobbyist: Why do you consider the American public foolish enough to believe that your long term, old style, cold war hatred and fear of Russia and Mr. Scheunemann’s monetary ties to Georgia do not influence your foreign policy views in this matter?

Do you want us to believe President Saakashvili would kick the toe of King Kong without prior assurance of military support by a super power? Or do you prefer we acknowledge he is simply stupid and naive? Would Georgia endanger their acceptance on the world stage by triggering a possible world war without truly believing they had full backing by the United States?

It’s all just a bit too pat, John, a bit too convenient, a bit too timely, a bit too odd and a tad too much.

This Ossetia massacre demands a complete look and full disclosure as to the role you and the Bush administration have played in these events. We need more than a plagiarized script from Wikipedia from you in order to believe you are on top of this situation. Before you unilaterally declare the citizens of the United States to be Georgians, you need to answer to us first.

We Americans are awaiting your reply, Mr. McCain.…mr/overview-of-human-rights-situation.htm

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