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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The immoral left


There's a difference between a party with principles not doing a good job executing those principles and a party with no principles. Anyone who thinks that turning the reins of power over to Democrats will raise the country's moral bar should take a cold shower.



There’s a difference between a party with principles not doing a good job executing those principles and a party with no principles. Anyone who thinks that turning the reins of power over to Democrats will raise the country’s moral bar should take a cold shower.

We can parse out every element of former Republican Congressman Mark Foley’s behavior that sickens normal, decent Americans and find that these elements are today, in one form or another, a generally accepted part of everyday life in the country. We can thank liberals for this state of affairs, and these liberals are Democrats.

What are we upset about?

Sexual promiscuity? A third of babies born today in the United States are born to unwed mothers. The idea that sexual behavior belongs in the exclusive realm of marriage has long departed from popular American culture.

We relate to others as objects for our use, and then cast them aside when they are no longer useful. Why should we expect the culture of the U.S. Congress be any different from what we find generally accepted in the country as a whole?

Homosexuality? Let’s face it. Culturally, homosexual behavior is now an accepted part of American life. Homosexuals host popular national talk shows. Most American corporations provide benefits for "partners" and prohibit any talk or behavior that might imply lack of openness to all "lifestyles."

The entertainment industry provides a steady diet of films, TV shows and music that legitimize every imaginable form of sexual behavior.

Underage sex?

According to data gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by Child Trends DataBank in 2005, 34 percent of high school students reported that they had had sexual intercourse during the previous three months, including 22 percent of ninth-graders. Half of 12th-grade students say they had sex in the last three months.

Twenty-eight out of our fifty states permit a teen-age girl to get an abortion without the permission of her parents. Seventeen states do not even require that the teenage girl inform her parents before getting the abortion.

One of these seventeen states is California, home of Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi, now palpitating at the prospect of becoming the first woman speaker of the House.

In 2005, parents in a local school district in California sued the school system for allowing a questionnaire to be distributed to kids from 7 to 10 years old, asking them explicit questions about their sexual feelings. The district court ruled against the parents. According to the court ruling, parents have no right "to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so."

Sexual "education" is now a regular part of public school curricula. Girls and boys receive this material together. The only message these kids get is that the only reason to abstain from any form of sexual behavior is the extent to which that behavior might inconvenience one’s life. Sexual behavior is taught to be the result of "orientation" and not choice.

So what’s the big deal about Mark Foley?

Bill Clinton transformed the Oval Office into a sexual romper room, used the power of the nation’s highest office to prey on the young and naive for his pleasure, brought discussion about intimate sexual behavior into common public discourse, and educated America’s children about alternative modes of sexual behavior.

Clinton suffered at most an embarrassing few moments, apologized for something or other that to this day remains ambiguous to me, and today postures as a global statesman.

Supposed Democratic outrage about Mark Foley cannot possibly have anything to do with Foley’s behavior. In the world of the Democratic left, the only intolerance is intolerance. The only evil is to condemn any behavior that takes place between supposedly consenting adults.

Democratic outrage about the Foley affair is a simple stage show to provoke voters.

Republican leadership leaves a lot to be desired. The party has got to get focused and tighten the reins of management. But there is little question that there is only one party that still gives credence to traditional values, and that is the Republican Party.

To flip power over to the Democrats, the party of social chaos, is simply to take a bad situation and make it worse.

(Star Parker is president of CURE, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education ( and author of "White Ghetto: How Middle Class America Reflects Inner City Decay")

54 thoughts on “The immoral left”

  1. There are so many things wrong with this “opinion.” Saying one has principles is not the same as having them. You can’t implement what you don’t have.

    Are the owners of the companies that make and distribute sex-laden movies, TV shows, magazines, advertisements, and porn all liberals? My guess is they are mostly conservatives and/or Republicans.

    The current moral state in this US cannot be blamed on the liberals alone. When it comes to making money, morality too often flies out the window,regardless of party affiliation, and the Republicans continue to display their feet of clay.

  2. I agree with most of the posts so far, as both parties are just as corrupt, although a few individuals in each arn’t bad. Morals come from both ends; we can’t blame government for our own immorality at the “bottom”.

    As for the “shock” of high school students or minors having sex, they’ve ALWAYS been having sex, so only good parenting can guarantee they do it carefully and safely, if they do it at all. Just keep them away from the adults for sex, and adults stay away from them. Punish those who digress. Geez it’s amazing the ignorance of some people that minors behave like minors.

  3. This article is a perfect example of all that is wrong in this nation today.

    The truth is that both political parties are corrupt and are filled with disegenous crooks.
    The bigger problem is that there are too many people, on both politcal sides, in this nation like the author of this article.(Star Parker). They are slaves to whichever party they support and will justify and excuse the ills of there side. They always as in this case tell us that the other side has someone who has done the bad ting in question or has done worse. That is of course a silly argument, but we see all of the talking heads on TV doing it all day long.
    These people fail to see that they are today like the communist of old. It is all about the party. Thay live for the party, Thay can and will justify anything the party does. The party can do no wrong and all others can do nothing right.
    What we need is for more of us regular citizens to say. “A plague on both your houses”, discount drivel from blatant partisans like this author, and the others on the other side and for us to stand up and applaud where applause is warranted and condemn where condemnation is required.
    In other words what we need is less bias and more truth and straight shooting.
    The Star Parkers of this world on both sides of the political fens are the problem. They should be ignored.

  4. Star, you sound like some Christian, Babble thumping fundie Christian suffering from cognitive dissonance. You can’t accept the fact that the Republican party is hypocritical and corrupt. You’re projecting. Go get some help. By the way, get rid of your porno collection.

  5. When, exactly, did it become the responsibility of Government to impose or instill moral values in the citizens of the United States? Moral values cannot be dictated to children or adults. Rather, the only way to instill moral values is to teach them at home. Our most important job as parents or others who serve in loco parentis is convincing young children that they must formulate within themselves a sense of self-value, moral value, and code of conduct.

    To abdicate that role to anyone outside the home is tantamount to a public declaration of failure in our parental role. And any government, with or without a capital G, which tries to interject itself into that relationship between parent and child, reveals itself as a form of tyranny that is to be feared and resisted with all of the powers available to us.

  6. The hypocracies ooze like a festering sore from both sides of the aisle. A natural product of parties that are more concerned about keeping power than actually being either ethical or moral.

    What’s needed is a new party that will actually be ethical, and also stand up for our rights that are being eroded away.

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