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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

So many conspiracies, so few admissions of real guilt

For Republicans, the blame for the ever-developing Mark Foley Congressional page scandal is always lies with someone else and is part of some vague, giant conspiracy designed to rid the world forever from the perils of GOP control.

In other words, it's never their fault. Following the lead of President George W. Bush, who never takes responsibility his many failures ranging from Iraq to the erosion of Constitutional freedoms, House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert and his Republican cronies, point the finger of blame at "Democratic political operatives" whom they say are funded by millionaire George Soros.

For Republicans, the blame for the ever-developing Mark Foley Congressional page scandal is always lies with someone else and is part of some vague, giant conspiracy designed to rid the world forever from the perils of GOP control.

In other words, it’s never their fault. Following the lead of President George W. Bush, who never takes responsibility his many failures ranging from Iraq to the erosion of Constitutional freedoms, House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert and his Republican cronies, point the finger of blame at "Democratic political operatives" whom they say are funded by millionaire George Soros.

Reports Reuters:

Ask some Republicans what is behind the scandal that forced a congressman from their party to resign for sending dirty e-mails to underage boys and they’ll give you a list of the usual suspects.

They have fingered Democrats, accused associates of former President Bill Clinton, named liberal billionaire George Soros and questioned the role of the media.

And they’ve wondered about the motives of the anonymous individuals who gave the e-mails to reporters and the mysterious self-described "nobody" who first published them on the Internet at a Web site called StopSexPredators.

Speaker Dennis Hastert, the top Republican in the House of Representatives who is struggling to keep his job in the face of fury over the scandal, accepted responsibility on Thursday but not before pointing the finger elsewhere.

"The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros," Hastert told the Chicago Tribune.

Operatives associated with Clinton knew about the allegations and may have been behind the disclosure of the e-mails so close to the November congressional elections, Hastert added, offering no evidence.

"All I know is what I hear and what I see," he said.

The scandal broke last week when ABC News revealed Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida had sent lewd e-mails to underage male congressional assistants. Hastert came under fire for failing to investigate Foley’s behavior aggressively when concerns initially surfaced.

Republican Majority Leader John Boehner noted some of the e-mails had been given to the St. Petersburg Times newspaper in Florida, which decided not to publish them. He wondered about the public release of the documents so close to the elections.

"The timing of their release is concerning, at a minimum," he said in a letter.

"Did ABC’s source delay release of Foley’s messages to maximize their political impact?" he asked, calling for the former congressman to be held accountable along with anyone else "who may have suppressed proof of his crimes."

Meanwhile, the mysterious blogger who first posted some of the e-mails at fended off queries about his identity.

"I am not Karl Rove, Mark Foley, or John Boehner," he wrote at the site, referring to the presidential aide, the disgraced congressman and the House majority leader.

"I am not employed in Democratic politics. I am not ‘funded’ by George Soros," the blogger said. "I’m nobody that anybody should care about. So, please, go about your day as if I don’t exist."

36 thoughts on “So many conspiracies, so few admissions of real guilt”

  1. The point is not that Foley is gay but that he prays on children and that the Republican leadership swept it under the rug to keep their power! By the way, if you think that I am gay, I am not and I am also an independent voter (65 years old) so don’t spin my comment which is the current state of affairs in our country!!!!

  2. @Fred-

    You stated: “Alleged to have….seem to be Dems…..probably are.”

    You, like most GOP cultists, are quite unsure in your gossiping. I call it a fantasy.

    Why don’t you join MABLA and count them for yourself if you are so interested in counting the kiddy-tush-terrorists? That might lend credability to what you say and post here!

    I get the impression that kiddy-tush-terrorists in Congress are fine with you as long as they have an elephant tattooed on their butt cheek.

  3. To GOP
    NABLA is alleged to have about 1200 members. How about a Dem/Rep count there? This will not be easy because they are mostly anonymous. However the listed leaders seem to be Dems, and those members in the slammer probably are.

  4. This is so typical and bogus of the Republicans. They get caught in a scandel but they are the victims. What they are victims of is being stupid. Enough of them knew about Foley coming on to the boys, as far back as 2000. They did nothing but telling Foley to cool it. If they are so against Homosexuals and what they are about, more action should have been taken. As far as I am concerned, they are all guilty of corrupting the morals of a minor, age of consent be damned.
    It doesn’t matter who had or when the information was brought to light. If it were the Democrats, they wouldn’t have done it this soon. A week before the elections would have made it a bigger bomb to drop.

  5. @Fred-

    Foley a “wanna-be sleeze”??? WTF???

    Are you emulating the Republican tactic of supporting/defending the tush-terrorists in Congress

  6. To state a view bad examples:

    Foley is a homosexual pederast wanna-be sleeze.

    Gingrich is a self-satisfying sexual sleeze, specializing in getting blow jobs.

    Clinton is a self-satisfying sexual sleeze, specializing in getting blow jobs, because of a bent penis.

    Barney Frank is a homosexual sleeze who protects his lover who runs a male ho-house from Frank’s apartment.

    Teddy Kennedy is a muderous sexual sleeze who let a woman drown.

    Nixon was a pathological paranoia sleeze.

    There, an equal opportunity list.

    Can the “You Republicans ALWAYS” and We Democrats “NEVER” lessen a bit now?

    Hmmm, what about the Libertarians?
    Any sleezes there?

