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Friday, September 22, 2023

Issues or “What Me Worry?”

As I gaze to the left side of this page and see the list of "Latest Stories", the lead article seems to best describe my feelings--"...where are the issues?"

As I gaze to the left side of this page and see the list of “Latest Stories”, the lead article seems to best describe my feelings–“…where are the issues?”

Even here, in a highly political column, I count 4 articles about some former senator’s philandering with a very ugly, skinny, and low-class seeming blonde slut. At least Jimmy Jones had the good taste to pick a hot young chick to screw around with.

There are 2 articles about Obama or McCain’s insulting him, one article about a former wanna be Pres, an article about comic book characters, and a list of alternative sources of nonsense.

Now I freely admit I haven’t read all these stories, but I also don’t understand why 9 out of 10 do not discuss the issues and the tenth one only seems to ask “why aren’t we discussing things that are relevant to the election and to our country?” I wonder the same thing.

I just read on the news that the current criminal administration is about to lift restrictions on protecting endangered species. I find it difficult to think that I am the only one upset about this–am I? Why aren’t people marching in the streets? I would be marching in the streets were it not for the fact that I am in Ho Chi Minh City and any marchers would either be arrested or run down by the million or so motorbikes on every inch of asphalt.

First this criminal cabal of cheney and bush wants to lift drilling restrictions, and worst of all they are supported by the two wanna be presidential candidates, now they want to stop protecting the other living parts of our environment. Here in Vietnam there is a story in today’s English Newspaper about a “dead” river in the next province. By ‘dead’ they mean polluted so badly that the well water nearby stains plastic buckets, that the river harbors no living organisms, and that the waters are so polluted that foreign steel ships refuse to enter this river because of the damage their hulls would suffer from the acidity. And people still use this water for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and even for drinking because they are too poor to buy bottled water.

This fate of a murdered waterway will be shared by the waters of America if we do not object to the actions of the administration. Surely not today, or tomorrow, or even next week, but some time in the near future it WILL happen. It will happen if we don’t do something to prevent it now. Our air will become like that of China, grey and “smokey”, or more accurately, polluted beyond breathable.

The solution to the oil issue must not be in replacing nuclear, oil, or gas generating stations with coal. The solution must be found in greater efforts at lowering the consumption–shut off the light, ride a bicycle, walk a bit. We need to cut demand, not increase our hunt for more pollutants. We need to clean up our act, to utilize wind and wave power, and increase costs of fossil fuels so that people will begin to conserve and to search for alternative ways to save, not spend like the proverbial drunken sailor. We need to recycle, and we need to begin to do it now while there is still time to save ourselves and our planet.

We need to make these views clear to our people in Congress, to the entire Executive Branch, and to the various departments of our government. It won’t be cheap, and it won’t be easy, but if we tighten our belts and elect some responsible legislators, it can be done. It appears that McCain and Obama are already in the pocket of Big Oil, but with enough pressure, either or both can be forced to obey the Will of The People.

Start now. Write your representatives, and if you don’t like their answers, vote em out of office. These jobs in the government should not be seen as lifetime appointments. We limit the term of the President, why not limit the terms of the Judiciary and the Congress.

If we are going to live by rule of law, then we need a law that limits terms to one three year term. One. If they can’t get it right, at least they won’t do TOO much damage.

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