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Saturday, July 20, 2024

McCain’s DHL deal a critical moment of campaign


McCain’s DHL Deal A Critical Moment Of Campaign

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign claimed that the general election had reached a critical turning point this past week after it was revealed that John McCain and his campaign manager had helped facilitate a merger that could result in the loss of thousands of jobs in Ohio.

This is serious stuff considering that Ohio has 4 out 10 of the cities on the following list…

America’s Fastest-Dying Cities

On top of that…Flint & Detroit, Michigan and Scranton Pennsylvania, both neighboring states, are also on the list. That’s 7 out of 10 cities from one regional area….in other words….unemployment is SERIOUS STUFF in this part of the world.

So for some reason, WHY are these states even in play for McSame? But I veer off topic…..Maybe they don’t realize this……

“He was there a month ago in this community and was asked a question about this DHL issue and did not say one word about his role in this or the role of his campaign manager. That is the furthest thing from straight talk that we can imagine,” said Plouffe. “John McCain can become an emblem for people about what is wrong with Washington. He released an ad this week about how Washington is broken and how he will strive to fix it. He didn’t mention that he has been enmeshed in a broken Washington culture for 26 years or that his campaign is run by the most powerful, now former lobbyist in Washington.” …..

“He has spent several days now dogged with questions about this,” said the campaign manager. “His appearances in Ohio were completely overshadowed by this. And by November 4 in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets this is something that is going to be known by every voter in this area.”

Wasn’t he in Ohio just a couple of weeks ago?

The bottom line is that DHL will be putting their packages on UPS planes now effictively shutting down their Wilmington operations at the cost of thousands of jobs. Not a good thing in Ohio. And apparently McSame is heavily involved. He is part of the problem and has been for almost 3 decades.

Maverick? He ain’t no stinking maverick! More like a liar and a hypocrite!

19 thoughts on “McCain’s DHL deal a critical moment of campaign”

  1. Here is a thought. If McSame wins, we will lose more manufacturing jobs, drill more and pay more for it because of deregulation, and waste more money on a so-called Nuclear solution which is NOT A SOLUTION at all!

    However, if Obama wins, we will most certainly see a surge of new manufacturing jobs for new technology like solar shingles, new cars like the Aptera, new homes like the Enertia, etc. In other words, new American jobs in new American plants.

    So tell your friends and family in Ohio that if they want to see more jobs in their state, they had better think twice about voting for McSame because he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about jobs in Ohio or any other state. Never has, Never will. His voting record in Congress proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

    The best way to predict future behavior is to look at past behavior

    Hell, he is losing his own state of Arizone to Obama. That should say something right there.

  2. Perhaps that is why Canton, Dayton, Cleveland and Youngstown are in the top 10 of the FASTEST DYING CITIES IN AMERICA! Check it out here…

    America’s Fastest-Dying Cities

    All I can say to these people that you describe, is they had better start learning Chinese. Especially if McSame takes control of our country! In fact there was a story on television this morning about how many American born Chinese are moving back to China and starting businesses.

  3. Most of them do not have access to a computer or the internet. If they do it is often an ancient 586 with 28.8 kbps dial-up access running Windows 98. They rely on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines for their news if they bother to watch or read the news at all. They sit on the other side of the information divide from where I am in metropolitan Columbus, Ohio. The world is about to push them off a cliff and they are none the wiser nor able to do anything about it.

  4. I have family in Southeast Ohio and they really cannot afford to lose DHL. There hasn’t been much out there since the coal mines shut down. I don’t know what they will do other than move some where else.

    Ohio is up to a 6.7% unemployment rate. Our unemployment fund is about to run out of money. There are lines outside the free food banks that stretch 2 miles.

    Once again I will warn everyone that Ohio is a preview of what our nation can expect in every state. It is the result of 30 years of destroying our manufacturing base by sending jobs overseas and to Mexico/Canada.

    Change has to happen now or it won’t happen ever. Voting is a red herring. We need immediate change to business and government or we will all suffer the same fate.

  5. AFL-CIO Targets McCain Ohio Deal In Mailer

    On Friday David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s campaign manager, pinpointed John McCain’s involvement in a deal that could cost Ohio thousands of jobs as a critical moment in the campaign. Plouffe argued that the deal would cost McCain voters in the swing state. The AFL-CIO is trying to prove him right — they sent a mailer to voters in Ohio that reads, “8,000 Ohio Jobs Lost? Don’t Let McCain Get Away With It.” On the back, it explains how McCain’s campaign manager lobbied for DHL, a foreign firm that bought an American company and now has plans to close its hub in Wilmington, Ohio. The mailer also describes McCain as a “millionaire politician” who could have stopped the deal but didn’t.

    check out the mailer!

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