  7. Let see. A bank is robbed on Tuesday so blame the guard that was on duty on Monday.

    Or 2 buildings are leveled and over 3000 people die so it is not the sitting President who is responsible and accountable it is the former President who is at fault.

    A congressman allegedly commits a felony with lecherous Emails so the Priest who molested him is to blame along with the Democratic party conspirators.

    Tar and feathers should be applied liberally, not conservatively, to all congressional incumbents followed by imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay. No warnings, warrants, notices or judicial or legislative oversights.

    Serving these scoundrels their own medicine would serve the citizenry of this country well.

  8. Butt-Pirates of the Potomac
    I so look forward to Doug’s rants each and every day, as there is no BS here – just the facts ma’am.

    Some folks just don’t get it – they don’t like the subject, they don’t like the language, however they’ll turn on the entertainment shows to find out who has been banging Anna Nicole, Brittany or some other young hottie – all the while, our elected erected officials in Washington, DeCeit are doing to staff and pages alike – the same damned thing they are doing to the American people, day after day.

    Screw ’em all. As we used to say in Chicaga – “trow da bums out!

  9. Can’t remember how many times that I’ve heard a politican say, “I take full responsibility”. What the hell does that mean?

    Rarely are there any following consequences for these folks that are claiming to be “Taking Responsibility”, regardless of the circumstances.

    I just don’t get it!

  10. So many scandals and so little time. What is a person to do these days? The GOP is like a bunch of drunken teenagers on a wild joyride with dad’s car and credit card.

  11. Grow up Fred. That’s all “old news”, just like the Iraq war intelligence lies. Old news. Move on.

  12. Amazing how they try to 1) shift the blame, 2) take ‘responsibility’ while still ducking accountability, 3) deny its a problem, and 4) cast suspicion on anybody who doesn’t like it, all at the same time, isn’t it?

    I heard that sold out mouthpiece for them Tony Snowjob on NPR this a.m trying to deny the problem by saying it was just IMs between “an old man and a young man”. WRONG. It was an old man and a BOY. THERE is the problem, right there. NOBODY but the frigging Republicans and their Marching Morons cares what two consenting men do together. But we do care about old men trying to seduce boys.

    And Hastert saying he takes responsibility while refusing to step down is tantamount to saying “yeah, I’m the guy. What you gonna f**king do about it?” He might be claiming responsibility to get his bonus from NAMBLA or Halliburton, but he’s damned sure not accepting any ACCOUNTABILITY, is he?

  13. The whole “Foleygate” issue is a clear example of just how detached (spelled; “ignorant”) we Americans have now become about how our government works…or, rather…isn’t working. And the fact that it takes a sex scandal to (finally) get our collective attention about what’s been going on in Washington while we’ve all been busy flipping our TV remotes speaks volumes.

    I’ve said all along that we Americans are far more concerned about who the next American Idol will be rather than who our next President, Senator or Congressperson will be. When so-called “news” becomes how Katie Couric’s debut on CBS was received, or when a movement to draft Opra Winfrey for President actually gains a following, to me, these are clear signs that our once proud Republic is headed straight for the crapper.

    We have turned into a nation of uneducated couch potatoes whose only real interest in life is whether or not we’ll have enough money left over from our next welfare check to pay for our beer and cigarettes. Our most popular television programs these days consist of mindless sitcoms, and of air-headed, low-life husbands and wives hitting each other on camera. These shows are then followed up by so-called “news” programs, where a bunch of talking heads argue endlessly among themselves about issues that mainstream America couldn’t care less about because they simply don’t have a clue as to the real meaning of what’s being discussed. Even the cable weather channels can’t simply present the weather any more…. they now have to resort to “entertainment” just to keep an audience. These days, it’s all about being “entertained”…just don’t confuse my blessed ignorance with something of real substance that would require me to actually (gasp!) THINK!

    Sadly, the “Pimp, Pervert and Crook Show” we are now watching in our US Congress is, in many ways, simply a reflection of our own ignorant set of core values as a nation. For many of us, the sad tale of Congressmen going after young Pages for sexual favors is just another “Who is sleeping with my Husband?” episode of Jerry Springer or a “What did they know and when did they know it?”, “whodunit” episode of Miami Vice.

    It has often been said that we “reap what we sow” and that we get the government we deserve. I say we get the government we allow. And, as we have been peddling both sloth and ignorance in this nation for decades and passing it off as “education”, we now have absolutely NOBODY to blame for the mess in Washington but ourselves.

  14. Ah, another witty and intelligent rebuttal by Fred, obviously a member of the Party of Personal Responsibility, of Morals and Family Values. From where I come from, two wrongs have never made a right, although I must say the Right does seem all wrong. Foley’s a creepy old queen, but a good earner for the Party, so they protect what’s important to them, and it is NOT family values, morals or personal responsibility, it’s all about money and power.

  15. projection perhaps?? you are tooooo funny!!! given the dems history with mel reynolds and studds, and billy jefferson 100k cold hard in the freezer, barney F,all of which have never been condemned and some lauded, the protestations of the dems ARE HOLLOW. on their face, based on real facts. documented things that really happened. no need for fanciful theories and conspiracies there. we KNOW how they act, have acted. so now we know when they say “this is about the children”, they are LYING. sooooo, although its kinda disgusting to hear these dems roll out that crap, it IS amusing. and when this blows back the funnier thing will be how the story will disappear when the dems are implicated. merry fitzmas!

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