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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Are you for Trump or are you an American? You can’t be both

Either you want America to remain a democratic republic or you want a fascist nation.
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The Presidential election this year is a choice for true to decided if they want to remain a democratic republic with freedoms guaranteed by a constitution or dos you plan to vote for a fascist monarchy controlled by a convicted felon, documented fraud and liar and an adjudicated sexual predator and rapist.

Donald John Trump is all of theose things and worse. He thrives on anger, hate and bigotry. He promoted violence against Americans to achieve his goals. He is a criminal, a crook and a thug. Sp, sadly, are his supporters who checked their brains ad the door when they entered his toxic lair.

Those want to turn America into a fascist state want to focus on the age of his opponent, 81-year-old Joe Biden, who shows signs fo his age but remains a better choice thant Trump. Hell, anyone is a better.

Like others, we have doubts about Biden completing another term if his elected. His problems at the first Presidential debate raised questions, which obscured the lies, threats and hate spilling out of Trump’s toxic mouth verbal diarrhea.

Let’s remember that questions arose about Ronald Reagan, who was suffering the early stages of Alzheimer’s as he campaigned for his second term. Still, he beat Michael Dukakis and compeated is second term. Succesful preidents depend on strong team behind them. Trump’s team is, at best, a collection of traitors and enemies of the state.

For transportation, I prefer a motorcycle and mostly ride Harleys. The full-face helmet I wear has a single sticker on the back. It reads: “I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an American and there is a difference.”

Is this crucial Presidential election year, each voter should decide if trhey are a supporters of a conficted felon named Trump or is they are an American. You can’t be both.

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