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Friday, June 14, 2024

McCain’s Technology Plan

Since people KEEP SAYING they want to talk about issues....well here is a VERY IMPORTANT issue considering this is a website accessed by the internet. Companies Win, Consumers Lose in McCain's Tech Plan

Since people KEEP SAYING they want to talk about issues….well here is a VERY IMPORTANT issue considering this is a website accessed by the internet.

Companies Win, Consumers Lose in McCain’s Tech Plan

As we expected, it’s the product of a team of advisors that gives lip service to consumers, but when the rubber meets the road, it’s the corporations that get most of the goodies. Somewhat like the McCain campaign more generally, it also contains some internal contradictions that muddy the waters that make this look like the product of a group that was trying very hard to make some attempts to appear consumer-friendly, when it’s mostly corporate-friendly.

For example, there’s this headline in the plan: “John McCain Has Fought to Keep the Internet Free From Government Regulation.” A little further on down, there’s this sub-head: “When Regulation Is Warranted, John McCain Acts.” So some regulation is fine, but some is not. And therein is the key to McCain’s philosophy of the Internet, such as it is, particularly when combined with a separate part of McCain’s platform, on privacy and security. The philosophy is that business can do what it wants to control what happens online, but consumers are on their own.

This is no big surprise since McCain wants to cut corporate income taxes and make tax cuts for the richest Americans permanent.

But for those who insist there is no difference between Obama and McCain, here is just another example.

Interesting that Technology is not listed as an ISSUE on McCain’s home page. It’s also nowhere to be found under NEWS or Press release sections.

Nope, it’s buried HERE in the ABOUT section.

John McCain is uniquely qualified to lead our nation during this technological revolution.

I think that is HILLARIOUS. It must be some kind of joke since McCain has admitted he doesn’t use the internet or even know how to use a computer.

But if that isn’t enough to make you gag, here are some more links designed to make those who use the internet think a bit more seriously about the choices we face….

Presidential Tech Policies: Embrace The People Versus Ignore Them

We see that millions of Americans are using the Internet to help each other out, and to improve the way government works. The Obama technology plan encourages civic engagement and openness. Unfortunately, the McCain plan adopts the Bush/Cheney approach, which promotes privileges for big companies at the expense of democracy.

Oh, but there is more……

The Words Not Found in McCain’s Tech Policy

Much of the McCain policy is the expected stuff about public-private partnerships, educating the workforce, and providing incentives to reach under-served populations, etc. But he shows his hand on three issues:

1. He’s flat against Net neutrality.
2. He wants to see copyright extended and enforced more vigorously.
3. He thinks the current infrastructure only needs a couple of tweaks.

In sum, our Internet policy should be the same as our energy policy: Hand a key resource off to big corporations whose interests are fundamentally out of alignment with ours as citizens.

So for all of you who agree with me that Fascism in on it’s way to taking over America, here is issue to be thought about long and hard before you vote….or not vote.

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