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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Death of DC Mayor’s dogs should matter to every American

People say that it doesn't matter who we elect as our next POTUS but here is an example of why it does matter! Death of DC Mayor's dogs should matter to every American

People say that it doesn’t matter who we elect as our next POTUS but here is an example of why it does matter!

Death of DC Mayor’s dogs should matter to every American

This is not just about the DC police killing a couple of dogs. This is about our Bill of Rights and whether or not it is no longer a valid document.

For those of you not familar with the story, let me bring you up to date….

The Washington Post reported that on July 29th the Prince George’s Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and county narcotics officers raided the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo after he brought in a 32 pound marijuana-filled package addressed to his wife that had been left by Fed-Ex on the front porch. They tied up Calvo and his wife’s mother and interrogated the mayor for hours.

Worse, without apparent provocation, they shot and killed the couples’ two Labrador retrievers.

But this is not a story of unnecessary use of force against a suburban official who went bad.

That’s right. It’s not. It is about whether we have any rights left or not. It is about whether we live in a police state or not.

On Wednesday the police announced that they had arrested the package delivery man and an accomplice who had been sending Fed Ex packages loaded with marijuana to unsuspecting households and collecting them from porches as part of a smuggling scheme. The mayor’s wife was apparently a random victim of the scheme. The mayor’s family became a random victim of law enforcement.

Law enforcement did have a search warrant but they did not have a warrant to break down the door without knocking, tie up these people or shoot their dogs without just cause.

As the author of the story and the mayor both point out….

If that could happen to a middle class white suburban mayor and his family, it could happen to YOU!

Now if we give McSame and his neo-con followers MORE POWER do you really think this type of thing won’t continue? I DO!

GW Bush and the Republican Party have shown us EXACTLY what they would do with unchecked power…..they totally ignore as irrellevant the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

In my time on this planet, I have never known a Dem POTUS that said the “Constitution was just a damn piece of paper!”

We have seen how the FBI works with the POTUS. We saw it during Nixon and we have seen it under GW Bush. McSame is WORSE THAN BUSH!

So you do the math!

You don’t have to like Obama. You don’t have to trust Obama. You don’t even have to think Obama will do anything different.

But there is a very important point that constantly needs to be placed in the forefront of the public’s brain and that is that the Supreme Court AND the Federal Justices are appointed by the POTUS!

In fact it is SO IMPORTANT that John McCain is guaranteeing thier deaths. That is scary. Just What does he have in mind? Check this out!

McCain Assures Town Hall That Death Stalks The Supreme Court Justices

As the first link also points out….

For almost eight years George Bush has appointed judges who have undermined the Bill of Rights and make us all more vulnerable to the overwhelming police power of the executive branch. John McCain would undermine those protections even more dramatically because he would likely have the opportunity to make life time appointments for up to four members of the Supreme Court.

Like the prospect of making it easier to have your door broken down and your dogs shot — even if you’re not guilty of anything ? Vote for John McCain.

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